What is the career scope of a digital marketing specialist?

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Written By Sharafudheen Mangalad

Over the years when the way customers consume information changes marketing methods too has evolved.

The traditional marketing strategies evolved from radio advertising to television advertising and newspaper advertising which is now visibly focused more on digital marketing tactics seen everywhere nowadays.

While the career scope of a digital marketing specialist has become more relevant, you might wonder what the job of a digital marketing specialist is and what does a digital marketing specialist’s career promises?

This blog focuses on these aspects and helps you to explore the career scope of a digital marketing specialist. 

Who is a digital marketing specialist? 

A digital marketing specialist is a digital marketing professional who focuses their area of interest or specialization in any of the digital marketing strategies such as SEO and PPC, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing, Email Marketing, or Search Engine Marketing

A digital marketing specialist can be an SEO Expert and will have the skills to tackle search engine specified requirements.

A PPC Advertising specialist will be specialized in Google Paid Ads.

Likewise, a social media specialist needs to have Social Media Marketing skills and manage both paid and free promotions across all social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumbler, etc.

You can implement a content marketing specialist by implementing all types of content strategies through blogs, articles, vlogs, e-mails, landing pages, podcasts, etc.

Now, let’s get deep into each specialist role. Here are the major roles in digital marketing:

1. Digital Marketing Manager/Digital Director

In digital marketing, the designation Digital Marketing Manager holds the highest position.

To be a Digital Marketing Manager or a Digital Director, you must have at least 5-7 years of experience in Digital Marketing.

The Digital Marketing Manager must look after the overall marketing development of a company or organization by devising strategies such as:

  • To drive more traffic to the company’s business websites
  • Undertaking digital marketing campaigns
  • Making improvements in the company’s website/s
  • Managing regular website updates

Career scope of a Digital Marketing Manager

An experienced and knowledgeable digital marketing manager has high demand in the industry as consumer journeys become increasingly complex.

As technology trends keep changing and traditional industries went digital, the demand for a knowledgeable digital marketing manager will keep increasing.

2. Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager

Social media is where most people spend their time and share feedback, personal opinions, likes, and dislikes.

Although it might seem to be one of the coolest jobs, you need to handle things with care. Because it is where your reputation can be built strong or get tarnished.

To handle this role, you must have knowledge about all the social media platforms and a lot of creativity.

The responsibility of a social media executive/manager is not just tweeting and posting an update, there is more to it.

As a social media executive/social media manager you are required to: 

  • Engage influencers
  • Keep a check on the latest social media trends
  • Plan strategies according to the trends
  • Run advertising campaigns
  • Drive engagement by creating high-quality original content
  • Coordinate with the content and client servicing team on a regular basis
  • Manage community by responding to comments
  • Oversee a company’s customer service across all platforms.

Career Scope of a Social Media Manager 

To interact with a company’s clients and ultimately, to drive sales through a company’s social media platforms, creative Social Media Managers are always required.

Therefore, talented Social Media Managers will be high in demand to represent a company by building a social media presence for its brands.

3. SEO Executive/Expert

What is the career scope of a digital marketing specialist?A Search Engine Optimization Executive is the one who improves the website/s of the company/clients to increase the number of visitors it receives through online traffic generation methods.

SEO executives are responsible for:

  • Getting traffic on the website
  • Improving the Google rankings
  • On-page keyword targeting
  • Link building
  • Limiting duplicate content
  • Getting listed in directories
  • Making sure the content on the website is search friendly
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Research about SEO tools
  • Build sitemaps and submit 

Career Scope of SEO Executive/Expert

In this position, you will be working part of a very ‘fast-moving’ industry. Therefore, keeping up to date with the most recent developments in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is always essential.

If you can keep up with the heavy workload and manage all the metrics effectively, you can earn a very high salary.

Alternatively, you could even work as a freelancer, charging hefty fees.

4. PPC/SEM Expert

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising are the ones often a user sees appearing when he/she opens a web page that has high traffic.

The job of a PPC/SEM Expert is such that they create these ads sometimes useful or irritating. A PPC/SEM expert is responsible for: 

  • Managing PPC keywords
  • Split ad groups
  • Refine landing pages
  • Generate reports
  • Provide suggestions for ad copies and graphics

Career Scope of a PPC/SEM expert

A PPC/SEM expert usually required/generates a lot of leads for a company and therefore there is a great demand for PPC professionals in the market. 

5. Content Marketer

You need to have impeccable writing ability to fit into this role and write in a convincing way. The job responsibilities of a content marketer include:

  • Creating quality content which can go viral
  • Making sure the written content is promoted well through SEO
  • Coordinating with other digital marketing teams
  • Incorporating other teams input into the content
  • Keeping up with the content trends

Career Scope of a Content Marketer

Content is the King and is certainly the backbone of every business.

Content Marketing plays a key role in providing valuable information through content to current and potential customers to build consumer trust, relationships, branding, and awareness.

As most companies prefer digital communication, content marketing gains momentum when combined with knowledge and creativity.

While these are the most demanding jobs and roles, there are other roles or areas you can gain specialization and depend upon a company’s requirements. Some of them are:

  • CRM Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Analytics Manager

Let’s conclude 

To become a digital marketing specialist, you need to have a clear understanding of all the digital marketing channels and learn all that is required to focus on a specified area of interest.

In this role, you will have the same objectives and goals of a marketing professional such as increasing brand awareness, promoting company products or services, and driving prospects to conversions.

But the major difference is you use the online platform to effectively communicate the strategies through appropriate technology platforms.

It is a great time to start your career in Digital Marketing. The diversity of this field gives you plenty of choices.

Do you want to become a successful digital marketer? You always have to improve your digital marketing skills and stay ahead in the competition.

Every challenge and opportunity helps you to get more experience.

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