3 Instagram Advertising Mistakes in your E-Commerce Business

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Ready to reach a larger and targeted audience on Instagram? Then you need to consider Instagram advertising.

Instagram has quickly established itself as one of the most promising platforms for small and large e-commerce players alike to tout their brand and their products.

Reports have indicated that a large portion of Instagram users are willing to or already use the platform as a kind of gateway to online shopping.

This is one of the reasons why you need to start using Instagram ads for your business now.

Instagram business policy too is conducive to advertising, as displayed by a number of measures such as the Instagram Business Manager that is basically an analytics center to monitor various content campaigns.

And the renewed front and center Shopping Ad placement that is more geared towards sales.

With a host of features and a relatively simple platform, you would think more and more businesses are flourishing on Instagram, but the truth is that too many brands are losing out due to some very avoidable mistakes.

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3 Instagram Advertising Mistakes in your E-Commerce Business

Instagram advertising

Mistake #1: No Distinction between Facebook and Instagram Advertising Strategy

Facebook gives you an option to cross-post your e-commerce ads on Instagram, and the simplicity of it is really tempting.

Unfortunately, the truth is that it just doesn’t work that way.

Instagram advertising is a whole different beast and requires a significantly different strategy.

It is quite typical for Facebook adverts to be predominantly text followed by an image, but that will not fly with Instagram ads, which puts the visuals first.

Facebook marketers can get away with relatively irrelevant or weak images as long as their text headline is catchy enough, but Instagram ads demand the exact opposite.

Your image has to stand out from everything else on your news feed.

Whether you go the conventional way or the quirky is up to you, but putting your best foot forward means you take advantage of the platform you are putting your content on.

This enormous number of overall clients makes Instagram advertising a decent wager for business and brand advancement.

Instagram likewise has a more grounded natural feel to it, a quality the system is deliberate about protecting with regular updates which include the like button and the capacity to pursue hashtags.

Facebook is one of the most seasoned internet-based life stages. It has a bigger dynamic client base contrasted with Instagram.

Facebook has 2.07 billion month to month dynamic clients. This makes Facebook the main internet-based life stage with regards to reach.

So in case you’re hoping to build brand permeability without focusing on a particular age gathering, Facebook might be the correct decision.

Also, Facebook has a huge amount of advertisement focusing on choices.

These are the alternatives accessible for making another group of onlookers, which you can discover in the “Crowd” area of advertisement set creation on Facebook Manager.

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Mistake #2: Not Being Bothered About Organic Content

No one logs into Instagram to see ads. The audience wants to see great pictures of art, food, lifestyle, fashion, travel, and tech or pretty much anything they are interested in.

If you want to succeed on the platform, you have to hold on to your philosophy while catering to their interests.

Remember, Instagram is a storytelling platform. Your Instagram ads must therefore look organic because users are savvy enough to see a mindlessly commercial ad a mile away and bounce off it faster than you can imagine.

With generic ads, you are unlikely to ever gather followers for Instagram on a sustainable basis. Know your audience and remember you are playing on their turf.

Scale or tune your strategies to best suit the demographic segment or target field that you are targeting.

According to empireflippers.com, “some companies have turned to an organic growth strategy on Instagram. This strategy is actually much more labor-intensive but can work, as well as, paid Instagram advertising.

One organic strategy involves posting regular updates to your account to gain followers and prompt engagement with the company account. The key to this strategy is making the brand relatable, natural, and human.”

However, there is no reason to believe that organic advertising implies that it is free.

Actually, certain strategies like organizing influencers and running giveaways in your niche for featuring your product would be costing you some money on Instagram.

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Mistake #3: Not Familiarizing Themselves with Shopping Ads on Instagram

Instagram Shopping ads are fantastic because they let you create a small catalog of products and serve them on the feed.

In a single picture, you will be able to tag an entire range of products that can then be viewed by the user.

It is really intuitive; a user clicking on a specific product is led to a slide about it, stating its price and description and letting them decide if they want it.

The slides are hosted right on Instagram, meaning you can serve ads to your audience without them leaving the network.

The cost per engagement is also significantly lesser this way.

Shopping ads are genius because the customers spend most of the experience on Instagram which is fast and snappy, and don’t have to leave the network to go to a slow-loading website.

This is important because mobile data is pretty volatile even in 2019.

Instagram advertising is a technique for paying to post supporting substance on Instagram to a bigger and more focused audience.

While there are numerous reasons a business or individual may choose to advertise, Instagram advertising is frequently used to develop your brand get more site traffic, create new leads, and move current leads down the pipe.

Since Instagram is such a visual stage, content promotions are not a thing here. Or maybe you need a picture, set of pictures, or video which can be joined by content to contact your group of onlookers with Instagram promotions.

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Instagram has already grown to become one of the biggest players in e-commerce, and it is only going to get bigger.

It is not a platform you can ignore anymore, so you better jump on the bandwagon and leverage the various tools it gives you to drive sales higher than ever before.