7 Best Business Ideas You Can Try in 2023

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Written By Lilly Miller

Starting your own business is a dream many individuals have. Setting your own schedule, answering to no one, and doing what you truly love are incredible benefits you simply can’t experience when working for someone else.

However, building the best business can also be an intimidating process, especially when you consider the high number of startups that fail each year.

To reach success, you need a unique and profitable idea, so here are some of the best business ideas you can explore in 2023:

Digital Creation

1. Digital Content Creation

Content creation is a favourite among young individuals just stepping into entrepreneurship, and for good reason.

Starting this business comes at a particularly low cost, but it can offer great rewards in terms of income potential. The biggest issue with becoming a digital creator is amassing a substantial following to support your lifestyle, but it is not that difficult to achieve with unique, interesting, and compelling content that instantly attracts audiences.

Digital content creation also gives you the freedom to choose the platforms that suit you the most, whether you opt for writing a blog, making YouTube videos, or posting content on other social media networks.

2. SEO Options

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves a specific set of processes that help websites to rank higher on search engine results pages.

As the number of websites continues to increase, so does the need for specialized SEO services. They allow sites to increase their visibility, expand their reach, and support success. That is why providing SEO services is such a good business idea, whether you start your own business or decide to work as a freelancer.

There are also a number of specializations you can choose from in this field, such as performing SEO audits, link-building, writing content, and streamlining on-page SEO.

3. Dropshipping

The e-commerce sector is rapidly expanding, with dropshipping businesses becoming some of the most popular side hustle opportunities.

This type of online store allows you to sell products without too much logistical effort, as you don’t have to worry about factors such as shipping and inventory. All you have to do is to partner with a certain supplier and place their products on a specialized marketplace or your own website.

When you receive an order from a customer, your supplier will ship the products directly to the consumer. Your responsibilities will revolve around customer service and marketing instead.


4. Auto Detailing Business

The necessity of personal vehicles is an easy aspect to leverage.

While it might seem like competition is too high in this sector, especially with so many automated car wash companies, this is only a superficial service. It takes care of the vehicle’s exterior with no regard for the interior. That is why you might want to start a detailing business and easily beat the competition.

Auto detailing involves meticulously cleaning, reconditioning, and refurbishing vehicles to make them look brand new. This is a brilliant service that continues to rise in demand and presents great revenue possibilities.

5. Handyman services

Another traditional small business idea that is always highly sought-after is handyman services. Whether you plan on taking some classes or already have experience in the field, you can start by providing handyman services to businesses and individuals in your area.

From painting and woodwork to plumbing and complete remodelling, a number of different jobs are included in this service. That is why it might be a good idea to work as an apprentice under a different professional before starting your own small business, along with gaining suitable licenses and insurance policies.

Handyman services

6. Event planning

As the specialized services industry continues growing, options such as becoming an event planning expert are more profitable and appealing than ever before.

You can build a small business in this sector by starting will smaller local events such as baby showers and birthday parties before moving on to larger events like corporate functions and weddings.

Having great networking skills and exceptional attention to detail will be quite beneficial here, as you’ll have to coordinate with clients, venues, and vendors regularly. Specializing in certain types of events can also be a good idea to help you beat the rising competition.

7. Consultancy

Becoming a consultant can be a wonderful solution if you need more freedom and flexibility. This is one of the best businesses that will give you the opportunity to choose your specialization, leading you to a wide variety of industries and niches.

For example, you can offer your knowledge and expertise to companies requiring guidance in areas such as business strategy, corporate finances, digital marketing, sustainability initiatives, and more. Another great benefit of consulting is the fact that you can do the job in a physical office, work in the field, or even invite clients to your own home.

From digital careers to traditional services, there are plenty of options for small businesses. Choose the best business solution that suits your personality and preferences the most, and you will surely achieve entrepreneurial success in 2023.

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