How to Choose a Good Career that will be relevant beyond 2025?

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Before I tell you how to choose a good career that will be relevant for a long time, let me tell you my story.

One of the scariest and most confusing moments in my life was when I was a teenager.

Then, I was unsure of so many things.

I wasn’t sure of the right time to start a relationship or not. Yes, I was confused. I remember asking a girl out on the day I turned 18 and broke up with her before it even started (exactly two weeks after). I was very conscious about my choices.

how to choose a good career

I needed a guide, a mentor but there was no good influence around me.

However, as the first-born (and son) out of a family of five with two brothers, I had to be a man and be a good influence on my brothers. My choices will affect my brothers’ choices either directly or indirectly.

One other thing I was confused about is the subjects to study and the career path to follow.

I initially wanted to study civil engineering. As a child, I was fascinated with the idea of building roads and bridges. Then, as I grew older, I fell in love with computers. So, I decided to study computer science and engineering.

Along the line, I chose to study engineering physics (exactly 5 years after high school) since the concept is totally new to me and it is a subject that can only be mastered in school (so I thought at that time). The issue is that I am a practical person not a theory based person.

Studying Engineering Physics in the university (in my country) is all theory based. The course itself is a practical course but the institutions in my country lack the equipment to effectively teach this course to her students.

So, I was lost all over again.

So how do I choose a good career when I’m confused and lost?

I know that there are many teenagers and adults who are in the same situation as described above and are in a career which they don’t love. But are in it because it pays the bills.

There is a way out.

And if you are a teenager who is thinking about the subjects to study in order to start making money, you are at the right place.

You don’t have to go to college before you fill your head with the relevant information or before you start making money. You can earn your desired college degree from home and still make good fortune while you are at it.

The only thing you need to be successful in life is to fill your brain with the most relevant information and then put this information into good use (action).

Staying relevant in your career beyond 2025

2025 is a little out of the scope of most job forecasts. However, if you look at the trends of the jobs that just came into existence in the last 10 years (image below), you’ll notice a disproportionate amount of tech jobs.

Jobs that didn't exist 10 years ago 1

Jobs that didn't exist 10 years ago 2


Currently, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily (yes, that is a staggering number!).

As companies continue to realize that gaining insights from this big data gives them a competitive advantage. Therefore, more data scientists, data engineers, and data viz workers will be needed.

And the job market data already suggests these types of workers are in short supply.

From a Engineering Physics background, big fields that will remain big for a long time (in advanced countries off course) are mainly in the science and engineering fields. Computer sciences to be specific.

You can take note of the following Embedded software, all layers of coding, RF engineering, structural engineering, automotive engineering, aerospace engineering and a lot more. A lot of engineers and coders will be fine.

Also, some science and engineering fields that are expected to take off are bio electronics and bio engineering, Robotics, AI & deep learning, specialist coders such as parallelism and a lot more.

If you want to keep a job in the future ( in 10 years time and above) and you can adapt quickly, I believe computer science is a great field for the future.

Everything is becoming autonomous and computer based. From computers in your car, to toothbrush, to washing machine etc. These things need coding, even today taxi companies need programmers to program apps for them.

Having a particular skill in engineering/science is a good way to make money. For example analogue IC verification specialist, audio engineer, quality assurance, high voltage DC-DC designer etc.

These days as a programmer, you can code your own little projects and sell them quite easily.

4 ways to secure your job and stay indispensable

These steps will help you secure your job even when you’ve made costly mistakes.

#1. Focus on the problems of the future, not the jobs of the future.

Jobs trail problems. What does urbanization mean for the future? What about the aging population, esp. in Japan and Western Europe? What about the extension of broadband to another 2 billion people in the next ten years?

#2. Build a network of people you trust.

Quora is a great place to start. Create a LinkedIn profile and join other vocation specific communities. The trick here is to join the global talent marketplace!

#3. Do favors for people.

You are young and your time is not as valuable (financially) as a lot of other people. Use that to your advantage by helping people.

Study their business and come up with some concrete suggestions for improving it. Then offer to help for free. Then the next time you charge them money. And then more money. This works every time.

#4. Focus on quality of life and work on a daily basis.

Work can be inspiring or it can be a drag. Pay attention to how you feel when working. Try to focus on the stuff that inspires you – almost no one does this!

The truth is that you will need to find activities where you are constantly learning for the rest of your life. This requires that your day-to-day work environment contains at least 2 of these 3 characteristics: autonomy; mastery; and purpose.

 How to choose a good career in life

The man who knows how will always have a job, but he will work for the man who knows why.

Professions are changing and many jobs are going to be much less necessary than we previously thought.

Think about it:

Everything, knowledge and ability that can be automated won’t be necessary in near future. Find a job that being a real person makes the difference.

Writing, music, arts, deep science (maybe) and entrepreneurship are going to be one of the fewer fields which apps and robots are not going to compete.

To choose a new career, try to think about something robots and software are not going to replace soon. It is going to be harder every year, but it’s still possible.

Some form of advanced training is mandatory because the people you wish to impress will ignore anyone who does not have the documentation.

Only jobs and tasks that cannot be easily automated will be relevant in 2025!