Top Six Reasons to Host Your Business on the Cloud

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Written By Barbara Morgan

The whole internet is basically the cloud. The websites that we access, are not stored on our computers but on the cloud.

Since the past few years, cloud hosting has been gaining popularity because of its advantages. There are a number of web hosting options for business owners. Cloud technology has revolutionized online business. The cloud is a technology that can take your company’s efficiency to the next level.

Moving a business to the cloud takes the burden off your shoulders. Small or large companies store their data on their own servers, which they have to maintain.

To maintain the hardware and keep the business running during a power failure demands energy and money. Cloud computing is a safe way to store and share data. The data can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Mark Skilton, a professor at Warwick Business School, claims that there has never been a better time for website owners to invest in cloud services. In case you are not sure whether you should move your business to the cloud, here are five reasons that will explain to you the advantages that cloud hosting has.

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1. Budget

The most significant advantage of the cloud is that you do not have to spend money to maintain your resources. With your own servers, you have to have your own data centres, rental space, or large hardware arrays.

Depending on your business size you can integrate different cloud computing services into your company and your choice can vary from private to hybrid and public clouds. For enterprises that need their own storage and data private cloud is a good idea as it provides computing services and resources only to a single business. These are highly customizable and meet business-specific requirements. However, public clouds are operated and managed by third-party cloud service providers and can be used by several companies.

In cloud hosting, you rent out someone else’s space and use it for whatever you need and only pay for that. This way, you do not have to spend on the data centres or similar extra expenses.

For businesses with fluctuating demands, this is a perfect choice. You can also adjust the storage space when you want, according to the requirements, and you can also scale it back when there is no need anymore.

You also do not have to spend on staff as most of the tasks are automated, and your employee cost is also cut down. Dominic Allon, Managing Director and the Vice President of Intuit Europe, says that the cloud has made a massive difference to the way how businesses manage their finances.

2. Disaster recovery

All businesses should have a disaster recovery system that can protect their data and computer systems from any kind of failure or loss.

Before, only those businesses, which had the money and means for it, could set up a good backup strategy. They had to install entire server banks and hire a large staff to maintain all of it. Small businesses, who could not afford it, were left behind.

Now, setting up an account is not a difficult task as it can all be done in a few minutes with a cost as little as $5. With the cloud, the chances of your website going offline are also reduced.

3. Cloud hosting is easy to maintain

With a cloud service, you do not have to worry about software updates and installations. You can take a back seat because your cloud provider handles all the tasks.

You do not have to spend extra time worrying about the maintenance, and you can freely focus on your business. Businesses can perform their processes more efficiently with the cloud.

In the cloud, the existing workforce focuses on the core task of monitoring the infrastructure and puts the effort into improving it. Thus cloud computing leads to efficient management and increased profitability.

4. Influence on SEO ranking

Influence on SEO ranking

The fast speed of your website is going to have positive effects on your business. The speed of your web page will increase with a cloud hosting service.

In cloud hosting, the distribution of online resources is effective. In physical servers, if one of them goes down, the whole system is affected.

With a cloud hosting service, however, the servers are located in almost all parts of the world. That is why, with cloud hosting this risk is reduced, and your website will not go down in case of any malfunction.

Users, despite their geographical location, will be able to access your website quickly. A site that is fast and easily accessible will have a higher ranking and thus will reach more and more customers.

5. Improved collaboration and flexibility

Businesses used to store their data on hard drives and had to back it up regularly, or otherwise, they could lose all the data.

Putting all of this data and software on the cloud makes it more accessible, and the hub of your central system is no longer the hard drive.

Cloud is the best way to increase team performance. Staff members can easily share data, no matter their location, and are able to collaborate with each other efficiently. This will improve the workflow and can result in better communication between coworkers.

Before the cloud, employees had to send emails back and forth which would result in massive confusion. In the cloud, you can just store the documents in a central location, and everyone sees the same version. All of this gives you better control and a streamlined collaboration process.

6. Security

Moving to the cloud will boost an organization’s defences, and limits the chances of hackers stealing your prized digital assets.

With your data on the cloud, you are assured of data security. When you have an online business, your data will get malware attacks or can get hacked by hackers.

The cloud is safer than your own servers because the cloud providers put a lot of effort into keeping the data safe from cyber-criminals. The physical security of these servers is also really good because they are locked up with human surveillance and CCTV monitoring 24/7.

If you want a real way to improve your business’ accessibility, productivity, and security, then cloud hosting as a service is the perfect option for you.

You might have to take your business to the cloud at some point, so you are not left behind in this race of technology. Better make this decision now so your business can grow rapidly.

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