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Forex Steam Review and Free Settings

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Forex Steam is a powerful trading robot that has been helping traders for quite some time now. Since Forex Steam is a 100 per cent automated trading solution, it is a perfect option for newbies and experienced traders alike.

Compared to manual trading, Forex Steam provides traders with better control over their day-to-day Forex transactions.

Because of these and a number of other benefits, Forex Steam has greatly grown in the market and is used by hundreds and thousands of traders worldwide. The software also comes with a demo account, making it easier for traders to test their strategy before they go live.

Forex Steam’s customizable features are an added perk that enables traders to change settings according to their own requirements and trading style.

What is Forex Steam?

Forex Steam Review 2020: Easy and Automated Trading Robot

Forex Steam is an automated EA, designed and operated by STEAM LTD, Canada. The Forex Steam platform is particularly designed for MetaTrader 4 platform on the M5 timeframe and has been providing utmost support to the users for more than 25 years.

Taking into account the ever-evolving nature of the forex business, the FS team continuously introduces new product updates to ensure the users get the best value for their money. Apart from that, the Forex Steam software has been programmed after thorough market research and analysis.

The trading robot comes with an affordable price tag of $117.99 which includes an instant download, lifetime membership, free of cost installation, four licenses (which can be used on both live/demo accounts), access to all versions, and free product upgrades for life.

The best bit? A trader can modify any or all of the product settings to make them compatible with their trading style.

Forex Steam is presently in its version 9 and it is expected that the developers will introduce version 10 soon (which is anticipated to be available free of cost for the current users).

Forex Steam is available in two versions – Light and a regular version. The Light version is particularly admired by the users as it has been upgraded around 60 times in the last few years.

How does Forex Steam work?

Forex Steam has recently introduced a number of useful features which you can use for trade optimization. Forex Steam can work wonders for your trade depending upon how effectively you’ve developed your trading strategy.

Compared to other automated trading solutions that need traders to invest a certain amount initially to get started, Forex Steam is the only trading bot that allows traders to start trading with limited investment and that too for 5 years span of time.

This is particularly beneficial for traders who have just started out and looking to trade in a low-risk trading environment. The good thing is despite smaller investments, traders can still expect good returns on their initial investments.

In fact, you’d be glad to know that you can earn up to 1000 times more than the amount you have invested initially.

Forex Steam Review 2020: Easy and Automated Trading Robot

As far as Forex Steam’s trading strategy is concerned, it is a scalper that works on the time-restricted strategy. This combo has proven to be exceptionally profitable, especially when integrated with different currency pairs and modified TP stop-limit settings.

Forex Steam gives the entire trading control to the traders and enables them to either stick to their provided settings or adjust features to develop a unique custom strategy.

This is certainly one of the biggest reasons why experienced traders prefer Forex Steam over other options as it provides them with an opportunity to try and test different settings and experiment with something new to optimize their trading returns.

Forex Steam’s retrace technique perfectly complements the scalping strategy and together they boast a tendency to upscale winning chances while limiting loss.

Forex Steam – Features

Forex Steam Review 2020: Easy and Automated Trading Robot

1. Retrace Technology

The Retrace technology provided by Forex Steam is the foolproof way to secure wins and avoid losses. The strategy has been updated multiple times by the developers to ensure that it remains on the top.

2. Spread Filter

The purpose of the Spread Filter is to ensure that the robot only enters trades in favourable market conditions.

3. Advanced Holiday Filter

Forex Steam comes with an Advanced Holiday Filter that enables traders to avoid those particular holidays that trigger unpredictable market moves.

Once you purchase and install Forex Steam, you’ll get a comprehensive list of holidays you must avoid increasing your chances of success.

4. Trailing Stop and Breakeven

The trailing stop and the breakeven feature is an added perk that allows traders to set a fluctuating stop loss behind their trades so that they can enjoy bigger returns.

5. Trading Results

Forex Steam Review 2020: Easy and Automated Trading Robot

The Forex trading environment is quite uncertain and ambiguous. This is why traders generally hesitate to invest a huge sum of money unless they are certain of the transparency factor.

While it is nearly impossible to guarantee overnight success especially when it comes to the fluctuating forex business environment, there are some tools and resources that provide clear guidance to the traders and Forex Steam certainly tops them all.

Check out Forex Steam’s official website to monitor its past performance. Also, there are a few independent websites like Myfxbook that also offer unbiased trading results of the Steam software.

6. Customer Feedback

Forex Steam Review 2020: Easy and Automated Trading Robot

Although there are many testimonials listed on the Forex Steam website, it is still recommended to cross-check the product’s reliability by checking out reviews on independent websites, Forex forums, or from someone who has personally used Forex Steam for their own trading strategy.

Honestly, we won’t recommend you to blindly trust any review (not even this one). Make sure you talk to the support team, clear your doubts, or if possible, use Steam on your demo account for at least 3 months to see how it works for your trading strategy.

7. Free Forex Steam Settings

If you are a beginner, you can rely on Forex Steam’s preset settings to get started. But, if you are a trading pro and want to experiment with your trading strategy, then Forex Steam is certainly the perfect platform for you.

There are multiple options available for your convenience and you don’t have to pay any extra cost to customize settings either. It is a win-win situation.


Against just a few negative reviews, Forex Steam is still a leading trading bot available now. Forex Steam is 100 per cent automated, time-saving, and extremely cost-effective considering the benefits that come with the software.

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