7 Customer Engagement Strategies All Business Owners Need to Know

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If you have a business idea that you are ready to turn into a money-making venture, or you’ve got a fully-formed brand that is already in operation, you will know what the most important aspect of your operation is: the customers.

Without them, your brand can’t survive, and when you take into account how many businesses fail by their fifth year (roughly 50 percent of small companies), one of the reasons is down to poor customer engagement.

No matter what kind of industry or niche you are in, you need to engage with your customers regularly to hold their attention and keep your brand alive.

Whether you are about to jump into the business sector, or you are not getting the traffic and revenue you expect, here are some of the best customer engagement strategies to try out in 2021, which are sure-fire ways to bring attention back to your company.

1. Maintain a Social Media Presence for Customer Engagement

In the digital era we live in, social media is one of the leading ways to reach out and engage with customers. Whether you are tech-savvy or avoid computers as much as you can, you need to establish and maintain a social media presence.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram attract billions of users from across the planet every day, making them the perfect tool to build a name for yourself and create a profitable business.

Once you have your social media business pages set up and customers follow and like your content, make sure you keep in touch with your audience. If you don’t have the time (or patience) to man your social media pages, you must have a team in place who will do it for you.

Using social media for business is a great way to engage customers, steer them to your website and blog, and most importantly, maintain healthy sales. 

2. Create an Email Marketing Campaign

7 Easy Customer Engagement Strategies For Business OwnersJust about everyone has an email address, so why not use this to your advantage? When it comes to customer engagement, there is nothing better than sending out emails directly to your audience’s inbox.

If you create an email with a catchy subject title, they are more likely to read it and find out more. Email marketing is used and loved by thousands of startups, small and large businesses across the world.

Creating an email marketing campaign is easier said than done if you have no experience in this field. Therefore, enlisting the help of LNP Media Group may be the answer. The team can help you deliver an effective email marketing campaign that turns your audience into long-term, loyal customers.

LNP Media Group also specializes in SEO strategies that you can use to boost traffic to your business pages. If used correctly, email marketing can transform your brand for the better.

3. Respond to Concerns Immediately

If customers have an issue with your brand, they are not afraid to speak up and let their feelings be heard. When you factor in the sheer number of businesses in the country, you’ll likely have many in the same field as you. This means should a problem occur, it is your job to rectify it and respond to concerns immediately.

Whether it is a general question, a problem with a product or they are not happy with a particular service, the quicker your customers get a response, the better.

The longer you wait to reply, the more agitated the customer may become, which won’t do you any favors in terms of business reputation. If you don’t have the time to reply to customer questions and complaints yourself, you should have someone in place to respond.

Make sure you have different functions so your customers can get in touch quickly, such as phone, email, or live chat. 

4. Go the Extra Mile For Customer Engagement

7 Easy Customer Engagement Strategies For Business OwnersCustomers love brands that value and appreciate them. To build and retain healthy relationships with your audience, you may need to go the extra mile from time to time to increase customer engagement.

Showing a human side to your brand can do wonders for sales and revenue, as customers will be more likely to buy into your products when they feel they’re interacting with a person, rather than a stranger.

Once you get to know your customers, you will learn their needs, wants, and dislikes. The latter is the most important, as you don’t want to send out emails and campaigns that they have no interest in. Whatever you do, you must maintain a professional and friendly attitude to keep customers on your side.

5. Provide Incentives to Boost Customer Engagement

You will have difficulty finding a customer that doesn’t like a freebie. We all like to score a bargain where we can. However, if you are a startup and want to entice prospective customers into purchasing products, there are lots of incentives that can get them through the door.

Whether you achieve this by hosting a competition, offering a discount to new customers, or even giving out something for free, incentives are a great way to keep your audience engaged with your brand.

Remember, while you may be focusing on bringing new customers in, that doesn’t mean you should forget about your loyal followers. They are the ones who helped get your brand up and running, after all, so make sure you provide incentives to them too, otherwise, they may lose interest. 

6. Create Informative Content for Customer Engagement

Whether it is content on your website, blog, social media page, or email newsletter, you need to make sure your text is informative, appealing, and relevant to the reader. If you are struggling to engage customers, your content could be the reason why.

The tone you use can be the difference between customers scrolling to find out more and clicking off and finding another brand, so make sure you speak in a positive light and know how to sell your products or services.

Also, you must publish content regularly across all platforms. If you take your foot off the gas, you can’t expect your customers not to do the same. Once you start posting content frequently, they will see how passionate you are about your brand and will stick around. 

7. Send Out Customer Surveys

customer surveyIn business, you can’t please everyone. This means you need to prepare for constructive criticism and negative feedback.

There is always something new to learn in business, so to keep your brand running in the right direction, asking your customers for their honest feedback is important. As a business owner, you must be open-minded and be prepared for any comments.

Customer surveys are a great way to establish how well you are doing, what could be changed, and what needs to be improved. When customers get to have a say, they will feel more involved in the creative direction of your brand. 

Simply put, without the backing of your customers, you don’t have a business. Regardless of your experience and knowledge in business, you need to know how to engage with customers on a personal level to keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Whatever customer engagement strategies you try out, your sole aim should be to keep the customer happy. If they are not satisfied with your service, they will go elsewhere for their products or services.

The top business leaders of today understand the importance of customer engagement, so make sure you do too if you want to earn a slice of the pie. 

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