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7 Low-Cost Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Small Business

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Written By Praveen Singh

A business can achieve success only when it reaches to more customers. This is how sales go up and footprints are established in the market.

However, reaching to customers is easier said than done as it involves not only money but also marketing tactics and strategies. 

Your business will need solid marketing tactics and strategies to take their brand message forward. And if budget is a concern, the task of relying on innovation and technology becomes bigger than in presence of resources for marketing.

Thanks to different marketing tactics, avenues, and methods, even smaller entities can hope to make it big in the industry and give their bigger counterparts a run for their money.

The evolution of various platforms and digital marketing tactics has brought parity to the scale which was once heavily skewed in favor of big-budget players. But yes, to make your marketing tactics and strategies deliver results, there has to be a clear vision and plus, a commitment to the cause of boosting the base of the business.

Only then success can come to your business. That is why your business must find ways to stay relevant in the market even when the budget is an issue.    

Here are some low-cost marketing tactics for your business to realize its marketing goals easily. 

 1. Social media contests

Thanks to social media platforms, marketing is no longer the preserve of big enterprises only. Even small entities can leverage one of the popular social channels to market themselves and take the business to more customers.

A lot of brands these days benefit from social media contests to build brand awareness and generate leads in the target market.

The contests should be designed in a way to appeal to the target audience with handsome prizes or gifts to lure them to enter into it and go with the call-to-action button. If your content is engaging enough, be sure that it will give a boost to conversion and brand-building goals.

2. Community events

It’s always important for a business to gain a foothold in the local market. Exposure should be won in the local community as it helps a lot in building trust and the reputation of the brand.

If your business does not have the trust of the local community itself, how can you expect it to convince others or the general public? Plus, hosting a community event does not cost much yet delivers the business a great opportunity to build a base among the people it exists.

To promote the event in a cost-effective manner, a business can leverage social media platforms and achieve a wider reach easily. 

3. Referral programs

Eyeing new customers is as much important as retaining the existing ones. So, the focus should be on rewarding the existing customers and appreciating their association and trust with your brand.

Brands can thus rely on referral programs to show their customers their value to the business. A referral program generally does not require huge investments as it is initiated to reward customers for referring others to the business.

Such programs are more likely to bring relevant customers to your and help grow the trust level of the business.   

4. Networking 

7 Low-Cost Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Small Business

The power of networking is priceless in the business world.

Enterprises can forge network with others either in the niche or across industries to widen their base and increase their reach without a big investment.

When business networks in the market, it basically opens itself to gaining from other business owners as well.

Such networks fetch customers, pinpoint marketing blind spots, and sometimes open the door for an entirely new set of customers.

Look, business networking is all about forging relationships and ensuring mutual goals for each party.

The good thing, your business can network with multiple entities simultaneously with the aim of mutual benefits to all and widen its reach amazingly fast.  

5. Work at public relations

It’s the stories that sell in the market. If your business is able to create a positive narrative around its products, services, or any aspect, success will definitely come.

More than advertisements, a media story about your business matters as it can help win credibility in the market. So, it is better to work in public relations by giving your stories to local newspapers.

You can leverage local media to showcase the world your innovative product or unique approach to customers etc. With regular stories in local publications, your business will easily win the trust in the market and see its value go up more than imagined.

6. Freebies and samples as a marketing tactics 

If giving away freebies is not part of your marketing strategies, you’re then losing out on a great tactic for sure. After all, nobody says no to a freebie.

Since your budget is low, the effort has to be not spent much on producing or distributing freebies. Plus, freebies could be anything from small promotional gifts to a free eBook or small product samples.

A lot of businesses use discount coupons as well and in exchange of emails of potential customers. The use of product samples is always a very powerful marketing strategy that can bring desired results and brand-building benefits.

When you give away samples of your product, it gives people experience which can help in conversions in the future.  

7. Forums

A marketing strategy has to focus on creating awareness about the business and helping widen its base.

The more people know about your product or business, the better it will serve in the long run. For that reason, you should think of joining discussion forums and being part of a set-up where people discuss everything related to business, from products to service to experience.

By joining forums relevant to your industry, you can easily get an opportunity to let the world know about your expertise and USPs which can help gain credibility in the domain.

Most brands benefit from forum discussions to build their network and reputation together. You too can benefit from it even if your business is into event management on any scale.   

So, benefit your business from these low-cost marketing tactics and strategies and realize your goals easily. 

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