9 Amazing Cloud Computing Hacks Anyone Can Do to Make Business Easier

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Cloud computing hacks and tips in businesses are becoming more common today as technology is advancing.

It is great to see that modern technology has advanced to the point where hard drive storage space is no longer needed. The need for flash drives is almost gone because people everywhere now have the ability to have all of their items stored on the cloud.

Now, many people still don’t understand what cloud computing is. Simply put, when you do business or store items in the cloud, you are dealing with a large, internet-based place of storage.

Think of it like this. Just recently, users had to each purchase a “storage locker”, and in order for them to share items with other people, they had to go and take these items out of the locker and send them to these people. Now, imagine that there is a giant storage locker floating above everyone’s head.

All people have to do is place their items in this large, hanging locker, and anyone that has access to this item can get it whenever they want. So, if someone wants to share this item with others, it can be done from anywhere at any time. This is cloud-based computing.

9 Amazing Cloud Computing Hacks

Still, if you can learn to use cloud-based computing in a smarter way, it gets even better. Here are nine cloud computing hacks to try to make your business easier today.

9 Amazing Cloud Computing Hacks

1. Share Large Files

Now, one of the largest hacks of cloud computing is that you can definitely share bigger files on the go. When you try to email something to another person, emails can usually only accommodate a file that is under a certain amount of data.

In other words, you can’t send a large file through email, and this can be a pain when you have something very important to send. With cloud computing, you can save large files to your cloud and simply give the other person access to view them.

So, if you truly want to get the best out of your cloud-based systems within your business, take advantage of storing larger files and give the right employees access to them.

2. Enjoy Real-Time Adjustments

Another great hack about the cloud is that everything is literally done in real-time. Work is so much easier because it no longer has to be done first and then sent.

If the company allows its employees to have access to a file, the company can then continuously change the file as much as they want right before the eyes of the employees. There is no longer a wait time.

So, when you use the cloud for your business, it is not like using digital formats and storage to send work to one another. You are actually literally working right in the cloud and accomplishing things at a faster rate. Use the cloud for all of your important documents related to work to create a real-time atmosphere and get work done a lot faster.

Also, encourage your employees to make changes to work documents if they have the ability to do it so that everyone can stay in the loop about what is going on.

3. Creating Templates for Employees to Use

Remember that cloud-based computing is more than just storage. Many cloud systems give you the ability to create. This means that you can create templates for your employees to use, and anytime you need to make an adjustment to a certain template, you can do this.

Your employees will have the new template immediately that they need to start using. There is no better way to give your employees a recipe for success than to create a template or script that they can use to get all of their work done. The template is essentially showing them how to do a certain process to your liking.

Therefore, use the cloud to create and store templates for easy access so that your employees can always know what you expect. When you work by utilizing your own created templates that your employees can access from anywhere, you’re now working smarter.

Creating Templates for Employees to Use

4. Backup Files

Now, another thing you want to be sure that you do is backup files. This might seem a little redundant and unnecessary because the cloud is often looked at as a reliable storage place for all of your files that won’t ever get damaged.

However, anything can happen. The company that hosts the cloud system could be damaged and lose your files, or your cloud could get hacked and files could become corrupted. You never know what dangers are lying around the corner. Therefore, it is always good to remain vigilant, even if you are using the wonderful technology of the cloud.

Make it a practice to back up your files from the cloud to perhaps another cloud-based system, or do it the old-fashioned way and save them to a drive.

5. Set Up Two-Factor Identification for Security

This brings you to the next area you want to consider if you are trying to do some hacks to make your cloud computing better.

Security is always something you want to be on top of at your business, and if you are using the cloud, security should be doubled-up on. If possible, try to set up some type of two-factor identification for you and your employees to do in order to access the features of your cloud.

Two-step authentication is usually the best way to get the most security out of your systems. This means that when an employee wants to log into the cloud or make some type of change, they will not only have to enter a password but they will then be sent a text or email with a passcode to enter in order to proceed.

This makes it near impossible for hackers or uninvited guests to access the files you have stored on the cloud. Use this feature to ramp up your security efforts for the cloud.

6. Show the Team How To Use the Cloud

Also, remember to have training available for all your employees on how to navigate through your cloud-based systems. This will help you avoid poor productivity from your employees and time wasted by troubleshooting someone else’s mistakes.

One thing you can do is create a training video on how to use the cloud and store that same video on the cloud itself. This will mean that your employees will have access to it at all times if they ever get stuck on how to do something.

Training is essential when learning the cloud, and in business, you must make sure that all your employees are on the same page when it comes to navigating through it.

Have Guidelines in Place

7. Have Guidelines in Place

Make sure to have guidelines in place for your employees on what they can and can’t do on the cloud. Just like using computers in a place of business.

There are certain guidelines that you have in place that have to be created so that the computers are not abused in any kind of way. For example, the employees are not allowed to take care of personal matters on the office computers or access any inappropriate content. Violating these policies results in discipline. This should still be present in the cloud environment.

Perhaps your employees cannot create any file that you, as the manager, do not have access to. Whatever it is, have clear guidelines, and place these policies on the cloud itself for easy access.

8. Use the Cloud When Dealing With Clients

There is nothing wrong with doing business with your clients on the cloud, as well. If you are a business that uses the cloud for almost everything, why not introduce your clients to the cloud as well.

For a small example, you could have a need to give your client some important welcoming documents after you’ve entered into some type of agreement. You could set up an area on your cloud system that is strictly a “client corner”, meaning, clients will have access to some of these files for easy access.

Don’t send them anything through email, as this could get lost, or damaged or they can simply say that they never got it. Put it on the cloud and give them the link to it. This is so much easier.

9. Use Other Businesses for Their Cloud Storage

Last, if purchasing cloud storage and creating your own space is too difficult for your business, or if you just don’t have the time to learn how to set it up, consider tagging on with another business.

Here is what this means. Other businesses already have their system set up, and they have paid a pretty penny to do it. If you can enter into an agreement with them to have them allocate some of their space just for your company, they would be glad to give you some space for a small fee.

This would mean that you don’t have to worry about the upkeep and security because the other business is already doing it. This is a good idea for small businesses within the same community.

Is it possible to hack the cloud?

Is it possible to hack the cloud?

You can hack cloud computing ethically for your business needs. Here are some cloud computing hacks to simplify your business processes:

  • Share large files.
  • Enjoy real-time adjustments.
  • Creating templates for employees to use.
  • Backup files.
  • Set up two-factor identification for security.
  • Show the team how to use the cloud.
  • Have guidelines in place.
  • Use the cloud when dealing with clients.
  • Use other businesses for their cloud storage.

Use some of these cloud computing hacks to make your cloud computing more efficient today. You’ll be glad that you did.

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