How You Can Succeed as an Entrepreneur Overcoming Addiction

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Written By Beth Rush

Succeeding as an entrepreneur is challenging, no matter what.

Growing as an entrepreneur while overcoming addiction presents a new set of challenges that take drive and perseverance to overcome. Addiction is a disease that affects every aspect of your life – so don’t let it hold you back or diminish your entrepreneurial spirit.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurship is essentially creating a business or coming up with ideas that can grow an organization. It is using available resources to make valuable and productive solutions to problems. You can become an entrepreneur by having innovative ideas you put into motion through any avenue you want.

Startups can find co-founders or investors to assist with funding if your idea is brilliant enough to gain someone’s attention. An entrepreneurial spirit can think critically and find solutions to problems while using creativity and a unique perspective.

Those who have overcome addiction are perfect for this role, as they have seen their fair share of hardships and are constantly evolving to become their best version.

This is an example of a growth mindset that can work wonders for any entrepreneur. A growth mindset means you work toward your goals and through your obstacles with the idea that you can keep getting better rather than becoming complacent or finding excuses to remain where you are.

Types of Entrepreneurship

Types of Entrepreneurship

There are many ways you can be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship may be the perfect career if you can think critically and constantly search for solutions to problems. To become an entrepreneur, you don’t have to generate the most outstanding business proposal idea.

Often, it isn’t just the idea that sells. Your hard work and dedication will speak volumes for your business. Showing up and putting in the work will set your business apart from its counterparts.

However, it can take more than that to reach your business objectives. Knowing what type of entrepreneur you are can help you focus on your strengths and achieve your goals more effectively.

i). Coasting

Coasting refers to entrepreneurs who don’t actively seek opportunities. Business ideas come to them naturally or from outside sources. They focus on the present moment rather than looking too far ahead.

This relaxed entrepreneurial mindset can work wonders for those blessed with creativity that generates ideas frequently. Without failure, there would be no growth or constructive criticism to learn from, so focusing on the present can better serve coasting entrepreneurs.

ii). Conservative

Conservative entrepreneurs are wary about the future. They use resources sparingly and protect the ones they already possess.

You can limit yourself with this mindset if you are too afraid to take chances that can benefit your business.

iii). Aggressive

An aggressive type of entrepreneur is proactive and makes necessary moves than can grow their business or endeavour. They actively seek ways to keep growing and moving forward with every available resource.

This can be troublesome if they don’t think before acting and invest too much into an opportunity that doesn’t pan out. The risk may not be worth the fall.

iv). Revolutionary

Revolutionary or innovator entrepreneurs actively obtain growth through creation and trial and error. If you are an innovative thinker who gets ahead of yourself at times with grandiose ideas for future endeavours, you may be a revolutionary entrepreneur.

This type of entrepreneurship can take businesses to the next level, but they can also go bankrupt if they go all in without having a backup reservoir to fall back on. Ensure you have the resources you need before taking a giant leap.

Addiction Setbacks or Relapse

Addiction Setbacks or Relapse

The demands entrepreneurs face are intense. Entrepreneurship is a stressful job that seldom sleeps. This sort of business endeavour can be magic for someone overcoming addiction, as it will give them something to pour all of their energy into.

It can also take their mind off their addiction and the setbacks it may have caused them. On the contrary, this sort of high-demand job could initiate a relapse because of its intensity and the levels of stress it causes.

Some addicts need to ease back into their lives and find an alternate job that is easier until they regain their footing. Individuals overcoming addiction can find coping with stressful situations much more complex.

Feeling like you are on solid ground after rehabilitation or a relapse can take a while. That’s OK. Go at whatever pace you need to maintain or re-establish a healthy lifestyle.

Put Yourself First

If you fail, so will your business – plain and simple. You must put yourself first and prioritize your needs over the company.

Your entrepreneurial endeavour is most likely your baby, and perhaps even your firstborn. It may be natural to want to protect it at all costs and prioritize its needs above your own.

Do not engage in this way of thinking. It is a trap that may lead to your downfall. Overcoming addiction is a battle that must not be taken lightly. You worked hard to get where you are in your recovery. Taking that lightly could be detrimental to your mental and physical health. If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must put your oxygen mask on first.

Ensure that you are eating and sleeping well, regardless of your workload. Physical activity is essential to your overall health and can provide a healthy coping mechanism for stressful situations critical to your recovery.

Find ways to unplug and declutter your mind so you can reset and recharge. Find a mentor or a sponsor to help you in your moments of weakness.

Ask for Help When You Need It

When things start to feel overwhelming as an entrepreneur, take a step back and take a deep breath. Business endeavours can take time, much like overcoming addiction.

You must have patience with yourself and with your company. When you need help, ask for it. Support groups are available to help and provide like-minded individuals who are, or have been, where you are in your journey.

In life or business, asking for help is not a sign of weakness. As an entrepreneur, you may not even think twice about asking for help on a project or a business plan because you want it to be the absolute best it can be.

An outsider’s perspective or a fresh set of eyes could make your good presentation great and zero in on details that could wow your clients.

You should view asking for help in your recovery similarly. Asking for help can be challenging when you are independent and self-sufficient. However, that makes asking a strength rather than a weakness.

You don’t want to ask for help. Still, you know doing so will elevate your chances of incrementally making things better for you or your business – which, if you are an entrepreneur, are one and the same.

Build a Strong Support System

Build a Strong Support System

If you are trying to overcome an addiction, take comfort that you are not alone. Among workers in the United States, 49 per cent are battling addiction.

Surround yourself with a solid support system to ensure you get the help you need to recover and get back to doing what you love. Support groups are available to help and provide like-minded individuals who are, or have been, where you are in your journey.

As an entrepreneur, overcoming addiction can fuel your fire in many ways. You may want to get back to work and struggle with guilt from leaving your company when you feel it needs you the most. Your company will always need you and it isn’t going anywhere. A robust support system will have your back and your company’s best interests at heart.

Build a team with different skill sets that also share your vision for your company. By choosing trustworthy and hard-working employees and partners, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands while you work on improving.

Your health and your recovery should be your top priority. Professionals can help you focus on your recovery journey and take the necessary steps to overcome your addiction.

Taking some time off, cutting back your hours, attending support groups, or leaning on your loved ones might be all the help you need. Do whatever feels right for you, but ensure you stay on track when you return to work for your business’s betterment.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

You want to provide value for everyone who works for and utilizes your business. Nurture your employees and your business relationships.

Invest in your team and make them feel valued and they will value you and protect and grow your business. Use your frustrations or obstacles to inspire new products or services that can bring about customer solutions.

Ensure that you are passionate about your entrepreneurial endeavour. You will spend countless hours dedicating much of your life to this project, so make sure it’s something you care deeply about. Find your idea, make a plan, and figure out how you want to execute it.

Start small and build your team around your vision. Find your target audience, begin networking, and sell your idea to mass markets.

Entrepreneur Overcoming Addiction

Being an entrepreneur is hard work and takes a lot of dedication and self-motivation. You can be anything you set your mind to, whether overcoming an addiction or not.

As long as you take care of yourself and your recovery in building your enterprise, you’ll succeed as an entrepreneur.

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