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Complete Bitcoin Trading Guide for Beginners 

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

Investing in Bitcoin sounds very attractive for beginners, but there are a few things you should consider before you start. This Bitcoin trading guide offers you the basic aspects you should remember. 

What Is Trading? 

Trading is the most fundamental concept you should learn when you are interested in Bitcoin. It is very simple: it consists of buying and selling assets. However, the specific moment when you decide to buy or sell is what matters. 

In many cases, the term trading refers to short-term actions. On these occasions, you enter and exit positions in a relatively short period – for example, day traders have to do it before the day is over.  

What Is Investing? 

What Is Investing?

While trading consists of buying and selling assets, investing is relocating your assets intending to make profits. 

Unlike trading, investing is usually a long-term approach, and you have to be patient. The main goal of investors is accumulating wealth over a long time, which is why having a diverse investment portfolio is so important. 

Investors don’t worry too much about short-term losses because they tend to see the bigger picture. Therefore, if you invest, focusing on the long-term outcomes is essential.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies 

Now that you understand what trading and investing entails, you should know more about Bitcoin and other cryptos. 

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets, which are protected by a technology called the blockchain. Bitcoin was the first crypto to become immensely popular, and it originated in 2008 after a person or persons under name Satoshi Nakamoto launched it. 

Bitcoin has revolutionized the world of economy and finance because its characteristics make it an attractive investment opportunity for many people.

Researching the crypto market can be a confusing and daunting task. There are numerous terms and concepts that need to be understood in order to make sense of the market, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

Informative blogs and tutorials, and glossaries of crypto terms are valuable resources for anyone hoping to learn more about this complex market. By providing clear definitions of key terms and explaining how the algorithms work, these resources can help to make the research process more manageable.

At the same time, thousands of people trade every day and try to take advantage of what Bitcoin has to offer. If you use a platform like Bitcoin Era, everything can be much easier.  

Why You Should Have a Bitcoin Trading Strategy

Why You Should Have a Bitcoin Trading Strategy

Having a Bitcoin trading strategy or the best tools like Bitcoin Era is essential if you want to diversify your investment portfolio and make smart decisions.  

Without a strategy, you would only make random choices. Although it might work from time to time, eventually, it is bound to make you fail. 

Traders often use different strategies to achieve their goals, but there are similarities: firstly, you have to decide what you are trading and how you are going to trade it. Then, you must choose what will be your entry and exit points. 

Portfolio Management 

Managing your portfolio means you are creating and handling different investments. Therefore, it consists of analyzing all your investment decisions, monitoring them, and determining if they are benefitting you or not. 

In the case of Bitcoin, your portfolio management is probably going to include evaluating other cryptos as well. Once you take a look at your investment choices, you can compare them to your expectations and decide if they’re worth it or not. 

When you manage your portfolio, you have to set goals for yourself. In other words, you need to decide if a specific investment choice is benefitting you on a short or long-term basis. Therefore, if you spot a currency or token that seems too risky, you can turn things around. 

Managing Risks 

Risk management is the last aspect to consider when you trade or invest in Bitcoin. Using platforms like bitcoin motion can make the process smoother, but all investments require you to take risks. 

When you evaluate risks, consider the short and long-term effects of your choice. Additionally, take into account external factors such as market trends. 


You need time and discipline to develop the best Bitcoin investment strategies, but now that you have the basics, you can get started.

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