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5 Simple Ways to Create a Happy Workplace for Your Employees

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It is not surprising that a lot of employees don’t know what it means to have a happy workplace.

I read a status update from one of my friends on Facebook about his interaction with one of his staff. It goes thus:

Recently, I was having an office chat with one of my staff.

We started talking about the various places she had worked before joining us.

“So tell me about the worst experience you have had working in an organization,” I asked her.

I watched her, as she adjusted her seat, her eyes trying to search out the right words from thin air.

“Sir, frankly I don’t want to share the experience,” she spoke up, with a weak smile on her face.

“Please tell me,” I insisted.

“Well, I worked with this particular boss that used to beat up her staff,” she began.

“What?” I said.

“Yes, she used to beat her staff. She even beat up a married man.”

Now, it was my turn to adjust in my seat.

“I was working as an intern back then,” she narrated, “but she was used to beating up the staff, sometimes slapping us like kids.”

I folded my hands; my mouth wide open.

“Staff working with her used to come to work very depressed. At some point, many of us started falling sick and traumatized.”

“We even tried to engage a lawyer at some point to intervene but he didn’t help much.”

At this point, I was stunned as I listened to her reel out the tale.

I paused for a while, allowing every grain of her heart-rending words to settle into the soil of my mind.

“So tell me,” I finally spoke up.

“Where was the best place you have worked so far?”

She smiled. This is a happy workplace.

“This is not me trying to be patronizing here. You have created a home for us here. I have never been more alive and engaged in my work before. You inspire me as a leader, sir.”

Her words hit me really hard.

Lord, may I never be that boss that makes work torturous for my staff.

I will never be that boss that steals the joy of my employees because they choose to work for me.

God forbid!

Reading that made me realize that creating a happy workplace should be intentional for every business owner.

Otherwise, you will end up losing your best talents to your competitors. Ultimately, this will affect your reputation and make you lose money.

And if you are not careful, you will eventually lose your business due to a bad reputation.

So, how do you create a happy workplace for your employees?

1. Let your employees know they are appreciated

Business owners are often unaware that a sense of under-appreciation is one of the leading causes of high employee turnover.

To keep your employees from looking for work elsewhere, let them know how much you appreciate their work. Visit the Clarity Clinic for advice on keeping your staff content and stress-free.

Consider setting up a weekly meeting where you can discuss what each employee completed.

During this meeting, praise each person for their accomplishments.

People are more likely to be happy at work when they know that their efforts are being noticed and applauded.

2. Provide meaningful incentives for a happy workplace

5 Simple Ways to Create a Happy Workplace for Your Employees

For today’s workers, bonuses don’t mean as much as they used to in terms of happiness.

Millennials rank perks that improve their quality of life as more important than financial bonuses.

Consider allowing your employees to telecommute or finding other ways to help them grow.

For inspiration, look at some of the perks that the world’s most successful companies offer their employees. Apple and Google are great examples.

3. Make it easy for employees to connect

People are usually a lot more excited to go to work when they have friends who work at the same place.

You can help employees bond with one another by holding fun companywide events.

For instance, you could have a company picnic once a year or you could hold a weekly happy hour.

This will give your employees a chance to get to know one another, which will hopefully encourage new friendships to form.

4. Create an environment of empowerment

Don’t try to micromanage every task or project that your employees undertake.

Instead, allow your staff members to take charge of their own projects.

That means trusting that they are on track without checking up on them to see how much they have done.

Once you assign a task to an employee, allow them to deal with it on their own without any interference from you.

5. Get feedback from your employees

Everyone enjoys sharing their opinion. Whenever you can, seek feedback from your employees.

Getting their input lets your team members know that you take their opinions seriously and that you appreciate their insight.

Most people spend a large portion of their lives at work.

You can help keep your employees happier by creating a workplace where they feel valued, appreciated, and connected.

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