Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in the USA

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When buying weed seeds online, you should focus on the three main aspects: vendor’s reliability, product quality, and strain range.

After in-depth review and evaluation, we offer the best places to buy marijuana seeds in US online in different states.

1. ILGW (I Love Growing Weed)

ILGM is well-known both in the US and abroad. Robert Bergman, the founder of the store, uses 25 years of experience in the field to deliver quality seeds of all kinds. The key feature of the store is a wide range of strains.

ILGW offers weed seeds for newbies and experienced cultivators, autoflowers, CBD- and THC-rich strains, and seeds for different climates or indoor cultivation.

2. Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds is a chain of seed banks spread across continents, including North America. They specialise in autoflower, feminised, regular, and CBD seeds for new and veteran growers.

Rocket Seeds provide 24/7 customer support to guarantee good yield and share knowledge with beginners. One of their key advantages is a creative approach to discrete shipping — they use random items to hide the seeds and increase the chances that they won’t be discovered.

3. Herbies

Herbies offers an enormous collection of seeds from different breeders available in one place. More than 2,000 types of seeds are available.

A flexible filter helps sort the seeds by multiple parameters and also allows sorting by breeders. This helps find a product that perfectly suits one’s needs and experience. Friendly and informative customer support, a set of helpful articles, and discrete packaging options complement the shopping experience.

4. Seedsman

If you are a sophisticated connoisseur looking for something special, Seedsman is your choice. They offer a wide array of breeders with many exclusive, award-winning strains.

00 Seeds, Ace Seeds, Barney Farm’s, and dozens of other breeders can be found here. If you know what you are looking for in a weed seed, this is the place where you will most probably find it.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in the USA

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in the USA

Here are the best places to buy weed seeds online in the USA:

  • ILGW (I Love Growing Weed).
  • Rocket Seeds.
  • Herbies.
  • Seedsman.

There are many places to buy marijuana seeds online, but not all of them are legit and deliver what you order.

If you order your weeds from the wrong store, you could end up with a bad experience with your marijuana seed order. You might get male plants instead of female plants or get fewer weed seeds than you should because you ordered online.

On the other side, finding a quality weed supplier online can help ensure the success of your cannabis business for years to come.

Is it legal to buy Marijuana seeds online in the USA?

Before you buy Marijuana seeds online in the USA, you need to answer this question truthfully. However, the answer to this question depends on the laws in your local jurisdiction on cannabis consumption, but it is much less frowned upon by law enforcement than it used to be.

In most cases, the worst thing that will happen when you buy marijuana seeds online is that the local authorities might confiscate your order. But with the global enlightenment and general acceptance of weeds, you shouldn’t get in any legal trouble as a result of buying weeds online. However, be sure to check with your local laws first.

To overcome this legal hurdle, many marijuana seed banks offer things like stealth shipping and insurance. These measures are designed to ensure that your order gets to you safely wherever you are.

What types of cannabis seeds are available online?

What types of cannabis seeds are available online?

You will need to know whether you are buying regular or feminized cannabis seeds and whether the seeds are autoflowering. The sex of your cannabis seeds is important because only female plants create flowers and the flowers are what people smoke.

1. Regular weed seeds

If you buy regular weed seeds, you’ll get a mix of female and male plants. This requires you to learn how to tell the male and female weed seeds apart. You are also to remove the male cannabis seeds immediately since they are generally considered useless.

If you don’t remove the male cannabis seeds, they’ll pollinate the female plants, creating low-quality, seed-filled buds.

2. Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds will only produce female plants. These feminized weed seeds can be more expensive than regular seeds, and you also usually get less in each order.

Feminized cannabis seeds are not as high-maintenance as regular weed seeds.

3. Autoflowering weed seeds

Autoflowering weed seeds are also designed to be low-maintenance. With regular cannabis seeds, you have to change the amount of light they get at certain times to trigger the flowering process. Autoflowering weed seeds will flower regardless of any effort on your part.

Autoflowering plants can be left to grow outdoors. This is very convenient for amateur and experienced weed growers who want some low-maintenance plants.

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