6 Brand Awareness Tips for Creating a Powerful Brand Strategy + Bonus Inspiration Case

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Written By Bethany Watson

When you think about the brands that are the most popular, you may be thinking about Coca-Cola, Lays, Apple, Google, etc.

For example, in the case of Google. We all know what is Google’s logo, we all know how to use it, we even use the wording “google something”, rather than search for something on the Internet.

Google is a very good example of brand awareness. But let’s face it, the company is huge. Hundreds if not thousands of people work to make sure people are aware of all Google products and what they can offer. It is nice to use Google’s case as inspiration, but probably not as a role model.

In this article, you can learn what is brand awareness, what is the difference between brand awareness and brand identity, and the tips that may help you increase your brand’s awareness.

Brand Identity and Brand Awareness

Brand identity is what determines the brand. It is what people think about when they hear the name of the brand.

If the brand identity is carefully thought of before creating the product, it triggers strong emotions. As a result, people associate this brand with something. For example, Apple is cool and safe, Ikea furniture items are stylish and comfortable.

6 Brand Awareness Tips for Creating a Powerful StrategyBrand awareness is a term used to describe a process when an owner of the brand is using various means to cultivate the recognition of the brand among users. The tools that companies use are ads, messages, the design of the brand, social networks, etc. 

Simply put, brand awareness is how well-known the brand is. That’s why it is so important to increase brand awareness, it helps boost sales, people prefer this brand over all others, etc. Brand identity is important too. Without a strong brand identity, you can’t successfully promote the brand. Thus, the brand won’t gain more awareness.

So, if you have a nice brand that has a strong identity, and you need to promote it, then you need to boost brand awareness among users. Here are some useful tips on increasing brand awareness. And at the end of the article, there is one interesting inspiration case. 

6 Practical Tips to Boost Brand Awareness

At the beginning of the article, you have read about Google. It is one of the best examples of brand awareness.

But even though you might not have a huge budget to promote your brand, you still can create a strong strategy and implement it. Even if you have an e-store or you are branding your fitness business, you can succeed.

Below you can check out six tips on how to succeed. 

1. Strong Identity

Before you start boosting the awareness of your brand, there must be something behind the concept of a brand. What is that you are promoting? What is your brand’s identity?

When customers are debating whether to purchase your product or another brand’s product, they are trying to figure out what you have that the other product doesn’t. So, the first step is to analyze your competitors to add traits that your competitors don’t have.

Whether you are working on a brand of chocolate, or you are trying to design a website to establish a strong brand identity, this step is a must. Your brand has to stand out from the crowd, it needs to have something that makes you cooler than your competitors.

You can try to find an issue and offer a solution. A solution would be your brand. That way your brand stands out and gains an identity that makes users decide to buy the products or services.

2. Consistent Branding

When trying to boost brand awareness, it is essential to reach out to every possible client. That’s why it is so important that you are consistent with promoting your brand on all the needed platforms. And what is even more important, is that your message is always about the same concept.

For instance, if you have a brand that solves a user’s problem, and it is easy to use, then make sure that on all channels you promote the same message. Your website should reveal how and why your brand solves the problem, and that it is easy to use your products. The same message should be presented on social networks where you promote your brand.

Whenever a user sees your posts, they convey the same message. It shows that you are reliable and your products are trustworthy.

As a result, if your brand promotions are seen by the same user several times, they will memorize what your brand is about. And that is already a huge step towards boosting brand awareness!

3. Positivity

6 Brand Awareness Tips for Creating a Powerful StrategyBrand awareness is different for different brands. For example, one brand may be all about the simple experience, another is all about styles, etc. These are positive concepts and the positivity attracts users. No one wants negativity, and no successful brand has something negative in its strategy.

Even when talking about the brand’s traits that the competitors don’t have, all successful brands are emphasizing on how their brand can help. They don’t emphasize that their competitors are bad. In a similar vein, promotion campaigns should be positive. 

By positive we mean they should be helpful, interesting. They shouldn’t bring people down or ruin their mood.

For instance, when promoting a gym, it is not recommended to show pictures of people with excessive weight and mocking them in any way. Such a strategy will only upset someone and they won’t buy your subscription. Instead, explain how they can gain good results and a nice body.

4. Learn Your Audience

Without knowing who is interested or might be interested in your services or products, you can’t build a successful campaign. The ads simply won’t reach the target audience, as a result, a huge hole in your budget and no sales. 

It is essential to learn who is your audience and what are their interests. That’s how you can create posts that your clients can relate to. And when your messages reach the right people, brand awareness is boosted. 

5. Include Your Story

You can’t boost brand awareness without having a story behind your brand. Maybe not all users read these stories, but most people love to know that there is something special about the brand. 

Include the “About Us” page on your website for people to check out. That way they can learn more about your company and thus get to some conclusions. Which will inevitably lead to increased brand awareness.

6. Use the same Symbols

In this case, we mean logo, URL, name of the company, business name, etc. It is extremely weird when the name of the company is “French Pastry”, the URL of the site is “tastyfood.com”, and the logo uses an image of a bear, and the business name is even more bizarre. People just don’t understand what to think about the company, is it tasty food, is it french pastry, what is it? 

The idea is to convey the same message through all the symbols, just like in the case of using the same message on the same channels. When potential clients see your logo, then read the name of the brand, they already memorize these symbols and attach them to your brand.

Next time they see your logo, they will most likely become aware of your brand. The chances that they order your products are higher.

Bonus Inspiration Case

6 Brand Awareness Tips for Creating a Powerful StrategySometimes brands manage to increase brand awareness during the right time by offering something users can relate to. In 2017, during a holiday season in Germany, a well-known jewelry brand Pandora has decided to increase its popularity and recognition among German citizens.

What have they done? They used Facebook as a platform to promote a short 15-second video of a man gifting a box with a nice necklace to a woman. It was a very simple video, it was short, and it boosted brand awareness. 

First, they used a video, and video content is preferred among users. Moreover, the video was shot and the idea conveyed in that video was clear. Second, users could relate to that video since it was the holiday season and men were looking for ideas of what to present to their loved ones. As a result, boosted brand awareness and increased sales.


It takes time, effort, and a lot of brainstorming to come up with a good strategy for a small business. But results are worth all your time and efforts. It is very important to consistently work with your target audience and to promote your brand. That way you can increase your brand awareness. 

As you can see, it is important to create a successful strategy and to stick to the plan. When you come up with the idea of brand identity, you should keep posting the same message on all social media channels. 

Not only the message about your company should be the same, but also all the symbols should be connected. It is extremely important for brand awareness since that is how you plant a clear thought in the minds of your potential clients. As a result, clients see a clear message, they perceive the brand identity, and they are aware of your brand.

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