Top 10 digital marketing tips for education companies

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A teaching institution, whatever segment it is, has a very delicate task when it comes to gaining customers.

After all, education companies deal with the choice for formation for life.

We understand and respect that because otherwise, we would not be here.

Education companies are always working to produce interesting and relevant contents for their audience.

For you to be able to capture more students, it is necessary to invest in marketing. And the internet has proved to be an extremely effective environment to do this.

The question is to understand how digital marketing works and to learn about the best tools and marketing strategies to implement.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best digital marketing tips for education companies.

From this, you – along with your marketing teams – can develop a killer strategic plan to improve the capture and your student retention rate.

So let’s go to them.

Top 10 digital marketing tips for education companies

What is the importance of digital marketing for education companies?

The answer is simple, fast and practical: Because people are spending more time online.

The internet is where people practically search for everything.

For companies in the educational market, this is a chance to make people find their institution.

And there are many digital marketing tools for education companies:

1. Website – well assembled and structured, with institutional information and related to the courses.

2. Blog – to post the most diverse and current materials about education and help your target audience better understand the role of your institution.

3. Social networks – which serve as a channel for the dissemination of materials and also as customer service, through messages and chats.

4. Email – offering interested parties more in-depth material and helping to educate you about the best decisions regarding your educational future.

5. SEO – or Search Engine Optimization, toolset and actions to help your site appear on the first pages of organic search results from tools such as Google.

6. Content – Fundamental to everything we mentioned above can work to your satisfaction.

A combination of audiovisual material, articles, infographics, eBooks and so many others digital tools will help you communicate to your potential customers what you offer. This include the advantages and differences of your company and the competition.

By visualizing the digital tools above, it becomes easier to understand the importance of digital marketing to education companies.

Digital marketing will help bring to the public materials that allow each of your prospective students – and we are talking here of increasingly diverse age and socio-cultural – to draw their doubts about their educational choices.

Benefits of digital marketing for education companies

Educating the target audience and potential customers mean that the biggest stakeholders win.

The clientele will get smarter and can plan more solidly and guaranteed your investment in education

The company will have more and more students entering the institution already understanding its functions and what it can – and should do.

And if you ask your service team many of the questions, complaints, and doubts that comes up regularly for them to solve, you will discover that they are super simple things that could be solved and avoided through direct and clear communication.

Top 10 digital marketing tips for education companies

Based on the understanding of the importance and benefits of digital marketing for education companies, it is easier to understand why this is an investment that has grown increasingly among companies from various branches worldwide.

So now it’s time to roll up your sleeves so you can work:

1. Study the market

You can ask any successful entrepreneur and he will answer you that a considerable portion of the success of a business is in knowing the market, your competitors, services, news, trends etc.

After all, information is worth gold. You must know what to do to get more students, needs to be inside what is offered, what the demand and what formats are best.

You must pay attention to this.

The market is constantly changing and evolving, so it’s not enough to search , make your business plan and leave it there.

You have to be always careful not to end up being forced to “run after injury”

2. Know ALL about your target audience

We made a point of highlighting the word ALL.

The customer is the main point of interest of a company.

Without it, there is no sale, which compromises your entire system and prevents your company from surviving.

It’s that simple.

And to make digital marketing work for education companies consistently, you need to research the profile of your students.

You need to learn how they behave online and the best way to get them to you.

The interesting thing is to think that, just like the market, the public changes.

Here is a good example: Ten years ago people don’t usually use the Internet for page navigation on their phones, right? Or even use their phones to accessed their emails.

And today, whether through smartphones or tablets, mobile navigation is growing increasingly.

This means that it is always necessary to research and know what has been affecting consumption behaviors and how to deal with them to keep growing.

Oh, and we know that just as it is with anything in life, it is impossible to know everything about something.

But the important thing is that it is one of those goals that, even if not achieved, serve as a parameter to conquer excellence.

3. Know each step of your sales funnel

The sales funnel is the tool that allows any company to make effective management of its sales opportunities.

For digital marketing for education companies, this means learning to bring more and more interested students into your institution and by using your content, attract as many people as possible to your company.

4. Bet on being the institution

Educational institutions are not “all the same”.

It is logical that there are those who are lost in this sea, but yours does not need to be one of them.

You invest in the quality of internal processes, in your faculty, in the facilities, only for the public to know thatyou have to rely on a lot more than just word-of-mouth propaganda.

It is necessary and essential that you make your advertisement.

It attracts the public with its qualities.

Show them the benefits your institution can bring to the education of their children.

That is, sell yourself.

5. Plan: Short, medium and long term

Only that no plan, no matter how best it is, is sustained without careful planning.

It allows, not only a quieter deployment, but the monitoring and measurement of results and provides material for improvement.

So, when planning your company’s digital marketing, don’t forget to draw clear goals, both for the near future and further along the way.

And don’t forget to follow these results and create realistic metrics that allow you to evaluate.

Without parameters, there is no way to know what is working and what needs to be corrected.

6. Work on multiple channels

This actually ends up being a mistake of most companies that are beginning to do digital marketing.

They bet on a few channels to distribute the content and pray that the public can find it.

Or they bet on all channels and fail to nurture, leaving several channels without content and practically dead.

In fact, neither Facebook nor AdWords nor any other tool, no matter how popular, is the lifeline for a digital marketing plan.

When you know which social network your persona uses most and with which goals, it is easier to elaborate a strategy to reach your target audience.

7. Produce content for each step of your funnel

We talk above about the sales funnel and another very important tip of digital marketing for education companies is to learn how to produce content for each step of the funnel.

It may seem a little strange, at first, to think like that, but it makes perfect sense.

We can consider from the top of the funnel: who begins to consider joining a teaching institution needs general Information, whether it is about education methods, evaluation, market trends and all sorts of questions that are regarding education.

We can consider the other part of the funnel where those who have this information wants to know more about specific aspects that will help them select the best institution or course.

Already at the bottom of the funnel, you can analyze and evaluate information directly related to your company and decide, clearly, which path you want to follow.

Therefore, you must always pay attention to the materials that must be produced.

What are the biggest doubts of your prospects? With this, answer the questions that help your audience to become a happy customer.

8. Turn your digital marketing plan into a routine

Everything starts in joy, easily, but with time and daily obstacles, many marketing plans are forgotten under a stack of papers or at the bottom of the drawer.

Therefore, it is fundamental, for itto work, that the actions of the plan become part of the routine of all involved.

We know that in the beginning, this will give a certain job, but we also are sure that the effort will be worthwhile.

9. Invest in tools that assist in the task

Everything is going very well so far, only you probably have a question that perhaps has not even been able to formulate so far: how are you going to get all this into practice?

And the answer is: tools.

And depending on the channels you use or the actions you put into practice, you can choose from the most diverse market solutions.

10. Plan, execute, correct

You know that gum song, “Drink, fall and lift”?

Because we finished our list of tips, it is time to make it stick to your head with the best intentions: “plan, execute and correct”. This must become a true mantra for you and your team.

Obstacles are part of any project.

The important thing is to learn from them, to find the best and most appropriate answers to move forward.

Final considerations

Therefore, as you can see, digital marketing for education companies is not, and does not need to be treated like a seven-headed beast.

From good planning, well-defined goals, quality execution, and much sweat to seek constant improvement, it is possible not only to conquer more students for your institution but also to educate them about their choices.

And it is from this kind of thinking – an investment in public education – that it becomes possible to retain its clientele, transforming its student body into a huge army that works – even if not realizing – in favor of its brand.

And that, in such a competitive and fierce market, will surely make all the difference.