18 Tips To Combine Your Email Marketing Efforts With Instagram

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Written By Walter Moore

Have you ever thought about the possibility of combining email marketing and Instagram for your business?

Of course, when practicing email marketing, you would be using your email list management skills to get the best results. But, integrating email marketing with Instagram can bring you stellar returns.

As a business brand, it is important for you to be conscious of your marketing campaigns so that you get the most traffic and generate more lead and conversions.

For this, you will need to know what entices your customers to follow you in the first place.

If you do not know these tactics, then you will experience a lot of things that most digital marketers hate.

  • You will surely lose the sight of it and eventually your feed will lose that entertainment factor.
  • This will result in a low level of engagement and will eventually drop off.
  • You will finally lose the trust of your customers that you have worked so hard to develop.

To ensure that nothing of these happens, you will have to make your digital marketing campaign more powerful and enticing and the only way to do it is by blending Instagram with your email marketing strategy.

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What does it mean for your business?

16 Tips To Combine Your Email Marketing Efforts With Instagram

This means you can make the best use of a host of useful features that Instagram comes up with such as its standalone shopping app.

Reportedly, these features will set up a process that will ensure that your users can browse the group of brands they follow already and at the same time be able to purchase the desired products that are associated with those specific brands directly within the app.

Much similar to IGTV your users can access this shopping app straight from the Instagram app they use daily.

This you can see when you use the most popular e-commerce store Amazon.

Combining your email marketing efforts with Instagram

To make sure that your efforts of using Instagram as a part of your marketing channels are cost-effective and more productive, you must follow a few specific steps such as:

1. You must hire a photographer or editor or even an expert agency for your Instagram pictures.

2. The next step is to ensure that you have a crisp and professional looking photography that will stand out on the Instagram channel.

This will ensure that the rate at which users pay attention to the visuals on the timeline increases significantly.

3. After that, you will have to make sure that you write great copy that will keep the users glued to it.

The best way is to use and engage some of the best and most optimized hashtags with your top quality images, which is mandatory for such an effort.

4. You will have to do a lot of research and experiment with different tools and features of Instagram to see what resonates well with your audience.

This will also enable you to know what the most successful levers of growth are.

5. You must get as creative as you can with the Instagram stories and at the same time partner with some of the best micro-influencers.

6. You must also include some original video contents. As this is one of the best marketing white spaces at the moment, it is better that you try and produce some vertical video content on IGTV.

7. Lastly, make sure that you follow some of the major brands to get a fair idea about how they utilize every feature that Instagram has to offer.

All these steps will ensure that you make a significant move upward into the world of e-commerce with your Instagram embedded email marketing campaign and become a major player in the circuit.

However, be patient to see the results.

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10 Benefits of Instagram and Email marketing

If you combine email marketing and social media especially Instagram, it is you who will win eventually.

This combination will be a lot of help to you especially if you find that your business is being unable to reach out to your consumers and the engagement level is noticeably dwindling.

1. It will provide you with the primary purpose of email marketing which is to build a large and loyal list of subscribers.

2. The process is quick and fast and combining email marketing and social media will provide results in a lot less time.

3. When you have more chance to interact directly with your potential customers, you will have less competition.

4. Such an effort is proven to cost you much less than any other forms of marketing.

As per the 2016 study by Campaign Monitor, combining email with Instagram will cost you 10 times less than Facebook and even more as compared to Google ads.

5. This will ensure that you get to see 50 to 100 times more click rates than Facebook or Twitter because you will be able to segment and time the email messages that will help you to garner much better results.

6. Such integration will allow you to post more and also keep your content fresh and attractive.

Ideally, it will be easy for you to handle ten posts per week rather than handle ten emails per week.

7. Since there are no real algorithms or no real commitment, opting for Instagram and email marketing will take much less time and cost you less but will provide you with better results.

8. To make your email marketing and Instagram efforts more effective always make sure that you look for “already there” integrations.

Choose from a myriad of applications but make sure that it will work best for your specific marketing campaign.

9. Also, make sure that you make the best use of your existing email list for remarketing.

You can send ads to your customers whether they are old, new or any potential lead.

There is a lot to do to set this up properly and therefore you should take help of an expert if you are not tech savvy.

10. Similarly, you can use your existing email list to find new users as well.

These are called “lookalike audiences.” You can use several lead ads for that matter to add new subscribers to your email list.

11. Cross promoting and running giveaways, offers and contests on any social media channel are the best way to ask users to enter.

For this, you will need to add social buttons in your emails you send or the email signature.

You may also include a link to sign up for your email newsletter.

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