5 Major Impacts of Mobile Technology on Digital Marketing

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Written By Donna Padua

According to Statista, the number of smartphone subscribers already surpassed its 6 billion user prediction as of June 2021. Still, the numbers are forecasted to shoot up to nearly 8 billion in the year 2026.

This hints at mobile technology becoming an important part of people’s daily living. Likewise, mobile technology is becoming a crucial component of the new era of digital marketing.

The increased relevance of the Internet on the go to consumers is a clear sign for business owners to start rethinking their mobile marketing strategies. As for those who haven’t started yet, the statistic mentioned above is solid proof that you are missing a big opportunity to grow your business.

Scope of Mobile Technology Used in Digital Marketing

Our access to the World Wide Web is no longer limited to computers. Mobile technology has rapidly developed in the past decade and now, we can already connect to the internet via tablets, car AVN, and other smart devices like smartwatches. Even refrigerators and washing machines are now integrated with WiFi capabilities, making them able to access the internet.

In short, the internet is now accessible anywhere and anytime, thanks to mobile technology!5+ Major Impacts of Mobile Technology on Digital Marketing

With such a wide scope, businesses that are not leveraging the power of smart devices are missing a lot of opportunities to earn more profits. They are losing the chance to connect with not just millions but billions of smart device users.

Hence, mobile technology is one of the top things that businesses should invest in in this modern era.

How Mobile Technology is Changing the Digital Marketing Game

It is important, though, that businesses understand the usability of smart devices so they can design marketing strategies that target the reasons why people are getting addicted to their devices. They should target the channels where consumers are hanging out to ensure higher engagement. And when you’re finally able to find the root of the smartphone hype, your business will surely enjoy a myriad of benefits.

To site, we’ll give you a list of how mobile technology has been revolutionizing businesses and the marketing landscape to date.

1. Mobile Phones Allow Businesses to Gain Wider Reach

It’s obvious. People are getting addicted to how smart the new generation of devices can get. They can be voice commanded. They can work on air gestures. They are capable of capturing images and videos that are of the same quality as what DSLRs can produce.

They are portals to different financing and shopping websites. The apps enable convenient payment methods. And not to mention, they provide unlimited access to the largest photo and video libraries on the internet.

There are indeed so many reasons why people see smartphones as the new necessity in this generation. Most especially now that the movement of both consumers and sellers is still limited by the Covid-pandemic.

Following these facts, businesses should then take this chance to strengthen their mobile presence. The first step is to optimize their websites to become mobile-friendly. Websites function differently on a classic desktop or the standard laptop and a mobile phone.

When a website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, then users will have a hard time accessing all the functions included on your website or see the whole content on your web pages. The speed will also be much slower, which is a major turn-off for mobile users.

One thing to put in mind is that people are now using their mobile phones more than their laptops to browse the World Wide Web because it should be more convenient that way. One of the top reasons for the higher bounce rate by mobile users is the slow loading of web pages. This happens when the website is not optimized for mobile usage. So, the lesson here is to create a mobile version of your website to prevent pushing leads away.

2. Higher Conversion Due to Convenience Brought By Mobile Apps

Like we just mentioned, people prefer using their mobile phones because of the convenience they provide. People are always busy and they want to do all their shopping or bills payment anywhere they may be. This is something that they cannot do using their desktop or laptops. Just imagine a consumer doing his bank transfers on his laptop inside the CR.

Mobile applications play a big role in this mobile convenience. While the internet provided a faster way to complete almost any activity, mobile apps have provided an even faster channel to accomplish the same tasks.

Let’s take banking as an example. Banks now allow their clients to log online to access their accounts and do a couple of transactions like online payment of credit cards, bills, and money transfers. Meanwhile, mobile banking apps take a step ahead of bank web portals by creating QR codes to make money transfers way faster.

There’s no more need to type and retype account numbers and account names in every new transaction. The app reads the code and it will simply ask for the amount to be transferred and then you are done. Some apps even have a reminder feature that turns on the alarm of your phone on your scheduled transactions.

Messaging apps are another mobile technology that takes marketing strategies to a higher level. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet – these are just some of the many messaging apps that are used by consumers these days.5+ Major Impacts of Mobile Technology on Digital Marketing

Having an account in these apps can get you a step closer to your leads. Also, they are more efficient compared to SMS as they have more innovative features like video conferences, file attachments, and voice messages. They also connect easily with your email, hence making your email marketing easier.

Speaking of communication, social media apps, of course, are worth mentioning in this blog. Social media has a big influence on the lives of consumers. They are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter most of the time in a day. So, it is a wise idea to be in the same space where the consumers are – social media.

3. User-friendliness Enhances User Experience

Convenience and user-friendliness come hand in hand to boost the customer experience. Unlike before, mobile phones in this new generation are more advanced; carrying features and apps that make it possible for consumers to shop quickly and easily.

This is why we advised optimizing your website so it becomes mobile-friendly. With consumers preferring mobile apps over desktop browsing, your business should invest in phone-based marketing strategies and mobile apps to establish a loyal network of customers.

4. Increased Availability for Email-Based Campaigns

Email marketing is still relevant in this new era and it will remain to be an effective digital marketing strategy. Customization is one of the many reasons why they’re here to stay.

Businesses with their best PDF editors for 2021 are creating ebooks and flyers to capture the interest while connecting more deeply with their customers and leads. And the good news is that email platforms have long made mobile apps where people on the go can access their service.

With people having access to their emails any time of the day and anywhere they may be, your email marketing efforts will never go to waste. The push email feature that comes with email apps notifies users when a new message pops in. Hence, it’s likely to see ROIs faster than before.

5. Mobile Phone Advancement Increased Social Networking

Do you still remember Friendster and MySpace? These are among the earliest social media platforms to appear but they were discontinued so soon. Then, Facebook and Instagram came at the same time as the emergence of the new-gen mobile devices. The timing was so perfect that these social media platforms survived the digital revolution and are here to stay.

We know so well that mobile users are so engrossed with social media apps that’s why they have their faces stuck on their phones the whole day. And this is what makes mobile marketing worth investing in. In fact, social media platforms transitioned from purely socializing spaces to marketing spaces. Ads are everywhere on Facebook.

Entrepreneurs are tempting leads with chillingly realistic product images on Instagram. Connected to that, the invention of high-resolution phone cameras has greatly helped businesses put their products online in their most appealing presentation.

And, who knows what more tools we’ll see getting installed on a simple mobile phone that will level up the digital marketing game.  

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, mobile technology has created a more profound opportunity for small and big businesses to expose their brands to more consumers without getting limited by distance. The improved mobile devices provide businesses with advanced mobile-based marketing strategies that created lucrative opportunities to generate more leads and make more sales.

With mobile technology, digital marketing has also widened. It is no longer just about emails and eCommerce. Mobile phones created a faster way for businesses and consumers to meet together in the cyber realm. Sellers can now provide more information about their products or services to their customers anytime through messaging apps and social media apps so as not to lose their interest.

Indeed, mobile phones and mobile technology for businesses play a huge role in successful digital marketing.

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