5 Must-have Features for an E-learning Mobile Application

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Written By Liza Kosh

In today’s digital landscape, where technology has overruled the entire world, our lives have become confined to smartphones.

From the time we wake up to the moment we get back to the bed, we are surrounded by mobile applications. People no more read newspapers; rather prefer checking the latest news on their smartphones.

From ordering food, booking flight tickets, shopping, eLearning, making online bill payments, to making all the critical decisions, everything is done via mobile apps. Our lifestyles have transformed and have become smart and comfortable than ever before.

Every industry from manufacturing, automobile, healthcare, shopping, finance, to the government sector is dependent on mobile applications in today’s time.

And when we talk about the education industry, it is no different. Schools, universities, institutes, and all other educational centers are making use of mobile applications so as to streamline the regular operations of their administration and improve the student’s learning experience.

Among the most popular educational apps are universal services like Google Classroom and Edex, language learning mobile apps like Duolingo, sciences apps like Photomath, etc.

Impact of mobile applications in online learning

eLearning Mobile Application: 5 Must-have FeaturesIn the era of mobile apps where traditional learning methods are becoming obsolete, switching to mobile apps can help in delivering a better learning experience and make learning fun for the students.

Since children are becoming more addicted to smartphones, teaching them via mobile apps is the perfect way to turn the boring teaching classes into more interactive sessions where students learn even the toughest topics in an easy way.

Before heading to the nitty-gritty of eLearning mobile applications, let us quickly take a look at the major benefits we can expect from a mobile eLearning app.

So, let’s take a quick look without wasting any more time!

1. Innovative learning methods

With the evolution of mobile applications, the education industry can easily deliver a more engaging experience to the students. The mobile apps come up with interesting ways to ensure a great interaction between students and teachers while involving the students in a health education process.

2. Farewell to traditional learning ways

While counting on e-learning mobile apps, students no more need to stick to traditional learning methods such as textbooks and whiteboard learning methods. 

The smart online learning mobile apps surprise the students with innovative video tutorials and sessions from experts where they can leverage the maximum benefits out of the updated technology in recent times.

3. Improving the student, teacher, and parent’s communication

Due to busy schedules and various other barriers, students aren’t able to interact with teachers regularly regarding their academic problems and in the case of parents, even they hardly have enough time to interact with the parents and discuss the student’s performance. 

With smart e-learning applications, students can interact with the teachers at any time and clear their queries online while parents can experience a healthy communication with the teachers in real-time and get to know about their child’s academics regularly.

4. Get 24/7 access

The prominent reason why students and schools prefer eLearning apps is that students or teachers don’t have to look at the clock before raising any queries or organizing any class. Students and teachers can access the mobile app anytime and anywhere and educate the students without any delays.

Features than an ideal eLearning mobile app must have

eLearning Mobile Application: 5 Must-have FeaturesIn the recent competitive market, you can find countless e-learning mobile apps. But what makes an app stand out from the rest is its unique set of features and the experience it is offering to its users.

An ideal eLearning app always comes equipped with a set of appropriate features that grabs the customer’s attention right away and standing ahead in the market.

If you are planning to invest in the eLearning mobile app industry, it is important that you must be aware of the necessary features an ideal eLearning app must-have.

So, underneath I am sharing the must-have features for an eLearning mobile application.

1. Video content

Educational videos are gaining wide adoption than ever before and students find video content a more effective tool for better learning. Audiovisual content is a preferable choice by students nowadays as it ensures better learning in an innovative way. 

Video content even makes fast learning on the student’s end and this is the reason an ideal e-learning app must have video content. So, for any sort of eLearning app, having the feature of video content in the app so that the app turns out to be a success in the market.

2. Live sessions and tutorials

Today, students no more have to wait for a lecture to begin and attend it at a particular given time. Rather, live sessions have made lives easier for the students where they can get access to live tutorials and sessions from the instructors at any time. All thanks to the rapid technological evolution. 

And in today’s time, if an e-learning app doesn’t support the functionality of live sessions and tutorials, the app is just pointless and will gain no attention in the market.

For this reason, you need to have an app that has the feature of allowing students to attend live sessions and experience a great learning experience. With this, your app gains wide adoption and popularity amongst the students.

3. Social media integration

In recent times, social media has gained the spotlight globally. Especially when we talk about children, they are very much addicted to social media platforms and spend a huge time over Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and so on. 

And if your e-learning mobile app can integrate with the popular social media platforms, it will not only grab a wider student’s interest but even assists them in communicating and collaborating in a better and proactive manner.

So, you can widen your business reach in the market while offering a great learning experience to the students alongside.

4. Easy user interface

Nobody loves complications and when we talk about students, they simply can’t tolerate complicated experience over an app. 

You need to have an app that is easy to login for first-time users and ensure that you offer an easy user journey where they can easily go through the app, navigate the features, manage their account, and do everything in a hassle-free manner. So, you must focus on making an easy user interface in order to deliver a great app experience to the users.

5. Push notifications

Push notifications have many times helped us stay informed about the important upcoming tasks and events that we have been waiting for.

And implementing push notification functionality in the e-learning mobile app enables the students to stay aware of any important session, test, and all other important things in advance so that students don’t miss out on anything important and keep themselves up-to-date at all times. 

So, you need to ensure that your e-learning app must have the push notification feature so that you offer an app experience that people love to use.

Wrap up: e-Learning mobile applications

Leveraging technology trends in the education industry has a long way to go and we can expect a lot out of mobile apps being used for uplifting the learning experience of the students.

However, having the above necessary features in your app will definitely help you gain a competitive edge in the market while impressing the users with a great app experience. It further ensures your business growth and improves the credibility of your business in the market.

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