High Authority Guest Posting Guidelines: 9 Do’s and Don’ts

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Guest posting is becoming a highly popular marketing tactic. However, despite putting your best efforts often the other blogger may reject your guest post idea even before considering it.

This may be a little disheartening and if you have an idea of what makes a blog idea desirable this problem can be tackled.

Here we share  9 do’s and don’ts for high authority guest posting that you must implement in order to avoid any failures.

1. Do have an idea of the blog before sending your application

It is easy to write to the other person about your blog idea. However, if you have not done a decent level of research about the blogger and the kind of content he prefers there are chances you may be rejected.

To avoid that, have a look at the word count, niche, and basic nature of the blogs. Add to that if they have any guest post guidelines make sure you have read them.

Guest post services can be hired if you have difficulty understanding the basic processes behind the same. SEOOutreachers know what exactly are the requirements of each blog and can pave the path for you establishing a relationship with the blogger.

2. Don’t write a similar post

Often we keep sending similar topic blogs in the hope that one day the blogger would accept it.

Avoid this mistake because if he already has that kind of content chances of him picking it up again are remote. Instead, find out ideas that are unique and most likely never written by him.

You would need to go through his blog and find out the kind of content that he prefers before extending a request to write for him.

3. Do write an impressive title 

Most people tend to form their impressions on the basis of the title that you have given to your blog. If your title is convincing and impressive getting the readers to have a look is not going to be very tough.

Just try and avoid any cliched titles as they tend to put off the reader because he may have already read something about the same before.

Also, make sure your article has enough subheads to make the reader understand what kind of content to expect.

4. Do try and establish a relationship before starting

Though doing this is not mandatory if you are looking at an exclusive blog trying to build a rapport definitely helps.

This relationship-building can be done either by passing comments on their blogs or following them on social media platforms.

Once they become familiar with your identity it is easy for you to approach them further.

5. Don’t send the same post to multiple blogs

High Authority Guest Posting Guidelines: 9 Do's and Don’tsWhen you send a blog to someone the person would automatically check if similar kind of content has been done before.

In case there have been instances where the blog has been submitted elsewhere your work would not be accepted.

Each blogger prefers a distinct style of content and you must keep that in mind while writing for him.

If you keep modifying your content and offer it to everyone the chances of getting rejected increase.

6. Do send guest posts only in areas where you have expertise

Your expertise is evident in your writing. If you have no knowledge about an area make sure you are not submitting your content on the same.

Any blogger would be able to identify whether you have in-depth knowledge on the subject or not.

In case your writing is not convincing he would not want to associate with you ever. This spoils your chances of having any future interactions with him too. 

7. Don’t over link stuff

We already have the importance of providing the blogger with content that is unique. But, that effort goes entirely wasted if you add 5-6 backlinks to your website in the whole content.

Place a link only in the main body where you feel it is going to look natural. Forceful link building is going to make them feel irritated and also increase the chances of your content getting rejected.

You could read through the bloggers guest post guidelines. In case you are unable to add a link in the main content you may add the link in your bio mentioned below the post.

8. Do add images to make it easy for the blogger

In order to make it easy for the blogger to post your content, you may add an image or two that is relevant to the topic.

Apart from that if you are writing a research-based content then you could add graphs and infographics to prove your point.

This makes the content ready to be posted and reduces the amount of effort the other party has to make.

9. Don’t expect and demand your content to be published

Despite all the efforts, it is quite possible that your content does not meet the expectations of the blogger in question. Apart from that, there could be many other reasons why they could reject your blog.

In case that happens do not write back and expect them to forcibly publish. If they have taken a decision it is highly unlikely that they would change it.

You are forcing them or arguing is only going to have a bad impact on your reputation.

Try and ask them suggestions to alter the blog so that you can at least pitch it to some other blogger. The tone of your email should be respectful and if you are rude in any manner it would be harmful only for you.


Guest posting can provide you unlimited exposure provided you know how to go about it. If you follow the above guidelines the chances of your blogs getting accepted are quite high.

In case you are not so sure about going about with the same you can get in touch with SEOOutreachers. They have the expertise and know-how as to which kind of bloggers to contact and how to make sure that the blogs would be accepted.

With their guidance, you would soon be able to establish your presence in multiple blogs and receive the results you wished to get.

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