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10 Ways Digital Operations Support The Modern IT Operations

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Written By Tarun Nagar

Digital operations (also known as DigOps or DigitalOps) are supporting modern IT operations in unique ways.

In today’s time, it is inevitable to accept that virtual reality is the future. With artificial intelligence performing day-to-day chores and a robot influencer having 2 million followers on Instagram, it is clear that modern information technology has done it all. 

But to achieve such astonishing realities and to gain an advantage in the competitive market, a software development company would need a strong IT backup. 

In these times, both business strategies and technology are advancing rapidly and their complexions are unknown. To make sure that every consumer receives a holistic experience, modern IT operations need the support of digital solutions

The IT company that rises to the occasion is one that manages its operation with a vision and an evolutionary intention. 

10 Big Ways DigOps (DigitalOps) Support Modern IT Operations

Challenges Faced By IT Companies

Currently, IT teams are overburdened with the need for 24×7 support and budget constraints making business operations slower.

This, in turn, affects the technological growth and business development of an IT company. A few problems being faced by the IT department on a day-to-day basis are:

  • The unprecedented growth of business and technology simultaneously has rendered IT departments overburdened and hence their operations have become sloppy. They are expected to adapt quickly and flawlessly at lightyear speed which is obviously impossible to attain. Because of this, most IT professionals are unable to combat system failures. 
  • Technology is not only changing too fast but is also becoming too complicated for an expert with standard knowledge. It is now becoming impossible to keep up with new updates on IT solutions resulting in most solutions being incompatible with their updated software.
  • Even though there is an immense rise in the use of technology for business operations, there are not enough workforces to provide proper IT backup in case of system failures. Finding professionals with both academic and practical experience is hard and unstable. There is also very little scope for an IT team to have a flexible budget in case there is a need to expand its personnel or hardware. 
  • Cooperation between IT departments and other departments such as sales, marketing, etc., is very difficult to maintain because of impractical demands and deadlines for IT teams. This creates an unwanted conflict and makes it even more difficult to focus on improving web design and optimization. 

Therefore, there is an urgent need to find a solution that tackles complicated IT operations and gives IT companies room for development. 

A Glance At Digital Operations (DigOps or DigitalOps)

The one solution for the above-mentioned problems is digital operations. Digital operations, also known as DigOps or DigitalOps, refers to companies or business partners who provide support services such as designing systems, analytics and optimization, and critical technical support

The various tasks performed through DigOps assistance are customer support, app testing, coding, maintenance of applications and software, encryption, etc. 

DigitalOps support has given many tech giants an opportunity to innovate and design applications to provide for today and imagine for tomorrow. Companies like Apple and Microsoft have partnered with IT firms to exploit the multi-purpose digital operations support systems. 

There was steady growth in digital operations until the pandemic hit. After that, the steady growth shot up to an unbelievable rise and now this industry is expected to grow from 223 billion dollars in 2020 to 329 billion dollars by 2025. 

Another surprising statistic that supports the use of digital operations partners is how 44 per cent of CIOs are more likely to outsource their modern IT operations. 

10 Big Ways DigOps (DigitalOps) Support Modern IT Operations

The Need For Digital Operations

Digital operations have been regarded as the heartbeat for the inevitable digital transformation that was needed to keep up with the dynamic IT industry. Before getting into a deep analysis of how DigOps acts as a catalyst to boost the IT sector, let’s understand the chronology of digital operations. 

Before all the industries started using the internet in a holistic manner, several departments of industry were considered to be dull and were only concerned with completing a task. No one had a chance to revolutionize these departments. The functions performed by all industries were innovation, production, marketing, sales, and to an extent web development. 

After this, the concept of E-commerce came into existence, and most companies rising during that time digitized their operations. After this, the term digital adoption was first introduced and later followed by digital operations. 

Now even the most mundane tasks can be performed through digital operations. Shortly after this, the term digital operations was again redefined. Now digital operations is a team of operating personnel either in-house or outsourced, performing maintenance and development tasks to support IT teams for companies. 

How Digital Operations Support Modern IT Operations

Here are the benefits of managing modern IT operations through digital operations support:

1. Budget-friendly

Managing modern IT operations can be a costly as well as time-consuming process. But since digital transformation has become the need of every growing business, it cannot be neglected.

Through a digital operation partner, an online business can do direct and indirect cost savings. With many DigOps companies providing subscription-based outsourcing, it will be possible to make budget concessions while providing customized solutions for each client’s specific needs.

Also, the use of professional DigOps assistance increases efficiency as well as reduces overhead expenses such as office and hardware, etc. 

2. Increased Competency In Core Responsibilities

An IT company has to tackle all types of problems ranging from day-to-day virus bugs to optimization and design.

While dealing with day to day upkeep of the business, the core activities get affected resulting in damage to the long-term growth of the company.

By bringing in DigOps services, the overburdened IT firms or IT teams of businesses can let go of the day-to-day maintenance checks and focus on the overall enhancement and accelerate the evolution experience. 

3. Strengthen Corporate Relationships

Digital transformation has increased the need for IT specialists but it cannot be always managed with limited financial support.

Also, all organizations operate on specific software such as Microsoft, Sitecore, Episerver, etc. All these servers need personalized maintenance through experts who are not always available.

Therefore, through DigOps, these servers can be managed and troubleshot without paying separately. With Digital operations partners, one can get multiple certified specialists who have the professional experience to work across a variety of servers.

4. Aptitude Gap

It is becoming almost impossible for any software development company to not only keep up with all the technological advancements but also figure out what is coming next.

All segments of a platform are advancing simultaneously. No amount of skill set can keep up with all these changes and additional training is inevitable. But professional training brings in additional costs.

A digital operations partner can provide the expertise that is not only for various servers but also for individual industries or companies. This is an easier and more cost-effective way to make sure that the work gets done without compromising on quality.

5. Security And Compliance

With technological advancement moving almost at an unbelievable pace, every mobile app development company faces the risk of a security breach.

With this fear, most companies are afraid of outsourcing their IT operations to a DigitalOps partner. But in reality, the potential risk of protocol and security breach is lower with a DigOps partner due to their specialization.

Not only this, any DigOps service will be updated with solutions for security risks and will have proactive measures on software patches.

6. Adequate Disaster Management

The fear of unexpected crises always lingers upon such rapid technological advances. No web development company can afford to develop a digital platform from scratch if an unexpected disaster happens.

In such a scenario, a digital operations partner can provide business continuity solutions and also tackle disaster recovery steps. A little redundancy can look like extra expenditure but in such a situation, it can save a lot of invested capital.

Many companies are now using software such as AIOps (Artificial intelligence for IT operations) for its features that include preventing service outages and solving velocity problems.

7. Scalability

A digital operations partner will always be ready to transition a business scale based on immediate needs.

Most professional DigOps companies are known for their adaptability to dynamic business operations. Therefore, the scale of a business, let’s say a web development company, needs to be brought down due to a change in government policy. This way, a digital operation partner can easily and quickly transform the business without any additional investment. 

Scalability in development companies, especially technological development is a huge task other than a change in personnel. There is a massive change in bringing technology to the current business pace.

With the aid of DigOps partners, this task is reduced to merely a transition phase for a company to go through. 

8. Commodity Monitoring Transforms To Planned Observations

A digital operations partner will use multiple methods for conducting day-to-day functions such as cloud-native systems, multiple data sources, etc. These tools provide relevant insight and observation of how to manage autonomous IT operations more efficiently.

The use of Prometheus for monitoring, Jaeger for distributed tracing, and Fluentd for logging can amp up the company’s IT operations to their technical best. Any company would prefer this and choose to hire dedicated developers.

9. Improve Customer Relations

DigitalOps services with their tracking, analyzing, and interpreting skills can give an important insight into customer behaviour and trend patterns.

Companies that hire dedicated developers to get feedback on service operations can optimize their operations by simply getting DigOps assistance. DigitalOps companies have efficiency in using technologies, such as ClickFox that track a customer’s journey from exploring options to ultimately buying.

Integrated technology development

10. Integrated Technological Development

Digital operation is a three-part process consisting of technology, people, and process. First, a company needs to understand that people are the greatest asset of the business, and providing them with the best user experience is the primary goal of any company.

Secondly, choosing and using the right technology for IT operations is the most important decision since the scope of modification at a later stage is difficult. The third step is a process in which the first two are integrated to provide a modern and unique output.

Any mobile app development company among others will shine brighter if its IT operations have the backing of a strong DigitalOps partner. DigitalOps with its various services for all levels of an enterprise is the surest way to ensure integrated technological development.  

With this, it is evident that hiring a digital operations partner will not only provide steady support for modern IT solutions but also enable the in-house IT team to use their expertise for specialized tasks of analytics and designing. 

Digital operations support can be costly and time-saving along with a customized service for maintenance solutions. The DigitalOps service does not create an extra burden of risks and security breaches but provides the utmost professionalism in the field of modern IT solutions. 

Their grasp on providing services for each and every level of business operations for all industries and sectors will bring in the kind of efficiency one can only dream of from an in-house IT department. 

They also help in improving customer relations and providing an opportunity for business growth. 

The Bottomline

Virtual reality is the future and no amount of debate can change this notion. What is needed now more than ever is to make virtual business operations efficient and secure

This is not possible if a team of fifty IT professionals tackles the problem of five thousand customers. This is only possible by bringing in certified experts like DigOps that can handle and maintain an optimum level of support for businesses all across the world. 

The global business scenario has changed since the pandemic. With the smallest to the biggest tasks being performed online, strong IT support is integral to make sure that any unexpected crisis can be resolved without suffering the loss of millions of dollars. 

The rapid growth of technology does not make it any easier and hence the benefits of digital operations support are now considered to be imperative for transformation.

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