20 Proven List of Small Business Ideas from Home for Parents

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Truth be told, there are many list of small business ideas from home online but they all serve different audience.

We compiled this homebased business opportunities for parents and mothers who would like to spend more time with their family and loved ones.

Working from home is now generally accepted in many countries.

It has paved the way for those who want to provide for their families but still want to be involved in their day-to-day business activities.

Being a new parent comes with a lot of responsibilities that might prevent you from engaging in the regular 9-5 jobs.

We all want to be available to handle these duties, but we may not want to compromise on being a full stay at home parent.

There are lots of lists of small business ideas from home that will keep you as busy as a full-time job, but not all of them are ideal for parents.

That’s why we have prepared a list of easy home based opportunities.

With this list of business ideas, you will be able to work from home, make some income and still have enough time for your family.

20 Proven List of Small Business Ideas from Home

20 Proven List of Small Business Ideas from Home

Here are our picks for the easy home-based business ideas for moms and parents who want to start making money from home.

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most common in the list of small business ideas from home.

It allows you to carve out a niche and focus on that area you enjoy while working with your schedule.

You can quickly create your WordPress site and make money on google or paid ads.

2. Writing Business Plans

As a new parent, writing business plans is a way of helping people realize their dreams and become more self-sufficient like you.

Some people might have the know-how to create a service or product but may not know actually to get it started or running.

This is where you come in.

3. Social Media Management

Knowing the in and out of marketing on social media can help you secure a freelance job as a social media manager.

A lot of people are making loads of money just by managing social media pages and posting content for small business and global brands from their homes.

4. Freelance Writing

You can also offer your services by ghostwriting different articles on blogs, publications, websites and more on a freelance basis.

Here are some websites that will pay you to write for them.

5. Childcare Services

Since you are already taking care of kids as a stay at home parent, here is a good business idea to start.

Why not look after more kids and set up a childcare service.

It would be an excellent way to earn money from home and help everyone in your neighborhood.

Note that day cares require you to be licensed.

You can create a website to generate leads and to find potential clients and babysitters.

All you have to do is make sure you run a background check on the babysitters or nannies before you hire them.

6. Tailoring

Are you a talented tailor? Or do you specialize in alterations?

Well, you are in luck!

Tailors and dressmakers are always in demand around even the smallest neighborhoods.

Start small, proceed to make designs, and you can start creating and selling your handmade outfits.

7. Catering Business

There’s always an event every weekend, something to celebrate.

And where there’s a party, a cake is most needed.

With just a bit of social media advertising, you can start a business as a caterer and make beautiful cakes.

Stand out from the crowd by creating specialized designs and creating a niche cake business.

It could turn out to be the business of your dreams.

8. Career or Life Coach

Career or Life coaches are there to help people figure out what’s best for them either career-wise, making life choices and more.

If you have a desire to help people, this would be a business opportunity you can tap into from the comfort of your home.

9. Copywriter

With the full bloom of content marketing, many companies are sourcing for good copywriters.

The growth of advertising has enhanced the use of image and video content which requires the job of copywriter doing the trick.

Becoming a professional copywriter and editor can be your ideal freelancing business.

10. Bed and Breakfast (bnb) Service

Easily, you can turn your home into a bed and breakfast service if you have several rooms available and want to make the most of your rental.

To succeed as a BnB service, it’s best to carry out your research before heading down that road.

Rather than running a monthly rent, a nightly or weekly service can be a lot more lucrative business from home.

11. Market Gardening

A lot of people have become concerned about the safety of the food they eat.

Therefore, the market for fresh and local food is expanding.

If you live on a suburban lot, you can plant and harvest enough vegetables, flowers, nuts, and fruits to sell.

Why not put your hands to work and sell what you grow either around your home or even at a farmer’s market.

12. Web Designing

For techy savvy new parents, it is easy to build a business just by offering web design services to start-ups, businesses and those who need help building websites.

13. Graphics Designing

Logos, creatives, marketing materials and more can be designed to offer essential graphic design services to those who need it. 

This is an easy home-based business opportunity for new parents who want to start working from home.

14. Fitness Trainer

Being a fitness trainer is another easy way of starting a home-based business.

You could coach people either in your house, take online courses through Skype, FaceTime or video chats.

You can also market this by starting a blog and accompanying social media platforms to help people with fitness tips.

15. Interior Designer

Do you take pleasure in decorating homes?

Is your desire to make a house look beautiful? 

A good way to help people while enjoying what you love is to decorate their home, offices, and stores.

You can do this by decorating with what they already own on a limited budget.

16. Personal Chef

Some people are so busy that they barely have the time to make their meals, especially if they have special dietary needs.

A private chef’s job is to become an essential part of the day-to-day activities of a family.

You can offer special healthy menus on discounts, make food for individual get-togethers and holiday parties.

You can also combine it with any of the other home-based business ideas listed above like fitness trainer, blogging or the Bed and Breakfast service

17. Personal Travel Planner

Love to plan dream vacations, but don’t have time to always go on them?

Plan for someone else!

Travel planners specialize in itineraries based on the client’s needs and budget.

It is best to carry out the necessary research for the success of this job.

18. Stock Photographer

Becoming a freelance photographer depends on your ability to market yourself and the ability to take great photos.

This is an incredibly competitive so you can become a stock photographer.

A stock photographer takes pictures of specific material on their terms and then sell the photo through online photography websites such as Shutterstock.

You could also specialize in a specific genre, such as food, nature, Interior photography and more.

19. Affiliate Marketing

You can have absolute control over your schedule by building a business as an affiliate marketer that works with brands to promote and market their products and services online.

20. Online Course Creation

If you have expertise in a specific area, you can create an online course.

Carry out online tutorials, teachings and sell it to people who need help in that particular niche.

In the coming weeks –and months or even years– we will be sharing more home based business opportunities on our blog which will be helpful to you.

The goal here is to give you total freedom over your finances and your life.

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