How to Get a Job Without Applying for a Job!

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So, how do you get a job without applying for a job in 2017? You’ve to put in the work. Just like that.

I’ve always believed that there are jobs for everyone to do. If you don’t have a job, it’s either you don’t know how to get a job, or you’re not prepared for the job that you so much desire.

Getting a job is easy if you know what to do. Preparations and taking the right actions are very important to you fulfilling your goal of getting a job.

How I got a job after school

I was offered a new job just three months after leaving the university. I left school in May and was offered a job in August.

This job offer is based on the recommendation of one of the leaders in an organization in which I was an active volunteer during my undergraduate years.

Here comes the challenge, my university is located in a state different from my state of residence. It is actually a four hours drive by road.

Immediately after my studies, I am expected to go back home which is normal. Since, I have a room in town, I can always stay there as long as I pay my rent.

I had to stay back after my studies for about three months before leaving for home because I have some series of workshops and conferences I needed to attend in school.

At the same time, I was simplifying my life by developing skills which I can use as a leverage in my career which I will use to accelerate my success in life and multiply my wealth creation process.

This is to enable me live a fulfilled and comfortable life (survival skills).

Coincidentally, my rent was late by two months and I was living on the ‘grace’ of my landlady who has been on my neck when the rent was just 14 days late.

I promised her that I will be moving out of her house at a set time without pay in which I explained the reasons to her.

I already gave out my possessions to friends since I will be going home to my family and will be moving on to other engagements. I have always believed that givers never lack and giving has become so natural to me.

Believe me, it wasn’t easy, considering the economic situation of the country. That is not an excuse not to give anyways.

I have concluded plans to leave town for my home before I was offered a job which I never applied for just a week to my departure date. Not that I don’t want a job but I prefer to rather work for myself based on my own terms and time.

Even if I was to work for someone, it will be a job that will add to my inherent value. Again, I was not expecting a job so soon since I already planned how I would utilize my time.

I have always told those around me that my plan is to increase my inherent value to a point that I won’t have to go looking for jobs to do around. Instead, people will come to me with job offers based on what my perceived value.

This is against the normal convention and it has been working for me. Yeah, my imagination has turned to possibilities.

I so much believe in my abilities that I am not always afraid to take the leap of faith. This has made me learn things that are even beyond me.

I was surprised at the turn of event to which I reacted to by initially turning down the job offer. I had to due to obvious reasons; no place to stay and I would have to start all over again.

I explained this to the man who recommended me for the job and he had to bring in another man to convince me on the career prospect and the growth opportunities in the job. I even had to tell them that I won’t be staying long with them because of the NYSC scheme just to discourage them but they wanted me for the job.

To these men, I am an asset to their organization and here I am being indifferent about the job offer. Remember that I did not apply for the job and I have also rejected their offer initially but they still wanted me to have the job.

This is because of my values (both inherent and perceived value) which I have built up over the years. I have volunteered for this organization and have distinguished myself from the other volunteers. I am not much of a talker but I believe in actions.

Remember, I am not the most skilled person around but they found me as the most suitable for the job. They even promised to train me on the job to meet their standard. Just imagine the power of imagination at work.

After much talk, I agreed and was given a week to submit a formal letter of acceptance even when I have no place to stay. Since, I am always positive, I went back to the drawing board to re-strategize. I had to put some of my other engagements on hold and work out a plan on where to stay.

Within that week, I travelled home and I made contact with some people via phone calls and texts. I was eventually offered a modest room by a family friend in an estate close to the organization where I am expected to work. I later discovered that all I will ever need was in my new room.

My new room is far better and well equipped than my old room all because I exercised the act of giving. I strongly know that if I had held on to those things I thought were my possessions, I wouldn’t have received what I have now. All this happened because I dared to dream and imagine.

How to get a job without looking for a job

I have always been a strong advocate for personal development and entrepreneurship. This principle has helped me in the course of my life and has always opened opportunities for me in places I never dreamed or imagined.

Life has never been fair because you don’t get what you deserve but what you demand. I have learnt that prior proper preparation prevents poor performance.

You must always be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn new things every day because by so doing, you will consistently add value to yourself and stay relevant in this fast changing world.

This is the information age. You are rewarded based on what you know. Change your mindset. You are not limited by your gender, race, colour, family, environment, educational background or geographical location.

Remember that your imagination equals possibilities. Dare to dream the impossible because only then can you achieve the impossible.

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  2. Great article! I had a similar experience in the US as an immigrant in the depth of the 2008 recession, I got a job. How? I volunteered for 9 months and eventually I was recommended to another company by someone who also volunteered.

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