10 Simple Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Carpet

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Written By Sophia James

Carpet is a favorite homeowner-flooring because it comes in a range of colors, fabrics, textures, and designs.

This has a range of advantages over other flooring choices, as it adds to every room light, color, pattern, and texture.

Carpets are a very high form of decor maintenance and everyone knows that dirty carpets are not fun to look at.

For all that is going on in your life, how do you find a time-friendly way to prolong your carpet’s life and keep it looking brand new for as long as possible?

The good news is that well-maintained carpets are possible even though it takes some time.

Do you want to know how you can keep the carpet new and clean?

Here are ten tips that keep your carpet in good condition. It is not as difficult as you think.

1. Regularly vacuum your carpet

The carpet vacuuming helps remove dirt, allergens, bugs, and other debris.

Make sure to dust your house and furniture before vacuuming. Also, make sure the vacuum cleaner is set to the correct level.

Too high a vacuum will not get enough dirt on the ground but too low a vacuum may damage the carpet and space.

Start at the highest level and scroll down until you find a level at which the vacuum can pull itself a little.

Also make sure that your vacuum bag is not full or close to it, as this may prevent the vacuum from fully running and even put pressure on the unit.

If you use a bagless vacuum cleaner, be sure to keep the filter clean, so the dirty filter will reduce the power of the vacuum cleaner.

2. Lay down rugs or mats for extending the life of your carpet in high-traffic areas

10 Useful Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips for New FlooringJust like how we experiment with roads for different rates of traffic the same way we do our carpets.

Common areas of high traffic include carpet entrances, sofas, beds, and tables.

By placing a mat where you rest your feet while you sit on the sofa and watch TV, it helps keep your carpet more secure.

You’ll have to scrub these mats over time so they don’t accumulate too much dirt over to the surrounding carpet areas.

They may also need to be replaced if their specialized properties become less effective as the mat itself ages.

3. Keep dirt away coming into your house

A doormat at every entrance to your home helps remove dirt and excess mud from your shoes.

Make sure you have one at each entrance and take at least 10 seconds to clear your shoes and hit them on the rug before entering your home.

This will help keep dirt and moisture away from the carpet. Make sure to choose a durable mat that can pull dirt firmly from your shoes.

Be sure to regularly lift all mats and remove them from the dirt and debris you collect.

A smart way to prolong your carpet ‘s life is to be diligent in trying to prevent dirt and other contaminants from reaching your home in the first place.

4. React to spills and sticky substances immediately

Time is crucial when it comes to cleaning up the mess.

Don’t waste a minute when something spilled on your carpet. Only touch it, don’t rub, it can help.

Spill rub pushes the particles down into the line of the carpet. Each kind of mess requires a different strategy.

Find out what is working on your current issue. It could be hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, or any other type of detergent.

If the stain requires more work than this, then white vinegar with water (in equal parts) is a good solution to break up the soil further.

5. Think about the type of pets in your home

If you are in the process of picking up a new dog, cat, or other animals, consider the pros and cons between short hair, long hair, age, and other characteristics such as whether it will be indoors or will spend time outdoors as well.

Animals that lose more hair will contribute to the accumulation of dirt, allergens, and debris in your rug.

Younger or untrained animals can also introduce urine and other odors to your carpet. These spots usually require special enzymatic treatments.

6. Think of additional cleaning tools

You may be the person who has no time to slowly clean your home.

Consider getting one of the many new automatic cleaning tools like smart and hard-working carpet robots going to clean the carpets and floors in your home.

If you have pets, it may take some time for them to get used to the automatic carpet cleaner. But in the end, a tool like this can help lift at least some dirt. 

Although it is not a complete substitute for a more powerful vacuum cleaner, it is better than letting all dirt and debris collect freely on your carpet.

7. Apply stain-resistant products

10 Useful Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips for New FlooringThere is no stain-resistant surface, but some products can help you clean up the mess a little easier.

Some carpets are designed to be stain-resistant, but factory protection diminishes over time especially in traffic areas.

There are also protectors, which can be applied to all carpets at any time.

Carpet protectors like Scotchgard help prevent dirt and liquids from absorbing into the fibers quickly.

It can also prevent fading from sunlight.

This is a good option to help you prevent damaging your rugs in the long run.

8. Install curtains or blinds

In the middle of a hot summer, the sun can do more than just warm your home.

The carpet color may be your favorite but these ultraviolet rays can fade in the bright areas around the windows.

Installation of curtains that block the sunlight during the morning and evening hours to protect the carpet from direct light.

9. Freshen your carpet with sprays

With a variety of sprays available on the market to add a fresh scent to your rugs, invest in them and you won’t be disappointed.

Spray your carpets with a natural scent twice a week for long-lasting freshness. You can also mix borax or baking soda with a few drops of your favorite perfume oil.

10. Know what kind of carpet you are getting

You can only keep your carpet clean for a long time depending on the condition it first arrived. Be prepared to ask the supplier about the different types of carpets available.

Do you provide materials with advanced precision technology for high resistance to mold and stains? For example, a nylon carpet is known to last longer than polyester fibers. Whether new or existing, get to know your carpet.

Frequent search terms are fiber, density, texture, weight, twist, and PAR rating (performance, appearance, retention).

Getting started with the right kind of carpet is your first step to extending the life of your carpet.

Hope you now have a good understanding of the basics to extend the life of your carpet. It must be properly maintained to extend its life and destroy sedimentary dirt.

Seek help from a professional cleaner or clean it yourself. Make sure you don’t spill something on the carpet.

Use powerful vacuum cleaners for deep cleaning, and use rakes to remove dirt on the surface.

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