What Are the Possible Blockchain Careers for Professionals?

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

One of the bigger technological advances today is blockchain, where everybody around the world found it to be valuable.

Lucrative careers in blockchain started with the introduction of Bitcoin in the IT industry. Thousands of startup companies are now looking for blockchain project managers, engineers, and qualified candidates that will help them launch their projects in no time. See more about blockchain on this page here.

Blockchain has included a different type of distributed ledger technology that has provided a secure transaction environment for the parties involved. With the help of software engineers and blockchain developers, they can develop a decentralized application where each of the components is implemented so that the entire network would be dependent on that structure.

Salaries can vary for different blockchain careers, but those who are interested in an entry-level position can start at about $15 to $30, and they are going to perform intern-level duties. Intern-level duties of a career in blockchain mean designing and developing distributed ledgers that only business partners or internal personnel have access to.

Top Careers in Blockchain for Professionals

Blockchain professionals should have skills with React, Go RESTful, NodeJS, C++, Java, HTML, and CSS, where the work is mostly involved in creating proof of concepts and conducting test phases. Here are some of the top careers in blockchain for professionals:

1. Project Managers and Blockchain Developers

Blockchain experts who can translate the technical details into the common language can help with the marketing of the company. You can get more information about working in the blockchain industry as well as career guides to know if this is suitable for you.

With professional blockchain developers, they will optimize the protocols and maintain decentralized applications while having skills in Microsoft SQL Server, SOAP, JQuery, Agile Scrum, XSLT, XML, and Neural Networks.

Blockchain Engineers

2. Blockchain Engineers

Job positions for blockchain engineers ensure the quality of the entire framework and infrastructure. Blockchain Engineers do the manual testing and create the dashboards that will be shown on both desktop and mobile.

Quality assurance tests and standards are also met by Blockchain Engineers. Applicants looking to become Blockchain Engineers may need an MBA degree in engineering management.

3. Blockchain Attorneys and Legal Consultants

Since the blockchain industry is still relatively new compared to other products and platforms, the structure of having an initial coin offering should be clear and transparent to investors.

In the past, various companies have sprouted with the popularity of Bitcoin, and it resulted in rug pulls and other disasters. As such, the regulatory scrutiny has been strict with cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain lawyers are tasked to develop a legal partnership or a formal contract that applies to a certain company. These contracts are self-executing and automated and are known as smart contracts where there already exist some previously agreed terms.

Designing the partnership and contract in such a way that it will connect the existing financial world in the crypto ecosystem. Mergers and acquisitions are easily achieved with the help of lawyers as well. Drafting and negotiating legal agreements, as well as in-depth due diligence can be performed with the help of these experts.

4. Data Structures and Cryptography

Effective implementation of a secure environment will prevent users and hackers from tampering with the entire blockchain. This is why a blockchain expert with a strong knowledge of the concepts, including asymmetric encryption, digital signatures, keys, and wallets will be able to prevent unauthorized access of just anyone who wants to get into the system. 

Understanding the different functions like Keccak-256 and SHA-256 and how they are implemented in the network is essential to the success of any start-up. See the post about SHA-256 at this link: https://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/sha256.html.

Top Careers in Blockchain for Professionals

How to start a career in blockchain?

Whether you want to be a blockchain consultant or be heavily involved with the development of a crypto project, learning the basics of blockchain and the entire cryptocurrency landscape can be helpful in the long run.

Reliable blockchain career paths are going to set you in the right direction where you can get into mainstream technologies after finishing various courses. You can also get into the waves of changes that are always present with tech, and you can launch your career in blockchain to new heights. 

High salaries and less competition are also some of the perks of a blockchain career. With the endless use cases of blockchain technology and when the demand for blockchain engineers is more than the supply that the market can offer, you can expect companies to be willing to pay more as long as they know that you are an expert in your blockchain career.

Also, having a varied skill set in blockchain technology can open doors of opportunities for you in the future. 

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