How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Mastery

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How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Mastery

I was talking to my Coach recently.

This is someone who is a millionaire , many times over, is a brilliant entrepreneur, and has an asset and property portfolio worth close to $100 million.

Yet, he is also one of the humblest persons you are ever likely to meet.

We were talking about how so many people on social media like to label themselves as Gurus and Experts without having the real world results, or years of trial and error to back it up.

He said he was perplexed because the really great entrepreneurs, the ones who have created legacies and made a difference, never went around calling themselves gurus or experts.

In fact they felt very uncomfortable when people labelled them as such.

How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Mastery: Kill Your Ego

This is one thing that you must do if you want to become a really great entrepreneur.

Kill Your Ego

Every Master entrepreneur and business leader that I’ve had the good fortune to meet, work with and learn from, always had one admirable trait in particular that stood out:

They had no Ego.

They were paragons of Humility.

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While these are people who are ultra-confident in their business, leadership and money-making skills, they are always, always, humble.

They listen to one another’s (and other lesser people’s) ideas and suggestions without defensiveness.

And yet, even though they know far more than most of us who are just starting out, they never need to make us feel small so they can feel big.

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I think about my Sensei at Karate (who also happens to moonlight as a VP at a Major multinational Mining Company).

This is someone who has spent the last 25 years at post black belt level , learning all the hidden secrets of his art.

Yet when we ask him when his learning will stop , he always smiles and says :


You must always remember that the true Master realizes he’ll never know everything there is to know about his craft, and spends his life learning accordingly.”

If you look at tennis superstars like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

Despite all that they have achieved, and all that they have won, they still continue to have a “perpetual sense of dissatisfaction” with their work and always feel they can improve.

Admit Your Incompetence

Before you can master any subject, you must first admit your incompetence and go from there.

While feeling dissatisfied and incompetent may not sound pleasant to those of us who are early in the entrepreneurial career we are pursuing , it explains a lot about the mastery mindset.

There really is no room for ego.

All that matters to you should be the doing , the building, the leading, the creating – in the best way you possibly can.

And then having the willingness to keep honing it until it is not just good, but great.

As an entrepreneur, your core desire should be to build something that will create a legacy, and will make a difference not only in the lives of you and your family, but also others in the communities around you.

And to accomplish this, you must do what’s necessary to get there … even if it means working more, sacrificing more, learning more and most importantly being able to take criticism from entrepreneurs and business leaders who’ve been around longer than you.

And it especially means taking criticism from your customers, your employees , your vendors and accepting that these people have the potential to teach you a lot.

In a way it comes as a big relief when you think about it.

As an entrepreneur, there really is no need to try to be more clever or more charming.

Or more good-looking … or more well-dressed.

Being great at entrepreneurship is about nothing more – and nothing less – than building great systems, creating great customer experiences, creating a great place where people want to come to work everyday.

But when your ego is in charge, then you are only more interested in being right.

And being admired

And being complimented …

And having your EGO stroked.

Sure this might feel good in the short-term, but it doesn’t help you create a legacy business.

It just gets in the way of ever achieving true mastery.

This is why you need to kill your ego if you’re going to become a Master Entrepreneur.

Remember when it comes to entrepreneurship, the path to mastery is to adopt the mastery mindset.

Always striving to know more, always trying to do better, always ready to listen to feedback and advice.

Try it.

It will take you much further than your ego ever will.

Yaseen Dadabhay is a dad, former lawyer,  entrepreneur and business coach who has built two $30 million dollars businesses. He also led HR for Starbucks.