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How to Brand Small Business with Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

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Written By Anthony Kreychmar

Every entrepreneur realizes the power of marketing.

It is an indispensable part of business branding, whether you are dealing in retail or try to promote your café. Businesses of all scopes have to make it one of the top priorities. 

Marketing usually makes up a huge share of a budget. And it is definitely worth it. However, small companies don’t have such funds.

Therefore, it is vital to find cost-effective methods. Guerrilla marketing perfectly fits the notion.

What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is an advertisement strategy that features the unconventional approach of connecting directly to a target audience. One of its ultimate goals is to provoke an emotional reaction.

Guerrilla marketing tactics imply taking clients by surprise to make an impression.

In other words, the approach is all about mesmerizing the audience with curiosity and beauty while delivering a strong message.

The Guerrilla marketing campaign is usually considered to be cost-effective.

You probably wonder how does Guerrilla marketing works, since it is cheaper than other advertisement approaches?

The main goal is to make a statement in an impressive way. So, marketing specialists focus on creativity, high reach, and the right timing rather than excessive budget.

There are many famous examples when even huge enterprises turn to inexpensive marketing that enhances brand awareness and engagement significantly.

Remember the famous Coca Cola advertisement in St. Mark’s Square in the late 1960s.

The company spread out an enormous amount of bird seeds in the shape of its logo that was immediately covered by hundreds of pigeons. They clearly spelled out the Coca Cola logo.

One of the new examples of creative marketing is BBCs Dracula billboard that became viral. People were shocked by the idea of advertising.

That made them come to billboard after sunset and film it to share on social media.

Advantages and disadvantages of guerrilla marketing tactics

Before adopting guerrilla marketing tactics, you have to understand the pros and cons. Here is the positive side of the approach:

  • Budget Takes a Second Place. You don’t need much money to practice the approach. The main goal is to be memorable.
  • Creativity, Creativity, and Creativity. The limit for imagination is the sky. You can implement even the most extravagant idea.
  • Emotional Connection with Your Target Audience. In case of success, you will deepen the connection with your clients. This usually results in customer loyalty.

However, such an advertisement receives some critics. Here are the thoughts to consider:

  • An Edgy Nature of the Marketing. The word “guerrilla” isn’t there by chance. The marketing strategy implies a higher level of risk involved. You have to be careful and abide by the law.
  • Publicity May Negatively Affect Your Brand Image. Your brand will be in the spotlight. If you succeed, the ROI will be impressive. However, if the audience doesn’t like the advertisement, it can bury you.

Guerrilla marketing ideas for small business branding

6 Bold Guerilla Marketing Tactics to Brand Small BusinessesFrankly speaking, guerrilla marketing is almost everywhere.

You can definitely see one or two examples in urban areas with dense traffic.

This is the best area to gain the attention of thousands of people at a time.

Here are some widespread working ideas for small business branding.

1. Use the sidewalk 

You can use any space to brand your business name.

Considering that today many people walk with the heads down to mobiles, the sidewalk becomes a good idea.

You can depict your logo with chalk or paint. Some also add the address or a phone number. People will notice it. Just make sure it won’t vanish after the rain.

2. Project branded video

Have you seen Times Square? It is full of ad commercials. However, it is rather costly. You can choose the less pompous area.

With modern equipment, you can project a video even on a wall. Probably, the only drawback is that it will be seen only when the sun goes down.

3. Signs and banners will live forever

Even with the deep penetration of digital marketing, the traditional out-of-home advertisement doesn’t grow old.

A custom hanging sign in NYC will always remain relevant. It is not expensive yet brings a lot of attention. It attracts both pedestrians and drivers.

You can brand a business name, coming sale, or event. Just be creative, and the goal will be achieved.

4. Car wrapping

One of the classic techniques to create a “movable banner”. Ideal for small budget marketing.

You can pay students with cars to get their advertisements everywhere in the city. Car wraps especially work well for increasing small business brand awareness.

5. Sandwich boards near your location

Sandwich boards in front of your shop/café are an amazing marketing idea. You can tell people about your prices, offers, or just grab attention.

For example, you can work out a memorable slogan and write it down. One of the advantages is that you can easily relocate a sandwich board.

Thus, if you change the place, you can take the board with you.

6. Use stickers – Everyone loves them

Stickers don’t cost much. Even if they are big. Place them in a busy street, preferably in places where pedestrians get stuck.

One of the most successful places is near the traffic light. People have to stop there and wait for the green light. 

Involve your audience

How to Brand Small Business with Guerrilla Marketing TacticsGuerrilla marketing examples are not limited to placing creative ads in the high-traffic environment.

You can make a difference and connect with your target audience by involving it in the advertisement.

How to brand your business and engage potential clients at the same time? There are many ways.

You can start by setting up a purpose-driven spot. It can be a thematic photo zone.

People will take photos, share them in social media, and, therefore, promote your brand.

You can even launch a contest on the most creative idea and choose the winner. 

Another popular idea is flash mobs. The huge number of people dancing together in a crowded place is spontaneous and impressive.

Many people are likely to catch on. Just keep the moves simple.

What else can you do? Play a game.

For example, Adidas scattered blue ducks around the new store that needed to return home. The home was the new store.

Be careful when working on the guerrilla marketing ideas

Being spontaneous and creative is fun. However, you must not cross the red line.

Every advertisement should be relevant. Many stores like to turn to such activities as graffiti, which is actually illegal. 

The main message is that your advertisement mustn’t deface public property. This applies when you place stickers, posters, etc.

If you want to use the sidewalk, make sure it is permitted. Otherwise, you can get in trouble. 

Apart from implementing law-abiding guerilla techniques, don’t forget about customers and their feelings. You mustn’t insult them.

The price for a failed marketing campaign can cost you reputation. 

What do you think about these guerrilla marketing for branding a small business? Is it an appropriate strategy?

Please, share your thoughts with us in the comments! We would be glad to know your opinion.

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