How COVID-19 Pandemic Boosted E-Commerce Around the World

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Written By Uzair Ahmed

As the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread globally, the entire world is facing a severe health and economic crisis. All the major countries have imposed lockdowns and advised workers to work remotely. Schools and colleges have been closed and people in those countries have also started avoiding large gatherings and crowded places.

In-store traffic for many brick-and-mortar stores has been significantly impacted due to these lockdowns and social distancing measures. However, a noticeable rise in online shopping has also been observed as anxiety over the COVID 19 surges.

Although the COVID 19 pandemic has a critical impact on international supply chains, researchers and e-commerce gurus believe that the current crisis may boost e-commerce revenue as customers avoid going out for their routine shopping. 

One of the surveys conducted by YouGov revealed that more than 85 percent of people from Hong Kong and China avoided large gatherings and shopping malls in the past few weeks. Also, more than 27 percent in the US and 14 percent in the UK avoided real-time shopping experience to protect themselves from the disease. 

It has also been observed that the purchase of online grocery and healthcare supplies has grown by over 20 percent and 27 percent respectively in recent times. 

While we can see a boost in some major industries like food, medicines, and hygiene products, there are some sectors that are still struggling to survive the COVID-19 crisis – travel, tourism, sports goods are just to name few.

In this post, we’ll see how COVID 19 pandemic boosted e-commerce and which specific sectors are set to benefit from this pandemic.

In addition to that, we’ll also have a quick look at some of the things you must follow to cope with the coronavirus crisis if you’re already associated with the e-commerce industry.

Cloud computing

For the companies dealing in cloud computing, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing through an aggressive transformation. 

The cloud computing sphere has gained momentum during these unprecedented times as more workers find themselves confined to their homes and the workflow will have to be shifted to the cloud to ensure smooth and uninterrupted working. 

Online Retail Stores

Unlike stores that deal in non-essentials luxury items such as branded clothing, cosmetics, and extravagant jewelry, online retailers are seeing a noticeable increase in popularity.

Some businesses even claimed that customer demand surpasses their tendency to deliver.  

Video Conferencing

While there is no replacement for a one-to-one meeting, many businesses are preferring more meetings to be conducted through video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. 

Online Payments

With the emergence of so many electronic payment options such as Mastercard and Visa, many businesses have already ditched physical cash. Because of the COVID 19 pandemic, small businesses even shops are now accepting digital payments.

While this is certainly not likely to be a permanent change for everyone, some people would definitely like to stick to this approach even after the crisis.

Online Consultation Firms

Many countries have imposed travel bans and introduced changes in their immigration policies. Whether you’re looking to apply for your British Citizenship or need to get your fiancé visa UK extended, you have to follow new updates to get your application approved. This is where online immigration consultation comes to your rescue.

There are many immigration consultation firms that take up cases online at the same time keeping the health and security of their clients intact.

In addition to that, there are medical consultants that also offer online consultation to their patients especially to those who’ve missed their routine checkups and appointments. 

How COVID-19 Pandemic Boosted E-Commerce Around the WorldHere are some tips for those who’re already associated with an e-commerce sector and looking to successfully cope with the COVID 19 challenge:

1. Inform Your Buyers

First things first, let’s be honest with your customers. Even if your page claims to deliver within 2 days, make sure you display a note saying ‘the delivery may take time due to the current situation. 

2. Be Proactive

The current situation calls for changes in laws and restrictions. So, you have to act proactive and must adapt quickly to make the right move.

Don’t forget to be in touch with your logistics partner and devise a strategy together about how to maintain deliveries at the same time keeping your business compliant with the current laws. 

3. Target New Audiences

While Coronavirus is contagious and is believed to be a big threat for businesses all around the world, it also open doors of opportunity for those who know how to act right. Today, it’s important for businesses to understand that consumer behaviors are changing on a continuous basis.

People who tend to spend lavishly on luxurious goods earlier are now more concerned about buying hand sanitizers and Coronavirus-specific gears. So, in order to benefit from the current situation, it’s important that you work really hard on your targeting strategies. 

4. Send a Quick Email to Your Customers

Regardless of the size and level of your business, just make sure to stay in touch with your loyal customers. One of the best ways to do this is to send an informative email blast to your customers.

An email including updates about your store, ongoing deals, and the measures you’ve taken during the current scenario will help your customers stay tuned and know what options they have. 

5. Offer Incentives

Make sure you introduce different types of rewards and incentives In order to give some relief to your customers.

This could be either in the form of a ‘buy one, get one free’ kind of deal or a certain percentage off on a specific product range. It would be great if you could come up with some innovative promotion ideas that are more relevant during this challenging time. 

If you have a blog on your website, you can even share useful COVID 19 news or other information to keep your visitors engaged.


There is no denying the fact that all of us are going through hard times, but this is also a fact that being in the e-commerce industry is probably the biggest blessing at the moment. Take a hint from this post and we’re sure your business will be fine.

Stay safe…!

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