7 Life-Changing Couple Vacation Destinations on a Budget

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Written By Rebecca Siggers

If you haven’t had the chance to plan a vacation with your lovely partner in a long time, there is no time to schedule one.

A good vacation helps you and your partner maintain an enthusiastic attitude throughout the time you are together. You could explore many places as a couple, ranging from tropical beaches to exciting road trips.

This post brings you the seven life-changing couple’s vacation destinations to explore now.

1. Bali

7 Life-Changing Couples Vacation Destinations on a BudgetBali is the best vacation destination for couples who want a break from their urban life and corporate jobs.

Bali is in Indonesia and is famous as God’s Island. Now you might imagine why this place ranks number one on our list. 

Bali has something to offer to every couple, whose definition of romance might vary considerably.

If you prefer to love as the state of being in serenity with your partner, you can hike around the lush rice paddies.

Visit the peaceful monasteries and shrines around the province.

On the contrary, if you think that romance is when you dance for the whole night while enjoying different cocktails, the beach resorts are tailor-made. 

Bali has authentic private villas with pools if you want to enjoy a vacation with your partner, away from humankind. Don’t forget to try the traditional Balinese food and coffee while you are there. 

2. Jaisalmer, India

7 Life-Changing Couples Vacation Destinations on a BudgetDo you love the warmth of the sun when it touches your cheekbones on a chilly morning?

If that was a yes that we could hear, then Jaisalmer is just the place for you and your partner. 

Jaisalmer is a city in the western part of India. It is majorly a part of the Thar desert or the Great Indian Desert.

The city is full of historic architecture like the Patwa Haweli, and the heritage fortress – Swarn Killa (Golden Fort in English).

Also, the city is popularly known as the Golden City of India because of the aesthetics it creates when the sun rays fall on its native buildings. 

After exploring the city, you and your love of life can head towards the Sum village, a local establishment amidst the desert. A day’s tour here comes with bonfire night, sleeping under the stars, authentic Rajasthani food, and a dance night.

If you love doing adventurous things together, go for a Jeep safari over the dunes, or a camel ride. 

3. Key West, Florida

7 Life-Changing Couples Vacation Destinations on a BudgetEven if the place is near Florida, the whole setting of the site is quite different.

You can witness the colorful shops, quiet seashore, and picturesque houses with garden-fronts. The entire town feels like if you are revisiting the 1900s. 

If you are a biker couple, then it is heaven for you because the best way to explore this city is by bike.

If bike riding isn’t a fun thing for you to do, hire a ship and go cruising over the warm waters, away from the shore.

The sea is peaceful, perfect for snorkeling, and witnessing the marvelous marine life. 

Take your time while you are on the ship, and witness the beautiful sunset with your lovely partner while sipping your George T Stagg.

Come back to the shore, and enjoy the authentic Floridian Grilled Honey-Lime Chicken in some beachside restaurant. 

4. Wales, Britain

7 Life-Changing Couples Vacation Destinations on a BudgetIf the idea of dragons breathing out fire, soaring castles, and robust kings on muscular horses thrills you, Wales is an excellent place for you.

You can rent a car and go tripping around the lush green countryside. 

The first place free to visit is a roman fort and bath, known as Caerleon. The fortress still holds all the antiques from the past centuries.

Also, some boards inform you about every little bit, making it an excellent self-guided tour. 

If you and your partner are active and like hiking, you can visit Dryslwyn Castle, near the western coast of Wales.

To reach the remnants of this 13th-century castle, you’ll have to hike a bit from where you park your car. For sure, the hike to the top is worth it, and you can expect picturesque aerial views from the top. 

Take with you a portable stove and some groceries to cook and grill in the countryside. Enjoy your meals with beautiful sceneries in front of you.

One thing to note, you cannot explore Wales in just one day, so take some time out of your busy schedule before you head to this part of Britain. 

5. Costa Rica

7 Life-Changing Couples Vacation Destinations on a BudgetCosta Rica is famous as the most biodiverse country in the world.

This title alone means that you, as a couple, could engage with nature most excitingly. 

The first thing in Costa Rica you should visit is the Poas Volcano National Park.

This place lets you experience a cloud forest because it has one of the largest geyser craters in Central America.

Although the volcano is active, the last eruption, as of records, was in 2013. 

The drive itself to this national park is scenic, with beautiful valleys on either side.

Moreover, there are shops around the area that sell organic fruits and things that you could take as a souvenir. 

You’ll be lucky if you could witness the lake built due to volcanic movements. On other days, it would be cloudy, hence the name, Cloud Forest. Also, wear thermals while visiting this place, as it gets quite cold here. 

6. Paris

7 Life-Changing Couples Vacation Destinations on a BudgetHow could we not mention Paris in this list?

Paris is the romance capital of the world. The couples must visit the beautiful city at least once. 

You can enjoy your afternoons along the Seine and watch dancers blazing art.

Make sure you visit the city on foot and visit the authentic most bistros and cafes in the hidden streets.

On a chilly night, step out with your partner, and enjoy hot chocolate with churros. 

If you want to add to the surprise element, book a cruise night in Paris.

Enjoy a fancy dinner with your charming partner, that follows a memorable couple dance on the cruise.

If you wish to revisit your childhood, buy tickets to the most popular theme park – Disneyland. Rediscover your memories while taking the exciting rides in the garage full of Disney characters. 

7. Amalfi Coast, Italy

7 Life-Changing Couples Vacation Destinations on a BudgetThe Amalfi Coast, with its deep blue waters, soaring cliffs, and quaint villages, is the best spot for couples’ romantic vacation. 

You can choose to go to the Amalfi Coast and enjoy your anniversaries on the roof-top restaurants that look to the calm sea.

Or do you wish to enjoy the weekend with a bottle of Limoncello and your partner? 

Rent a car or a scooter to explore the villages along the coast, and try out kosher Italian cuisine like Ravioli, Risotto, and Tiramisu.

Wouldn’t you be unlucky if you go to Italy and not try the original Italian Pizza?

Plan a vacation in Italy and make your partner happy with the aesthetics this place has to offer. 

Conclusion: Couple vacation destinations

This was our list of top seven vacation ideas and destinations for couples. It had everything from tropical coasts, to chilly nights, to hot deserts.

Now, decide what you and your partner like, and pack your bags to go on the best vacation.

If you are traveling in the times of COVID-19, don’t forget to take your face mask and sanitizer with you. Happy traveling.

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