All You Need To Know About DWI Charges – From Prevention to Mistakes

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DWI charges should never be taken lightly. Even a single criminal charge can derail your life. You can lose your job, freedom, and reputation with a single arrest.

It is never recommended to delay your defense when you get arrested for drunk driving. As the penalties for driving while intoxicated (DWI) are very harsh, hence the requirement for a criminal defense attorneys in Orlando is vital so that they can defend for your rights.

Before jumping on to the mistakes that people usually make in nervousness and ruin their case, it is essential to know some tips on how friends and family can prevent their closest one from drunk driving and DWI charges. 

Ways to Prevent Friends and Family from Drunk Driving

  • Plan a ride to drive sober or hire alternative transportation like public transportation, taxi to and from a location. 
  • In case a situation occurs, do not panic. Stay calm and non-confrontational. It will help you in making the right decision at that time. 
  • Don’t rush while talking to the intoxicated person, as they will get hyper and create a scene. It is better to take extra time to rationalize with them.
  • It is better to ask them to stay for a sleepover instead of driving drunk. 
  • Ask others to support as it’s hard to say No to multiple people.
  • Give the car keys to the designated key-keeper before the party gets started. 

Listed below are some mistakes that you need to avoid altogether in DWI cases: 

1. Pondering that DWI charges or conviction are not a big deal

DWI Charges 101: Prevention and Mistakes You Should KnowLike luggage, a criminal charge will always travel with you, wherever you go. It is not very easy to get rid of a drunk driving charge or DWI charges, as it will never get eradicated from your records.

A conviction is perpetual and will be there in your driving history forever, no matter if you move to some other state and apply for a new license. Hence, never take the DWI charges and conviction lightly. It can stick with you permanently.  

2. Not Investigating Every Available Evidence

There are different police reports in DWI charges and cases, such as various citations, a breath sample report, and mostly a dashcam video report.

It is impossible to handle these critical documents on your own completely, and if you are living in Galveston, you need Galveston DWI lawyers who can do this for you. However, it has been noticed that in the abyss of the trial process, usually this vital evidence gets lost without a particular subpoena request.

Still, if you have an experienced lawyer, then there is no need to worry. It is necessary to request and review all the reports to avoid any hassles after that. 

3. Keeping the Attorney Who Quotes You the Lowest Fee

If it sounds very profitable to you, but just like any other field in this field, quality doesn’t come cheap.

In case the attorney is charging you the unexpectedly low fee, then there is a possibility that he/she will not put 100 percent of the efforts to raise every defense or find out all the problems related to your case, leading to failure of the case.

It is better to ask and question your attorney about the reason for such a low fee. A professional and reasonable attorney will justify the facts with proper reasoning and tell you the right reason for the charges.

Don’t get happy that you got the excellent lawyer at the lowest fee, examine the facts, and then move forward. 

4. Not Requested an MVA Hearing

Suspension for anywhere from 45 days to 1 year or more will be done automatically if you fail to request an MVA hearing. And if you are planning to drive with suspension, you must know that it is a serious criminal traffic crime that will lead to jail time.

There are huge arrays of defenses that can be conferred to the MVA to save a person from losing his/her driving privilege. Thus, it is advisable to request the MVA hearing as this can only be possible if you have raised the request appropriately. 

5. Not Offering Correct Information to the Lawyer

The time you decide the vital decision to hire a lawyer that will represent you, now ensure that you give the accurate details to him/her.

Never think to hide the information from your lawyer that you assume can hamper your case negatively. It is important for him/her to know the good and the wrong side so that he/she can advise you properly.

Furthermore, if your lawyer is unaware of anything related to your case, then there is a possibility that missing facts will haunt you at the worst time. 

6. At Your MVA Suspension Hearing, failed to Cross-Examine the Investigating Police Officer 

DWI Charges 101: Prevention and Mistakes You Should KnowIf you hire an inexperienced or wrong attorney who doesn’t have any interest in your DWI case, then you have to face the repercussions of it.

He/she will fail to cross-examine the police offer and every issue related to your MVA case. If this happens, you have failed to benefit from your essential avenue and could have retained your driving privileges. 

Summary: DWI charges prevention and mistakes

Never take drunk driving cases or DWI charges non-seriously because they will leave a mark on you forever. You cannot eradicate the records, and this will go with you everywhere.

So make sure that you do not make any such mistakes that worsen the case. Hire an experienced attorney, check his/her profile, previous cases handled, the result of those cases, and then choose your DWI attorney. 

Please do not rely on the one who asks for less fee without any substantial reason, as he/she might not do the job correctly. Take the case seriously, and do not do anything before consulting with your DWI attorney.

Losing your driving privilege and getting a record of drunk driving cases can ruin your life completely. Beware, try to avoid drinking when you have to drive as a single arrest can jeopardize your reputation and freedom. 

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