11 Explainer Video Marketing Strategies for the Best Results

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Written By Jane Collen

You put so much time and effort into creating an explainer video so that it connects with your target audience, boosts brand awareness, converts business leads into customers, and expands the reach of your brand.

But, how do you extensively market your explainer video to ensure it gains the attention it deserves and yields the best possible results? 

It means you need a solid explainer video marketing strategy that helps you ensure your video reaches all the right places. 

So, let’s get right into the 11 explainer video marketing strategies that empower you to achieve the best results.

1. Include the explainer video on to your website 

Did you know that on average people spend 88 percent more time exploring a website with a video?

Marketers can’t ignore anymore that videos get more attention, and they help improve your search engine ranking. Hence, once your explainer video is ready, the first thing you should do is upload it on your website. 

By this point, marketers know that people prefer consuming information through a visual channel rather than reading it via text. So, your explainer video will provide visitors a brief introduction to the brand and products or services.

Besides, a quality video can even amplify visitors’ interest in the brand, which can lead them to consume more of your website content. 

There are many ways you can include the explainer video on to your website. Make sure you upload it on the right webpage and in the accurate section to improve users’ experience.

A lot of businesses also host their videos on third-party platforms like YouTube and Wistia.

2. Promote the explainer video on your social media accounts

No marketer is oblivious to the power of social media in the current times. Besides, research shows that video content is 1200 percent more likely to be shared on social media channels than text and images. 

Your video production company can better guide you to choose the right type of explainer videos that reflects how your target audience consume visual content on social media and other online platforms. 

From Facebook, and Instagram to Twitter and LinkedIn, here are some essential tips to remember to make the best of your explainer video marketing efforts. 

  • Make sure your video catches viewers’ attention and is still relevant without the sound on. You can also use captains or subtitles to help viewers watching the video with the sound off, to keep up with the story. 
  • Figure out the right time to share your explainer video to gain the most online interaction. 
  • Continue engaging your viewers with comments or reaching out to influencers, even after uploading the video to continue bringing your target audience to the video.  

3. Share the explainer video on your YouTube channel

11 Explainer Video Marketing Strategies for the Best Results

Uploading your explainer video on YouTube means bringing your potential audience up by over 2 billion people

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine after Google, which means you can’t ignore it anymore. 

Even though you can use other third-party video hosting platforms, but YouTube can offer you a fantastic potential viewership. 

Here are some tips to remember when uploading your explainer video on YouTube. 

  • Do keyword research for your brand to ensure more people can find your video when looking up for something related to your brand or your products?  Use tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush for your keyword research. 
  • Make sure to include a relevant description with your video and add links that your viewers might find valuable. It should provide a summary and allow viewers to understand the context of the explainer video.  
  • If you have your video’s transcript available, ensure to provide it with your YouTube video. It enables the viewers to consume the information better and help you rank your video higher on the search engines.  

4. Incorporate an actionable CTA 

A call to action button empowers your brand to direct the viewers towards marketing goals and conversion. 

Without an actionable CTA like to visit your website, to contact you, or sign-up for the newsletter, the viewers will only watch your video and continue with their lives. 

After investing in your explainer video, you should try your best to lead the viewers to the next level to keep the conversation or connection going. 

There are many ways you can tweak your call-to-action for social media and other online channels to drive the best results.

Here are some tips for creating actionable CTAs.

  • Build a sense of urgency among the viewers
  • Use industry power words
  • Make sure your CTA is relevant to the information

5. Share the explainer video with your subscribers’ list 

Most businesses have a subscribers list that engages with using different email marketing efforts.

But, did you know, you can drive better results by incorporating your explainer video into newsletters and emails you send to generate or engage leads. 

Video can genuinely help your emails perform better. According to research, video content can help boost your email CTR by 40 percent.

Let’s look at some best email practices to keep in mind. 

  • Don’t embed your video, as not all email platforms like Outlook support playback video content. 
  • Use a static image or video thumbnail with a play button and link it to where your video is hosted. 
  • Include the word ‘video’ in your subject line, it informs the receivers what awaits them, and it can improve your open rate.

6. Integrate the explainer video onto your blogging techniques 

To make the best use of your investment into quality content is to repurpose it, and you can do the same for your explainer video. 

You have been producing blogs for your brand, providing your readers with valuable information, and strengthening your online presence.

But, you can further improve the value of your blogs by adding explainer videos into them.

Here is how you can promote your explainer videos through blogging techniques: 

  • Write blogs on the topic where your explainer video add value within the context. 
  • You can also make your video accessible for a newer audience by adding them to your guest posts. 
  • You can also collaborate with bloggers in your niche to include your video within their blogs by convincing them how your video will provide value to their readers.

7. Make the explainer video part of corporate or other events 

11 Explainer Video Marketing Strategies for the Best Results 1 Expert tips to grow your business to success.

A great way to market your explainer video is to play them at industry expos, business conferences, and other corporate events and business meetups. 

These events are breeding grounds for lead generation, and through your video, you could attract hundreds of potential clients. 

However, you have to be aware of your competitors, as well. 

So, make sure your video reflects the best your brand has to offer. Besides, make sure to continue playing the video on a loop on your laptops and tablets to draw as much visitors’ attention as possible. 

An important tip to remember is that most visitors may view your video on mute.

Hence, it’s recommended to include captions and subtitles to help your video make the most impact.   

8. Include the explainer video into your sales pitch 

Whether it’s a product presentation, meeting with investors, or a sales pitch, you can repurpose your explainer video.

A visual experience also helps you ensure your audience is actively listening to you before you come to conversion. 

Playing the new explainer video is the light-hearted start to your sales pitch that can be a great ice-breaker without taking away the attention from your brand. 

The explainer video will make your sales pitch more productive and give you more opportunities to grow the business by converting more prospects into clients.

9. Share the explainer video with leads and potential customers

Your sales team is consistently interacting with many potential clients at different stages of sales funnel, and they need useful and persuasive content to share with the lead to help them make decisions. 

A lot of sales representatives use pdf files, presentations, blog posts, and other materials to nurture business leads and help them understand how their services can benefit them. 

But, as videos have become the preferred medium for consuming information, they can help your sales rep better engage and facilitate new leads by sharing the explainer videos with them. 

10. Share the explainer video on Quora 

Quora is the perfect platform to promote your explainer video by using it to answer relevant questions. 

Explainer video usually addresses one or a couple of specific problems and provide a solution for it. Fortunately, there are millions of questions on Quora on every topic imaginable.

Your job is to find conversation within your niche and look for relevant queries to share your video. 

Quora is the platform for business owners, industry experts, and thought leaders, hence, make sure your contribution is not promotional.  

11. Understand and study the analytics

Video marketing analytics give you a more in-depth understanding of how your audience is consuming your content and the effectiveness of your video marketing strategy. 

The data analytics provide, helps you improve your explainer video marketing plan along with its overall results.

The analytics for your video comes in the form of conversions, engagement, impressions, geographic metrics, and more.  

Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, and Vidyard are just a few platforms that can give your access to analytics and insights into how your video is performing. 

The video analytics will give you answer to questions like: 

  • Who watched your video?
  • What are the number of views and the duration of the watch? 
  • What is your viewers’ location?
  • What action did they take after watching the video?

Wrap up 

These 11 explainer video marketing strategies will help you promote your content, better connect with your audiences, and drive more favorable results for your business.

However, remember these strategies can help give a boost to your content and its reach, but you must invest in high-quality video production for optimum results.

Besides, understanding what your audience needs and expects will also enable you to promote your video content more effectively.

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