Why Blockchain Technology Is Important For Business Growth In 2021

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Written By Mahipalsinh Rana

The world is leaping fast steps towards being the digital world. A lot of things have been possible with the digital revolution.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are revamping the world with their unbeatable and revolutionary solutions. To add more to this digital revolution, blockchain came into the market and changed the digital game entirely!

Blockchain development has revamped how people transact online. A lot of dapps development companies are there in the market that is always trying to develop something different from the blockchain.

And to add more glory to blockchain technology, Bitcoin is a gift of this blockchain technology. So, we know how important blockchain technology is.

But before knowing more about blockchain, let’s see what blockchain is exactly and how it affects our lives. 

What is blockchain technology exactly?

Blockchain is simply a decentralized and distributed public ledger that keeps the track of every single transaction on the ledger, and those ledgers are available publicly.

Why Blockchain Tech Is Important For Business Growth In 2021The great thing about this technology is that every single transaction has a digital signature of the owner and hence the transaction is authenticated and trustable. 

The blockchain network, as the name suggests, is made of a chain of blocks. Every transaction is stored in the public database as a ‘Block’, and a chain consists of such transaction records, and this is called the Blockchain network.

The Bitcoin network is entirely based on this technology. After knowing what blockchain technology is, now let’s see how blockchain has been useful for us during the past days, and how it will be more useful in the upcoming days.

There are a lot of services that are backed by blockchain technology that makes our lives better. Let’s explore such services that are powered by blockchain technology.

1. Blockchain as a service

A lot of startups and enterprises have adopted the blockchain as a service, to host their blockchain applications.

Blockchain as a service is a cloud-based service that enables users to develop their digital products based on blockchain. Amazon, the tech giant takes care of blockchain development services that make it easy for developers to create and maintain blockchain applications.

These blockchain applications can be smart contracts or other such applications powered by blockchain. Amazon QLDB is a service of blockchain that powers other blockchain applications.

And this system is an immutable, transparent ledger that provides a permanent record of transactions. 

2. Security

There is no question on the security of blockchain technology, as it is considered as one of the most secure technologies.

The main reason behind it being so secure is that both parties, the payer and the receiver agree on a general agreement and that record is recorded on a public ledger permanently, so security-wise, the blockchain technology will be much better than the existing ones.

So, such days are close when everything will be powered by blockchain and everyone is accepting the blockchain currency.

3. Content streaming

Content streaming is getting more and more popular among youth, middle-aged, and even aged people.

Everyone is streaming their favorite movies and shows from the Internet. So, movie and media streaming is the future, which could be more powerful by the use of blockchain.

Currently, Netflix and Amazon Prime are major content providers, and they can upgrade to blockchain technology and make their content streaming faster and more powerful by the use of blockchain. Netflix, Prime, and Hulu by the use of blockchain technology can be much advanced at the technology level and make their content streaming faster.

So, there may be days when even content streaming is based on blockchain technology, or other such API services backed. Content streaming can achieve content independence, content conceptualization, and a lot more such things with blockchain technology.

4. Security token offerings

STOs or Security Token Offerings have almost replaced the Initial Coin Offerings, which made online transactions much safer.

STOs are fully regulated and compliant which keeps the transaction safe from fraudsters. Blockchain has achieved a huge success in the Security Token Offerings which just toughened the security and achieved the trust of customers as well as merchants.

So, these STOs can work with increased security while keeping the transaction cost down, which is the best thing about the Blockchain.

Results of blockchain

Why Blockchain Technology Is Important For Business Growth In 2020Using blockchain, the results might be very pleasing.

So, there will be more and more companies and startups using blockchain technology and serve us with qualities like these:

1. Transparency

Blockchain Technology makes a permanent entry record of a transaction from both parties, and hence every transaction makes an entry on the public ledger.

So, your transactions become transparent, and no fraudster can illegally claim false claims. So, your digital assets are safe when you make a transaction using Blockchain Technology.

A permanent record can be very useful to record any financial transactions made. So, blockchain-backed Bitcoin can make your every transaction secure. So, there will be increased transparency in financial transactions. 

2. Effectiveness

Blockchain provides increased effectiveness of work performed, so you can expect the right type of work delivered at the right time with blockchain technology.

With blockchain technology, administrative tasks and other similar tasks can be done with super-ease and which will streamline and automate the process, which can bring the revolution in the industry. So, increased work efficiency is quite effective with blockchain technology.

3. Reduced Costs

With blockchain, every transaction made costs far lesser than conventional transactions. So, transaction records on blockchain technology are more likely to increase over time.

Blockchain technology will eliminate third-party costs and administrative costs, so the transactions will be much cheaper financially as well as technically. So, you will see more and more companies adopting blockchain technology to transact online.

There could be a list going on and on of blockchain’s advantages over conventional technologies, but we will cover the most important topics here to know more about it and its advantages.

Final words

There are a lot of applications are there, which we don’t even know that it is powered by the blockchain. The most known application is Bitcoin, due to its hype and its worth.

But, believe it, there are a lot of other applications that are powered by blockchain technology, and we don’t know yet. So, believe it or not, you can thank a lot of applications and technology that is powered by the potential superpower, blockchain!

There could be more reasons to choose blockchain, but due to the limited space, we are covering only a few of them, and the most important ones. 1Maybe we will cover some other blockchain blogs the next time. Till then, Hail blockchain!

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