Top 8 Essential Accounting Tools for Smart Small Businesses

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Written By Maria Nickerson

Essential Accounting Tools

The topics of accounting have taken an important turn with the use of technology. Now, we can create financial indicators and have everything systematized in an app or software.

Here, on Ideas Plus Business, we bring you some of the best tools out there. 

Recall that the main objective of accounting is to prepare effective financial statements, having real and direct access to the financial results of commercial activities in a certain period.

So it is a fundamental pillar in the administration of your company.

Here are eight essential accounting tools that will help your company keep an effective account of its activities all year round.

1. Contpaq Accounting Tool

It is an accounting system that helps facilitate the process of accounting, financial and fiscal information of your company, as well as the receipt and safekeeping of your digital tax receipts.

Contpaq administrative and accounting systems are for professionals in micro, small, and medium enterprise.

This program is designed primarily for accountants, tax experts, auditors, administrators and directors of all company profiles, which makes its management very dynamic.

Its main characteristics are that it complies with the provisions of electronic accounting.

In addition to easily adapting to the management of your accounting, it offers a capture facility.

It is very versatile in the generation of reports, which saves your time in processes and to quickly make decisions based on your movements.

2. E-invoice

The e-invoice system allows you to send electronic invoices via e-mail in PDF and/or XML format, in addition to obtaining more important reports to make your administration more efficient.

3. Contamoney Accounting Tool

It is practically a web application that will allow you to take your personal, professional or business finances with the advantage of doing it from anywhere in the world from your mobile.

It is an online accounting program that you can access with a free basic account that will instantly help you manage your business or personal finances.

In this way, this tool will facilitate the work to agencies and advisors.

One of the attractions of this application is that when you sign up for an account you can only pay for the features that interest you.

4. ContaSOL Accounting Tool

This software is ready for you to install and start working immediately.

It allows you to have the users you want and in turn install it on the network and create all the companies you need, with a single version, without limit.

It is responsible for all the control of the official accounting, treasury, declarations, and taxes, for the efficient management of your business.

In my opinion, it is excellent software, because of its dynamic design to issue information.

It is well prepared for the amount of accounting and fiscal information that needs to be introduced, with good accuracy of tax calculations and accounting reports.

In addition to that, the solution of a technical problem is in less than 24 hours compared to other systems in which the repair of a problem is not included in the free version.

5. Accounting Zureo

This software adapts perfectly to the needs of your company, with a diversity of fully integrated solutions that allow you to have a global vision, improving management, optimizing resources and at the same time reducing operating costs in your business.

What pleases me is that the application can make a custom configuration page start and other functions.

In addition to that, you have a database backup and restore. It offers an export and import data service between companies and between the different programs they manage.

6. Domestic Accounting Lite v6.0

This application is simpler. Its function is only divided into four sections: data record, concepts, closing, and accounting files. From these, you will be able to carry out various accounting tasks.

As the name suggests, Domestic Accounting is a simple application designed to help those who want to acquire good financial habits and have comprehensive control over their expenses or small business.

7. SurePayroll Accounting Tool

SurePayroll will help you if you’re searching for bookkeeping apparatuses that arrangement with finance and just finance—no HR, no advantages, no additional items to pay for.

SurePayroll is possessed by Paychex. This bookkeeping apparatus is uniquely centered on entrepreneurs, without any ruffles or pointless highlights.

With SurePayroll, you can oversee adaptable finance plans, report finance on the web, and effectively manage contract contracts and specialists.

SurePayroll, similar to Gusto, chips away at cell phones too, giving you more energy to deal with your business any way you require.

8. Expensify Accounting Tool

Recording costs most likely isn’t high on your daily agenda of imperative assignments, yet it completes tend to require up a considerable measure of investment and vitality. 

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which you could automate the procedure.

That is the thing that Expensify means to do. It empowers you to take photos of your receipts and transform them into an ordered operational expense, which Expensify codes and reports naturally—you essentially need to hit “Favor.”

It likewise gives you a chance to set organization arrangements for the majority of your representatives, with the goal that specific costs are constantly sent to you to endorse while others get auto-recorded.

Expensify additionally causes you to repay your workers’ costs the following day with their programmed quick repayment framework and will adjust with your bookkeeping framework at whatever point any progressions get made.

Entrepreneurs get a simple, instinctive, advantageous apparatus that can accelerate the monotonous procedure of managing costs, while workers get following day repayments with this clear bookkeeping instrument.

There you have it. These are some of the essential accounting tools you can start using immediately for your business.

Bear in mind that the internet is a resource that allows you to enjoy the benefits of saving time and resources in the modern world.

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