BitcoinTalk Forum: The Cryptocurrency Forum That Can Make You Rich

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I made some decent amount of dollars as a member of BitcoinTalk forum only when I understood the power and importance of this forum in the cryptocurrency community. I’ll explain how I did it and how you can too later in the post.

The BitcoinTalk forum is iconic in the cryptocurrency community for many reasons. It was created by the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto as a message board for sharing Bitcoin thoughts and other cryptocurrencies. If you’re curious about the man, Satoshi Nakamoto, check out his profile and posts on BitcoinTalk before he disappeared from the forum in December 2010.

The cryptocurrency market is built around its community. All the spike in price, announcements of ICOs and projects, trends and terms like fear, uncertainities, doubts (FUD), HODL, FOMO, etc. all starts from these communities before getting to the the real world.

You must have heard the story behind the popular crypto term HODL. It started from the BitcoinTalk forum. In December 18, 2013, a supposedly drunk member of the forum created the thread “I AM HODLING” instead of “I AM HOLDING” when BTC was crashing. And that was how the epic trend started.

If a coin moons today, there is every possibility that the community behind this coin or project is responsible for this. In fact, there are speculations that “some people” are responsible for deliberately manipulating the market for their own gains.

As a cryptocurrency enthusiast or investor, it is necessary that you are part of some of these communities. Here are some of the basic cryptocurrency communities (forums or social media) you must join immediately. You’ll understand the importance of these communities as you grow in the business.


This is a free blog and community based on the Steem blockchain that is used for marketing and PR purposes of cryptocurrency and bitcoin related projects. The advantage of using Steemit is that you earn while you blog.


Telegram is similar to WhatsApp in many ways. The only major difference is that Telegram is focused on building communities. It has robust features that supports community growth and management. This is one of the reasons why it is a popular platform for ICOs, airdrops, pumps, FA, and cryptocurrency tips.


The cryptocurrency community seems to be one of the few communities on Twitter that is not angry. The community is fun, witty, intelligent, supportive, and united towards the same purpose: airdrops, pumps, FA, marketing, and memes.


Everyone seems to have something to say on Medium and the crypto community is not left out. Here, you’ll learn about new projects, announcements, marketing, airdrops and learn about topics and terms in the cryptosphere.


The front page of the internet and cryptocurrency. You will learn about everything here. From personal stories to fundamental analysis (FA), pumps, announcements and every other things that will make your day.


This is a community for comparing different cryptocurrencies, ICOs, prices, etc.


This is a Skype like platform with a personal and community touch. You can connect with the movers and shakers of the cryptosphere in the click of a button.

Being a member of these communities can be overwhelming and stressful. I know. But you wouldn’t mind the stress when you start making passive income by being a member of these communities. For example, most airdrops and bounties requires you to be at least a Junior Member of BitcoinTalk and your ERC 20 Ethereum wallet address before you can participate.

BitcoinTalk Forum Membership Levels

You might be required to deposit a small amount of bitcoin into a particular bitcoin wallet to activate your account. Please do it but make sure you understand what you are doing before you proceed with the payment so as not to lose your funds.

As a member of BitcoinTalk forum, the main ranks that can be handed out to normal users are: Brand New, Newbie, Jr. Member, Member, Full Member, Sr. Member, Hero Member and Legendary. In addition to these main rankings, there are also sub-rankings that can be applied, which are: Donator and VIP.

Finally, staff sub-rankings on BitcoinTalk forum are as follows: Staff, Moderator, Global Moderator, Administrator, and Founder. The Founder position is reserved for Satoshi himself.

The rankings are explained below:

Brand New: 0 posts, gets 1 gold coin under their name.

Newbie: (none), gets 1 gold coin under their name.

Jr. Member: Activity: 30, gets 1 gold coin under their name.

Member: Activity: 60, gets 2 gold coins under their name.

Full Member: Activity: 120, gets 3 gold coins under their name.

Sr. Member: Activity: 240, gets 4 gold coins under their name.

Hero Member: Activity: 480, gets 5 gold coins under their name.

Legendary: Activity: the Legendary member group has no universal activity requirement.

In the past, you are guaranteed to become Legendary somewhere between 775 and 1030 activity, but the exact point in this range at which you become Legendary is random per user. Now, you must have some number of merits before you get to this rank. And the same applies to all the other ranks too. This new system was introduced in early 2018.

The activity number is updated every hour and is determined by the number of two-week periods in which you’ve posted since your registration and your posts.

Every cryptocurrency community hate spammers, so don’t be one if you don’t want to be banned. After registration, you can click on your profile to know your profile ID and url. Your profile ID is all the numbers after “u” in your profile url.

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