Top 5 Hair Salon Promotion Ideas for your Business

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Hair salons have a singular purpose: that is, to make clients look and feel good about themselves. 

But if no one is aware of the existence of your salon, clients’ turnout will be low and virtually non-existent.

To get more clients to your hair salon business, you must be willing to experiment and implement different creative marketing ideas until you get it right.

To get more clients to your hair salon business, you must be willing to experiment and implement different creative marketing ideas until you get it right.

For the latter, a few online promotional campaigns for businesses should help to turn the tide to their favor. 

Below are the top five promotional ideas for your hair salon business to put in place.

1. Promote changes

The impact of a salon promotional campaign increases when it focuses on specific changes. Its driving force should be change. 

A fresh product or a new technique is an excellent theme on which to base the marketing campaign. If you nail this, you would not have much trouble reeling in new clients. 

Furthermore, a well-run marketing campaign for a salon that broadcasts the new changes well increases bookings.

2. Never undermine pricing and the image of your hair salon

Your next marketing target is to be careful to avoid undermining your hair salon prices. While doing that, do not ignore the image that your salon has created over time. Otherwise, nobody would be willing to pay what he or she should. 

Sadder yet is the fact that your brand image might also suffer irreparable damages in the long run. Do not ignore this while implementing these hair salon promo ideas!

3. Create a loyalty reward program


Top 5 Hair Salon Promotion Ideas for your Business

Many clients never want to change their hair salons or stylists. They prefer visiting the same stylist or establishment than to risk finding a new salon to trust with their hair. 

This reeks of loyalty, which you should reward. Personally, I would love it if my salon can give me special discounts on those times that I chose them over the others.

Not that I would mind if my salon doesn’t reward me for my loyalty. It is just that there is this special feeling of recognition and importance that comes with being rewarded as a loyal customer.

It is pleasing and humbling. And sometimes, it can be ego-boosting. One way of doing that is via a well-run loyalty reward program. 

The goal is not to bring in new customers for the first time. Instead, your goal should be to keep clients and make them loyal to you. 

Such a program acts as an incentive to convince them that sticking with you has rewards.

4. Back to school marketing campaigns

Are schools about to open? If yes, you should have already designed back to school promotional campaigns and offers for your hair salon business in your neighborhood. 

A good discount should get new heads into your salon without hurting the bottom line. 

That’s not all, though. Parents who bring in their kids for hair care require some attention too. In such cases, you would be killing the proverbial two birds with a single stone.

5. Offer existing clients discounts for their reviews

You should never forget the role that existing clients play in your salon business. Do everything to make your services and products attractive to new clients. 

While at it, remember that those who already received and paid for your salon services need care too. 

You can offer them a discount for their next visit if they leave a positive review of your salon. 

Ask them to post reviews on social media. Other platforms are Yelp, Google, or the testimonials section of your website

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