The Top 3 Benefits Of Joining A Labor Union Today (2023)

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Written By Adeyemi Adetilewa

What are the benefits of joining a labor union today?

In the distant past, workers had very few rights. They couldn’t get weekends off, often worked in unsafe conditions, and made very little pay.

They didn’t have many resources to do anything about it until labor was organized and unions formed. After that, the middle class rose considerably and people worked safely and for better pay.

These days, labor unions are smaller than ever and worker’s rights are eroding. If you find yourself wondering if it is worth it to join an Alberta labour union but isn’t sure, then you need to know some information.

Once you see the benefits of joining a labor union, it will become clear that joining a union is a good move. In this article, we will go over the benefits you’ll get when you join a labor union. 

1. Collective bargaining power

One important thing labor unions can do is called “collective bargaining.”

Collective bargaining is when union members work together to negotiate with their employer. This could be about anything from wages and health insurance coverage to safety rules. When workers band together, they have more power to get a fair deal.

In the past, labor unions have used collective bargaining to win higher wages for their members. They’ve also made workplaces safer and helped workers get benefits like health insurance. These are big wins, and they show the power of collective bargaining.

If you are alone requesting these things, then the chances of being heard are slim. When you are a group and demand things then things get done. You might not win all of the battles, but you’ll come out ahead when you collectively bargain.

Job security

2. Job security

A major advantage of joining a labor union is the job security and protection they provide.

Labor unions help protect members from being fired without a good reason. If a boss wants to let someone go, the union makes sure there’s a fair process. This is very helpful for workers. It means they can focus on doing their jobs well, without worrying about losing their jobs unfairly.

Without this benefit, many people are fired for basically no reason. You could be discriminated against, retaliated against, or made redundant to make room for the boss’s relative. 

Unions have a process to handle this. It is called a grievance process. This allows workers to raise issues and get them sorted out. The union will stand up for you and make sure your concerns are heard.

Better pay

3. Better pay

One of the major benefits of joining a labor union is that you can see a bump in pay. Union workers often earn more than non-union workers. This is known as the “union wage premium.”

This is due to the fact that you can collectively bargain so everybody makes more money. It is a key tool in this process. When workers negotiate as a group, they are more likely to secure higher wages. 

It doesn’t matter what your job is, or how long you’ve been doing it. The labor union aims to get you a wage that matches the value of your work.

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