Learn and Earn a Lifetime Passive Income With Giftobit in Bitcoin

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Learn about cryptocurrency
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Recently, I’ve been learning about cryptocurrency and fascinated about bitcoin especially.

Digital currency is the future of currency and cryptocurrency has come to stay. I published an article sometimes back about learning about cryptocurrency to explain in detail about what is happening in the digital currency world.

Today, I’ll be taking it a step further by telling you about a company that I found that is currently paying people to learn about cryptocurrency GiftoBit.

With Giftobit, you can actually earn a lifetime passive income while learning about Bitcoins.

Some Quick Facts About Giftobit

  • Giftobit is a foundation (NGO) founded in July 2016 by Carlene Spiteri and Daniel Spiteri.
  • The founders are a mother and son team with extensive experience and knowledge in digital currency, cryptocurrency and internet technology community.
  • Giftobit is a foundation created to educate, empower and inspire positive change globally with its philanthropic projects.
  • The projects supported by the foundation are education, environment, food, health, human rights, humanitarian, income generation, life enhancement, shelter, and animal rights in different countries around the world.
  • GiftoBit is non-profit foundation whose financial records are audited every twelve months by professionals.
  •  The foundation relies on members Bitcoin contributions from Bitcoin generated within the unique self compounding matrix system which goes towards all their philanthropic partners.

The Power Of The GiftoBit Self Compounding Matrix

The GiftoBit self compounding matrix is the very 1st of its kind. It was created by Daniel Spiteri.

After years of research, learning the mathematics behind most matrices, unilevels, binaries and other types of forced matrices, he discovered the reason why 80% of people who get involved in businesses that run on matrix payment systems don’t earn a sustainable income and why most matrices only have a very short life span.

He discovered that in most cases, the people who get in early earn a lot and the others who come in later are lucky to get their initial investment back.

In most cases, the matrix is created to favour the company or organisation that owns the matrix business and unless you can really understand the mathematical formulas behind these matrices, you would never see why most people don’t earn money.

Daniel decided to create a matrix that was fair for everyone, no matter when you come into it and most importantly, one that favour the person in the matrix as opposed to the company or organisation making the highest return. It was also very important that the matrix be sustainable so that it will be still growing many years from now and participant still earning a high income which could be left as a legacy for later generations.

From these specifications Daniel was able to create the mathematical formulas that would become the world’s first “Self Compounding Matrix”.

The formula he created for the matrix serve the GiftoBit Foundation which is a non for profit organisation perfectly.

  • 100% of all Bitcoin that comes into the system for the Matrix goes back out.
  • 75% of the Bitcoin that comes in, goes back out to all Members, who can withdraw it at any time.
  • 25% of the Bitcoin that comes in, goes to the GiftoBit Philanthropic projects that members contribute towards.

To really understand the power of this matrix and how its self compounding functions increase the massive amounts of position spill over which is what helps the members positions in this matrix move through their levels, it’s suggested that you watch the video more than once. It may take a number of times to really understand the power of what Daniel has created, but when you do, you will be so excited that you learned about GiftoBit in its infancy.

Forget about all other types of matrix you may have heard about in the past.

The self compounding matrix is the new technology and is only possible because of Bitcoin technology.

How To Join GiftoBit Foundation

Joining GiftoBit is a very simple process. You must have a link to the website from an existing member. You will need their referral link to access the website registration page. This is my referral link for your registration process.

How to Set Up Your GiftoBit Account

When you join GiftoBit, it is good to set up your account straight away.

First, upload your profile picture as this will help other members know who is in their matrix community, similar to Facebook and Google Plus.

Over time as your matrix starts to fill up for each position, you will be able to see the other members in the matrix through your Position Overview.You can click on the profile picture and send that member an internal message.

Next is to set up your Bitcoin Wallet ID. This is the wallet ID of your external Bitcoin wallet, which is where the Bitcoin that you withdraw from GiftoBit will go. All Bitcoin wallets are different.

If you are new to Bitcoin, you will need to get familiar with the type of wallet you are using. Check on the website of the Bitcoin Wallet for instructions on how to use that particular wallet.

In most cases, a Bitcoin wallet will allow you to set up separate wallets or addresses within the one wallet and they will be for receiving Bitcoin.

Register for a free Bitcoin wallet 

Once you have set up the wallet or the address, you will be issued an Identification Number (ID number). This is the number that you use to place into your GiftoBit, Bitcoin wallet ID.

How to Purchase your Education Package

Purchasing Your Education Package is very simple.
There are 2 methods you can use to purchase your Education Package.

The 1st method is to set up a Bitcoin Wallet, purchase some Bitcoin to purchase the Education Package with from your Bitcoin Wallet.

There are a large number of Bitcoin wallets to choose from, depending on your location. The link below is a guide to all the different types of Bitcoin wallets available around the world.

The 2nd method is to contact your referrer and ask them to “Pay It Forward” for you.

This method is very simple and helps you to get started on your Education while you get your Bitcoin Wallet set up.

You referrer can purchase your Education Package on your behalf through the “Pay It Forward” function and can help you to set up your Bitcoin Wallet.

You can contact your referrer via the MESSAGE CENTER, go to COMPOSE, put their Username in the Send To field. Then send them a message to ask them if they can “Pay It Forward” for you.

You and your referrer can come to an arrangement on how you will send them money to pay for your position, you may be able to send them funds via, Bank Transfer, Pay Pal, or even meet up and pay in cash. Your referrer can “Pay It Forward” by using some of their own Bitcoin to purchase your Education Package.

This will also be a easy way for you to help your own referrals once you start sharing GiftoBit with people you care about. Using the “Pay It Forward” function is a easy way to convert your Bitcoin to Dollars or any other currency you prefer.

How to Contribute to a GiftoBit Philanthropic Project

The vision of GiftoBit is to become a major supporter of philanthropic projects around the world. Your contribution will go a long way towards helping others less fortunate than ourselves.

25% of all Bitcoin that you receive through the GiftoBit Matrix system is to be contributed towards our projects that we support.

Contributing to our projects is very easy. At the end of each month GiftoBit will audit all the contributions for each project for the month.

We send 100% of all contributions for that month to each of the projects we support on behald of all the members that made contributions for the month.

How To Withdraw Your Bitcoin From Your GiftoBit Wallet

The 1st step to withdrawing Bitcoin from your GiftoBit account is to set up your Bitcoin Wallet ID into your account. Now that your Wallet ID is registered into your GiftoBit account you can now withdraw Bitcoin from your GiftoBit wallet.

Let me know your thoughts about Gitobit in the comment section.