5 Top Ways to Select the Right Fitness Equipment for Business

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Regular exercise and increased physical activity can add years to your life and help you feel and look younger.

A well-rounded exercise routine will include a combination of cardiovascular activity and strength training using quality exercise equipment and accessories.

The proper selection of fitness equipment and flooring products is an essential component to any exercise regimen for optimum results.

There are several leading online supplier of commercial fitness equipment that can help you attain your health and fitness goals.

But, you need to be sure you know the right exercise and fitness equipment you need before you invest in your fitness goals.

5 Top Ways to Select the Right Fitness Equipment for Business

5 Top Ways to Select the Right Fitness Equipment for Business

1. Cardiovascular Exercise Equipment

The benefits of cardiovascular exercise cannot be overstated.

By performing a cardio exercise on a regular basis, your body gains stamina and endurance and becomes more efficient at burning calories.

Another benefit of this fitness equipment is that it offers a more efficient metabolism and a strengthening of the immune system.

Cardiovascular exercise can also reduce stress and improve self-esteem in your business.

There are several types of cardio equipment on the market today.

Treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical trainers are the most popular choices for cardio exercise and are excellent for building cardio endurance and are easy to use as well.

There is also an awesome selection of commercial treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical trainers.

Remember, when you choose your cardio equipment, choose wisely.

Get a quality piece of cardio equipment that will provide you the results you are looking for and fit your specific needs.

If you have knee problems, then an exercise bike is an excellent choice. There are upright bikes, recumbent bikes, and the popular indoor cycle bike used in spinning classes.

If you prefer walking or running, then check out Iron company’s commercial treadmills with computer control panels and built-in programs.

They also offer several types of fitness equipment mats and athletic flooring surfaces to help absorb shock and protect flooring surfaces.

2. Strength Training Equipment

If you want to change your overall look and become more tone, then the importance of strength training should not be underestimated.

Strength training has been proven to benefit young athletes to seniors. Women, in particular, see tremendous benefits from strength training.

If you desire that “ripped” look, then strength training is absolutely vital if you want to change the visual appearance of your body.

Another added benefit is that strength training creates strong muscle and strengthens ligaments and tendons, which serve to support our joints and decrease the possibility of injury from other activities.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could burn more calories throughout the day, even while relaxing?

Well, you can make this happen if you strength train.

The fact is, the more muscle mass you possess, the more calories you will naturally burn. So get up and start pumping that iron.

Don’t forget that muscle weighs approximately three times more than fat. So, if you have embarked on a fitness regimen of strength training, cardio exercise and a healthy diet, don’t be dismayed if the scale goes up instead of down.

A good way to measure your progress is by using a tape measure to keep track of your results.

Measure your arms, thighs, waist, hips, and calves and keep a weekly log of your progress.

The proper selection of strength training equipment depends on several factors including, age, fitness goals, health, and budget.

One of the most common questions in the fitness industry today is whether to perform strength training using free weights or machines.

3. Free Weight Equipment

The major advantage of free weights is that they are more efficient in strengthening the whole body.

You can perform a wide variety of upper and lower body exercises using just a set of dumbbells.

A dumbbell or barbell set is also usually less expensive than a weight machine.

Using free weights also gives you the ability to imitate real life or sports-related motions.

Weight machines essentially guide your range of movement.

However, free weights provide the user with a free range of motion. This brings us to the disadvantage of using free weights: safety.

Free weights require a much greater amount of control by the user to avoid injury to muscles and joints.

Proper technique and the use of the correct amount of weight are very important safety concerns when using free weights. 

The most popular free weights are dumbbells and barbells.

Dumbbells can be either fixed weight or adjustable with weight plates that can be switched out.

The most popular dumbbells are pro-style fixed-weight dumbbells.

They offer an awesome selection of free weights, dumbbells and dumbbell sets from 5 to 200 lbs. 

4. Weight Machines

A weight machine can provide an excellent, safe workout.

The main advantage of strength training using machines is the ease of use and safety.

Because the machines guide your path of resistance, there is less danger of being trapped or injured.

You can also safely exercise without the assistance of a spotter.

You may be more inclined to lift heavier because a machine is typically safer than going heavy with free weights.

You can also make changes to the weight quickly and easily.

Weight machines are typically more expensive than purchasing free weights which is a consideration if you are setting up a home gym.

However, the investment can be well worth it when you see the results they can provide.

There are two types of weight machines:

Single exercise machines that are designed for a specific muscle or exercise and multi-use exercise machines like a home gym or smith machine.

Each of these types of weight machines can have a weight stack or accept weight plates.

The obvious advantage to a weight stack or selectorized machine is the ability to quickly switch weights.

The stack is usually held in place by a pin, and the simple movement of the pin can add or subtract from the weight stack.

Free weight machines require the addition or subtraction of weight plates each time you desire a change.

5. Athletic Flooring

Let’s not forget the importance of a proper athletic flooring surface to protect your equipment, flooring surfaces, and help absorb shock and static electricity.

There are athletic flooring surfaces for weight rooms, gyms, locker rooms, and fitness facilities.

Some fitness facilities are interlocking rubber flooring, rubber sports rolls, shower tiles, aerobic tiles, fitness mats, equipment mats, and flooring supplies all at great prices.

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