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Most Effective Ways to Grow your Email List

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Written By Maricar Morga

No one can deny that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to grow your brand, reach your desired audience, establish connections, and turn leads into sales.

It may be one of the oldest tactics for digital marketing, yet it can produce amazing results. Marketing experts still believe in the effectiveness of email marketing and the vital role of building your email list as part of your digital marketing campaign. 

Using email marketing to promote your brand can still give you an ROI that other marketing strategies can’t match.

According to studies, a dollar you spend on your email marketing campaigns can give you a return of investment of $44 or 4400 percent. This reason is why many companies, business owners, and marketers still rely on email marketing.

What is an email list? 

An email list is your list of subscribers that you send email contents. They may be your existing customers or site visitors who registered in your email list. An email list is a good idea, and one of the essential criteria to make your email marketing campaign a success. 

It is vital to ramp up your email list as email marketing is one of the best ways to gather leads and build your name. The more you encourage your audience to be part of your email list, the stronger your email marketing can be. 

How to grow your email list

Grow your Email List: 5 Most Effective Ways That WorkThe behavior of people these days towards email marketing may have changed from before. 

Many people are getting annoyed by the hefty amount of emails they keep on receiving that keep on piling up on their inboxes. This scenario can be a challenge to grow your email list. 

To combat this, you need new tactical ways to grow your email list, which is a vital factor in your email marketing campaign’s success.

Here are some ways you can consider to build your email list. 

1. Referral Programs

To grow your email list, one of your best marketing tool is your existing subscribers. They can become an extension of your marketing team. 

According to studies, referral programs are among the most effective ways to introduce your brand to new customers and make them buy your product or avail of your services. It also shows that 75 percent of consumers knew about a product or purchased an item because it was introduced to them by a family member or friend.

These results make referral marketing one of the trusted and effective way to share information about your business. 

With this statistic, you can offer referral programs for your email marketing campaigns and help grow your email list. You can encourage your existing email subscribers to refer people to your business or brand. In return, you can offer incentives like cash rewards, free items, discounts, or coupons.

You can also build a program where they can earn points or cash for every acquittance they invite on your brand. 

2. Contest And Giveaways

Another best way to grow the list of your email subscribers is by launching contests and giveaways. These promotional activities can rake up amazing results in terms of your engagement rate, brand reach, increase in followers, and sales augmentation.

Many businesses and brands leverage these strategies as they are an effective way to engage your existing audience and attract new clients. 

It can also be an effective way to grow your list as you can incorporate the need for their email address in their entry forms. The takeaways are, you need to be clear to your audience that by signing up, they submit their addresses to be recipients of regular emails that contain the latest information about your brand, products, and other email marketing content.

You can also give them an option by having a tick box where they can opt to be part of your email subscribers’ list or not. 

3. Social Media

Social media has become of the most promising avenues to reach your goals for your business and brand.

It has turned into an influential platform that is crucial and important in growing your email list. Because of its potential to reach a targeted yet broad audience, it can be your tool to promote your referral program, contest, and giveaways. 

While it is essential that you have a large following in all of your social media channels, you must able to convert them into your leads that can help your business’ bottom line. Besides promoting your referral and contest programs, you can do a lot on social media to grow your email list. 

You can incorporate a call-to-action button on your Facebook page to encourage your followers to sign up on your email list. On Instagram and Twitter, you can offer valuable content that leads to a spike in your email subscribers.

Add an email sign up link in your post and your social media bio so it will be easier to drive your followers in signing up. You can also run paid ads on your social media accounts as it can widen your reach and give you a significant possibility of subscribers to add on your email list. 

An essential thing you have to keep in mind when using social media to grow your email list is always to provide valuable content. Do not be too sales-y or pushy on your post. Otherwise, they will opt to scroll past your campaigns. 

4. Short Clips Or Videos

Grow your Email List: 5 Most Effective Ways That WorkThese days, short videos or clips have grown in popularity to become an essential in your marketing toolbox.

People love videos, and they can quickly catch their attention. Even a simple clip can spark someone’s interest as long as it provides value to its viewers.

This is why 80 percent of businesses leverage video marketing to promote and help their brand prosper in their niche. 

Use video materials to improve your lead generation and boost your email signups. You can use it to entice your followers to learn more about your products and direct your visitors to your website and signup forms.

With the rise of social media platforms like TikTok, you can include your link to your sign up form in your caption. You can also add it in the description box of your videos that you upload on your YouTube channel.

Do not forget to include the link of your signup form when you create a post on your other social media platforms. 

5. Exit Pop-Up In Your Website

Pop-ups on websites are not relatively new. It has been used by many even up to these days. It remains to be effective in encouraging what you want your website visitors to do. It can still drive reasonable conversion rates. 

However, you need to make sure that you do not overload your website with pop-ups as it can get annoying with your customers. Instead of adding pop when they open your site, you can use an exit pop-up on your website. You can also use a sidebar email signup pop-up or in your website footer to increase your email list growth. 

Make sure also to use cookies to track your website visitors if they are returning or new, so you can avoid showing pop-up to your audience who have already signed up in your email list. 

Final Thoughts

The key to growing your email list is reaching many people. With the right strategy and intent, increase your email list to boost your sales.

Building your email list is essential and should always be part of your digital marketing strategies. Failing to do so will leave you out in the competitive arena, and you’ll miss the engagement and success it can bring to your business.

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