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8 Reasons for Selecting Facebook as a Preferred Marketing Channel

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Written By Emma Gill

Marketing is the magnet that attracts potential customers to the brand. Digital media marketing is the latest trend of modern society as millions of users have an account on social networking sites.

Facebook is the most dominating digital platform and the advertisement posted on it has the capability of targeting the customers beyond belief. Facebook is one of the oldest and most popular social media platforms today.

Facebook advertising is targeted to suppress all other marketing channels. A professional Facebook marketing company helps you to achieve your targets and your niche audiences. 

As a modern-day business owner, a little effort put on Facebook advertisement can work wonders and provide massive profit. People are always on their mobile phone and the use of Facebook will amplify the effectiveness of your brand’s marketing.

Captivate the attention of your customers by creating an impressive business page on Facebook. Here are the eight advantages of Facebook advertisement that you can use to accomplish success in your business:

1. Custom-targeted audience

FacebookFacebook Custom Audience Tool is a fantastic tool that is specially designed to target potential customers.  This tool enables marketers to upload the details of the customers who will most likely purchase their products or services. The customers are targeted with certain ads on their mail ids, phone numbers, UID, etc.

The past Presidential election of America was a result of a well-executed campaign. Trump’s Almano Project had database profiles of 220 million Americans. They strategically targeted the citizens with Facebook ads in the last week of elections.

The digital ads were designed to discourage Americans from voting for Hillary Clinton. 8 November displayed the victory of Donald Trump and the power of Facebook to influence people.

2. Maximum visibility at minimum cost

The best part about Facebook is that there are billions of users across the globe. The budget for an advertisement on Facebook is very low compared to Google or YouTube. So you get a broader platform at a lower rate.

This is the right destination from where you can reach millions of customers, it is the best place to promote your product and services. So, you can’t miss this while promoting your brand online. This will definitely grow your customer base.

3. Early-stage brand awareness

The Brand Awareness Ad objective tool of Facebook provides the brand with the information of real-time proxy meters, the time spent by the customer on their advertisement campaign, and how to reach them.

This data is extremely helpful for creating new campaigns that are designed to target a bigger audience. The later campaigns are then customized to capture the attention of prospective customers.

It’s every time good to create build awareness for your company, brand, or business on Facebook.

  • Spread your word out. Let the audience know about your latest or upcoming business.
  • Establish a following. Stay on priority on people’s minds and show them your best points.
  • Reach more and more people.

4. Facebook Live

  Videos accurately target the customers so Facebook Live was designed and it is a huge success. This amazing feature allows users to record a live video and share it on their account.

Businesses can reach more people and take advantage of this feature in several ways.

  • A live video can be streamed online live to provide behind the scene experience to customers.
  • Glimpses of new products are updated.
  • Promote the upcoming new events.
  • Answer their doubts and queries.

Audiences happily dedicate their time to 3x more, watching a live video than native content. Today in this busy life no one invests time in reading. Everyone prefers visual content like images, videos, etc.

Facebook live video can benefit business owners to develop a strong relationship with customers.

5. Chatbots

8 Reasons to Use Facebook as a Preferred Marketing ChannelThe chatbot option of Facebook has simplified the work of business owners.

Right script bots can help in interacting with customers. The integration of chatbots on Facebook will help the business owners to create structured messages, images, links, and call to action buttons.

Brands will design a chatbot that suits the requirements. Each chatbot will be unique to their developer and will develop instant interaction between the buyer and seller, thus increasing the sale of the brand.

6. Quick feedback

Providing customer support by instantly resolving their queries and problems is now easily possible with Facebook. Also, it is very important to know your customers and the best way to do so is to solve their queries.

The tedious process of sending mail, taking surveys, is no more in trend today. The only thing the business owners have to do is post a question on their status of Facebook page and let the comments of customers just pour in.

Feedbacks are used to provide customer satisfaction and make improvement in the product and services provided by the brand.

7. Consumer psychology

Facebook allows marketers to understand the purchasing pattern of their customers. Social media customers of Facebook have the option of hitting the “Like” button on the product and services that they are satisfied with.

Also, in the new update, Facebook allows different emojis to react on a post and it can be sad, love, angry, etc. This way the product and services are freely endorsed across a large number of customers.

The customers can even share and comment on the images, posts, and videos of the brands they prefer. This helps to raise the brand awareness of the product and attract new customers.

It’s been noted that the purchasing pattern of the consumer is influenced by their peers. So once a Facebook page that is liked by a customer has more chances of being liked by their friends also.

8. Growth

Facebook is doing better day by day. It has no limits.  It is the leading social platform that can positively impact the growth and success of your business. Undoubtedly the best place to promote business in the cheapest way.

The additional new features of Facebook are as follows:

  • Facebook Live Video
  • Facebook Professional Services
  • Facebook at  Work
  • Facebook Events
  • Facebook Shopping Tab
  • Improved Search
  • Uber/Lyft integration
  • Instant Articles
  • Non-profit crowdfunding
  • Music Stores

The present time is all about Facebook. The entire world is connected because of it. Not only is it free but also immensely important for business owners to promote their brand. Marketing through Facebook has the potential to reach millions of customers.

No technical knowledge is required, and you can easily share photos, videos, and blogs on Facebook. It has no limits and provides you with accurate analysis reports of customer’s demand and preferences.

It does not work on assumptions but pure data, which will help you to target the customers. Facebook allows you to target the friends of your competitors.

The visibility that your brand will receive through this social platform will not be available elsewhere. Hire the help of an experienced and proficient Facebook marketing consultant to help you take advantage of Facebook marketing on your business. 

Every second and money spent on advertising your product and services on Facebook is worth it. Facebook is also continually improving and upgrading itself, so one must invest in Facebook Marketing.

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