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A lanyard is a decorative cord of fabric worn around the neck to carry items such as ID cards and keys that you would otherwise have to carry in your hands.

Lanyards have an attachment hook or clip that is used to fasten the items at one end securely. They are used by students, professionals, media officials, and regular people that tend to lose simple things like keys.

Benefits of a Lanyard

Multiple-purpose and versatile lanyards have become extraordinarily useful accessories. They enhance your professional look and allow you instant access through identification and security checks. They come in handy to advertise your organization at various social and corporate events.

This “hands-free method” of carrying items is also incorporated in sports. We often see referees and umpires wearing whistles around their necks attached to a lanyard. You can also attach your water bottle and a camera to lanyards for easy access. 

With so much to offer, lanyards are quickly becoming a popular corporate and everyday add-on. You will see them all around you, in schools, government buildings, backstage in a fashion show, in a sports event, and even in musical concerts.

The media persons are also seen frequently displaying their badges and media identities on a lanyard. Suffice to say, lanyard fever is peaking and will not come down anytime soon. 

In this review – guide, we bring you the best lanyards suitable for every individual and organization, no matter the occasion.

The Best Lanyards In Market - Top Features and Review 2020

Custom-made Lanyards

Introducing the perfect combination of affordability and durability in the market 4inlanyards leads in making custom lanyards and identification products, providing an array of variety to their customers at the lowest possible rates.

Material and Size   

Unique lanyards are produced with superior-quality nylon or polyester that is comfortable when worn around the neck. The fabric does not cause skin irritation nor does it catch the thread of your sweater or scarf.

If you need the webbing of the lanyard to be super-comfortable then they offer a Tubular belt that is highly recommended that is smooth and gentle on the skin.

The lanyards are incredibly lightweight, and the wearer can continue wearing them for long hours. Particular lanyards are available in different sizes, but for convenience, you can customize the size of lanyards.

Lanyard Uses based on Features

1. Sublimated Pieces

Businesses and institutions are usually colour-oriented. They have a special colour scheme that is unique to their brand.

The guys at 4inlanyards understand this perfectly well and use the sublimation techniques to colour their lanyards, ensuring high-quality dying and a large selection of colours so that everyone can find a lanyard that suits their needs and requirements perfectly.

The available colour palette ranges from light subtle colours such as grey and light blue to sharp and bright shades such as royal blue, purple, and burgundy. You also have the option of providing a specific colour code in which you want your lanyard dyed and have an exact version delivered to your doorstep.

2. Customizable

The brand offers tools online to help you create a personalized lanyard imprint with your company’s contact information stamped on it. You can use it in place of a business card at any business event as a marketing tool for advertising purposes.

In case you are not able to come up with a design that is unique and creative and supports the theme of your company, the brand team will provide inspiring artwork within a couple of hours of placement of the order and will have it manufactured only after you approve it.

This means you can request multiple revisions of the design until you have the perfect lanyard for your corporate needs.

3. Appealing

Their exclusive nylon lanyards are lustrous in appearance. You can easily have your logo or company name printed on them for the upcoming trade show or give them to visitors as a free token or gift.

Everyone loves free things and to have something useful such as a lanyard – an accessory which can be used later on to safely wear ID cards, badges, and even keys – visitors are bound to give in to the appeal. An audience in large numbers is sure to get attracted to your booth.

While it will be a staff identification solution for the event, you can simultaneously utilize it as a promotional strategy. Their designs are cheerful, not overly flashy, and hence perfect for all.

The Best Lanyards In Market - Top Features and Review 20204. Safe Attachment

The clips and attachment of lanyards provide secure fastening of ID and other items. The hooks are sturdy and you will not have to worry about dropping things.

Unlike other lanyards, the clips that hold keyrings are not loose and they can hold items that are heavier than keys and pens including your cellphone and a camera.

5. Price

Due to their increased demand, some suppliers sell these humble pieces of fabric at an outrageous price, but not this brand.

Nearly known for its premium-quality lanyards at factory direct price – wholesale bulk rates, 4inlanyard is all about providing budget-friendly branded lanyards that are within the approach of all businesses and institutions – whether large scale or small.

6. Durability

Some manufacturers trick their customers into buying lanyards that are made of low-quality material and hence wear out quickly. This leads to buying frequently and although they sell their products at a meagre price, purchasing the same thing over and over again eventually gets taxing on the pockets.

However, this brand stands out from the rest because it never compromises on quality. Their products are extremely durable. You can be sure to use it daily for many years without having to worry about buying a new one every few days.

You might have to buy a new lanyard because of its exquisiteness but never because they have worn out.

7. Discounts

Even though their retail products are already sold at wholesale rates, their generous discounts for large orders prove their commitment to their customers, making them our favourite lanyard producers.

They also offer exclusive discounts for small businesses, and this proves that the brand is affordable for businesses and individuals of class and levels.

Efficient Service

1. In-Time Delivery

This brand’s most praiseworthy attribute is providing timely delivery on regular orders; they are equally efficient in attending to last-minute rush orders, delivering the product within five days without compromising on quality.

The best part is that they allow you to decide when you want to have your goods delivered and there are no excuses. Once the date is fixed you are bound to receive the package; the brand never disappoints customers and has efficiently upheld the policy of no delays.

2. Return Policy

It is seldom the case that clients do not like the products delivered but even if it happens the 100 per cent money-back commitment. The return policy is simple.

You simply need to send a mail to after-sales customer service staff and they will reply to you within 24 hours. After reviewing the problem and verifying whether the mistake is made by the customer or manufacturers; a quick refund is arranged for the clients.

Based on all the features mentioned above, we can confidently claim that these lanyards are the best investment that you can make to fulfil your requirements and budget.

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