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Top 8 Effective and Smart Job Hunting Tips When on Social Media

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Are you hunting for a new job on social media and wondering how to be as effective and productive as possible when doing so? You need to apply some smart job hunting tips to be successful.

With the right approach and mindset, it is very possible to find your dream job online with little or no stress on social media.

Finding a job on social media is getting easier than ever when the right strategies are used. Many recruiters are increasingly using social media to gather information about new job applicants.

Smart job hunters who are just entering the market or looking for a career change, are becoming more successful when it comes to getting jobs online.

Here are a number of job hunting tips and strategy to use on social media that will make the process a lot easier for you.

Job hunting tip 1: Have a relevant and complete profile

Your social media profile should feature your entire employment history, skills that relate to the job you are currently in, and your education.

Put yourself in the shoes of recruiters looking for prospects on social media.

No human resource personnel or recruiter will be interested in big empty spaces, or a resume that is only partially complete.

Job hunting tip 2: Keep your social media profile professional

The beer bong images that we mentioned need to go.

Not much is private when it comes to the Internet, and you would not want to miss your chance on a great job opportunity due to a few silly Cinco de Mayo photos from five years ago.

It is best to assume that what you would not like your mom to see should stay offline. Or at a minimum under friends-only maximum security settings.

Job hunting tip 3: Join up with one or more career relevant social media groups

Social media offers a ton of fantastic groups where you are able to connect with job seekers that are like-minded and to provide industry-specific insights.

You may want to join up with a few of these groups online. It is very important to ensure you are participating mainly in the groups that are associated with your targeted job to get noticed online.

Job hunting tip 4: Highlight your achievements and skills that will help employers

Top 8 Effective and Smart Job Hunting Tips When on Social Media

When it comes to displaying your career and the history linked to all your jobs on social media, be selective about what you have chosen to come up first.

You should avoid using the information on how you managed the softball league for your office or how you took the team to a championship.

Rather write about any job-related goals you have met, and then back up your claims using figures or percentages.

An example of this may include ” Delivered a target of $X in additional revenue, and you cut costs by X percent”.

Job hunting tip 5: Keep your social media profile updated

Avoid creating your social media profile and then leaving it unchanged for months on end. You need to remain active on every relevant social media site when looking for a job online.

If you plan to look for or start a new job, post updates that mention this on your timeline. If you received a promotion, make sure you change your job title to reflect this.

If you are currently a client relations vice president, your profile should not still be saying that you are working in a mailroom.

Job hunting tip 6: Your social media connections should be career-focused

Receiving requests from individuals that you can’t even remember from your school days or an old roommate is common on many of the social media platforms.

Yet you need to ensure that most of the individuals in these circles form a part of your overall career cohort.

This will give the impression to employers online that you are connected when it comes to your specific niche.

And this is really helpful when you start to apply for the positions that come with core requirements that involve robust industry contacts.

Job hunting tip 7: The link to your email must be clear online

If a recruiter comes across your profile on a social media site and they would like to contact you about a job opportunity, they should not have a problem with finding your email-address.

It should be linked to somewhere that is easy-to-see.

You could lose out on great job opportunities if a recruiter is struggling to find your contact information on your social media profile.

Job hunting tips 8: Your social media headshot should look professional

Similar to the world of online dating, a great looking headshot will be essential for your LinkedIn profile.

Regardless of how much you love that neon striped top, this is not where you should be displaying your quirky sense of fashion.

This also doesn’t mean that you have to dress up in office attire that is formal.

However, it will pay dividends that you appear put-together, engaged, and professional.

Finally, should you land a job interview from your social media profile after applying these strategies, it is a good idea to seek body language advice to create a great first impression.

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