Selling Your Home Quickly? How A Cash House Buyer Can Help!

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How can a cash house buyer help sell a house quickly? Let’s find out.

Times have been very difficult for many people since the pandemic began. Many people have found themselves unemployed, had mounting debts, or found themselves in other circumstances that have resulted in a need for a cash injection.

For most people, the biggest hard asset they have will be property, namely their home. When it comes to selling a home in difficult circumstances, two things are desirable. One, that it is done with as little stress as possible, and two, that it is completed quickly.

There are many new-age ways to sell a home these days, and some can reward the seller very well. However, not all house selling methods can result in a quick sale.

Here is a look at why houses might need to be sold quickly, and the best way to do this.

Selling Your Home Quickly? How A Cash House Buyer Can Help!

Why would someone need a fast house sale?

There are more reasons for needing a quick house sale than you might imagine. Of course, a need for fast cash would certainly be a major factor for many sellers. 

However, there can be many other reasons that necessitate a quick sale.

Divorce and separation can lead to a house being sold, as can relocation to another part of the country. In fact, some people sell up because they are emigrating to a whole new continent.

Illness, legal problems, and an unwanted inheritance could all lead to someone deciding to sell. The problem in these circumstances for the seller is finding the best way to sell quickly.

How can you sell your home fast?

In the past, most people simply went to a real estate agent when they wanted to sell their home. Nowadays there are far more choices available, and people even use Instagram ads to market their houses today.

One of the problems with the more traditional selling methods is the time it can take to complete. Therefore, different options need to be explored.

The fastest ways to sell a home are either through auctions or with a cash house buyer. The problem with selling through an auction is that you may not even receive any bids. There are also auction fees to take into account that can be larger than expected.

The only guaranteed way to get an offer for your home is through a cash house buyer.

Why would you want to use a cash house buyer?

The two reasons that immediately come to mind for using a cash house buyer are a guaranteed offer usually within a day, and a fast sale, perhaps no longer than a week.

Right now, Austin, Texas is on course to have a record year as far as house sales are concerned, however, selling property is not the issue. The time it takes to complete a sale is the real problem.

The average house sale in Texas takes around 88 days. This breaks up into 53 days to receive an offer, and then a further 35 days to carry out inspections, draw up contracts, and complete them.

A cash house buyer can avoid all of this waiting time, and there are plenty more reasons for using one of these buyers.

  • No need for marketing
  • No photographs needed
  • No need to declutter
  • No viewings to prepare for
  • No expensive repairs to make
  • Quick service
  • Quick offer
  • Fast completion

 Of course, with so many benefits, there have to be some negatives too. 

What are the disadvantages of using a cash house buyer?

What are the disadvantages of using a cash house buyer?

Although you will receive a guaranteed offer from a house buyer, it will not be the market value. This is because businesses such as these also need to make a profit further down the line.

A real estate agent will likely find a better price for your home, and you may receive interest from multiple parties. This could lead to you getting an offer that is even more than the current market valuation.

With a cash house buyer, you will just receive one offer unless you try several different companies. 

Who should use a cash house buyer?

Anyone who needs to sell their home fast and cannot wait to sell in a traditional manner should use Austin House Buyers or someone similar. Similarly, anyone who needs cash and isn’t concerned about receiving the full market value could also consider selling this way.

Someone who purchases property cheaply from auctions intending to flip a house might make a fast profit through a house buyer, but anyone who has time on their hands should wait. 

Why Cash House Buyers Can Help Sell Houses Fast

House sellers who are in no hurry should search for alternative methods to sell their homes. Real estate agents and private sales could result in a much higher offer, but they can take longer to complete.

A seller who needs a very fast sale with cash in the bank quickly may want to look at cash house buyers.

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