Is Becoming An Electrician a Good Career Choice Today

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‘The wire becomes fire when it is prepared to compromise the quality standard. The market is full of diversity. You have the right to choose your own security.’ Said someone who knew the true value of an electrician. 

A wrong career choice can lead you to burdensome work throughout life.

Here, it may interest you to know that more than 45 percent of workers are pleased with work, 20 percent have just started a career thus are passionate, and lastly, 33 percent have almost come to a dead-end of their professional lives.

There can be countless reasons behind it. For instance, a poor or declining pay scale, no more career opportunities, no additional perks of working in a particular industry, hard-working job, more hassle and less pays, etc. 

In addition to this, Forbes revealed in its Conference Board report that around 53 percent of workers from multiple work classes, professions, and industries are not happy at their workplace. The reason can be any, but the result is similar, an unhappy working attitude at the office premises. 

Here, it becomes necessary to watch out different aspects of the career you are preferring, find out if it meets all your expectations ranging from work nature to monetary benefits, and then proceed. 

Now when talking about a propelling career, people often look down on being an electrician. This profession is often associated with being a low-grade worker throughout life. Whereas, it is merely a myth.

Electricians make a handsome amount out of their hard work. Rest, it all depends on the kind of electrician you have decided to proceed with. In case you are considering being an electrician as to your profession, here is all you should know to make up your mind. 

Who is an electrician?

Is Becoming An Electrician a Good Career Choice Today [2021]An electrician is a professional worker who works with electrical power supply management and systems. They are responsible for installing, testing, maintaining, and wiring electrical systems, fixtures, etc., at home or office premises. An electrician in croydon work outdoor or indoor, depending on the type of requirements. 

Generally, they specialize in stationary machines, wiring of newly-constructed buildings, transmission lines, electrical supply management, and overall repair and maintenance of electrical sockets and lines. They play an important role during the time of construction of a building (residential or commercial). 

Common duties of an electrician include:

  • Visiting the construction sites to install wires, controlling electricity access, and constructing an intricate and well-planned lighting system in all corners of the building.  
  • Developing a blueprint of the electrical system defining the outlets, circuits, etc. Such electrical wireframes are required at buildings and newly constructed commercial factories for a seamless electronic flow of electricity. 
  • Using and evaluating the testing devices to detect issues in the electrical equipment. 
  • Adhering to all the rules and regulations imposed by the National Electrical Code for state or federal areas. 
  • Working with hand tools to repair faulty sections in the wiring system.
  • Working with a team or aligning given tasks to the entire team. 
  • Drafting the designs based on the regulations made by the local authorities. 

Why should one go for a profession like an electrician?

Career advancement: There is always an advanced degree or course, helping an electrician upgrade their career and roles.

Here, all you need is to go for higher best online electrician programs or Master’s electricians’ courses, which let you perform higher roles with better pay. There are several streams, courses, certifications, and Master’s degrees available to choose from. 

Union membership: Most of the electricians in the United States are a member of a union. And Union members have complete access to benefits like healthcare, finance, job security, etc.

Depending on the stream and location, there are different rules and perks available for electricians. You can become a member of a local authority union through a predefined process. 

Flexible workflow: An electrician has complete liberty either to join an agency or to work independently. Both the work cultures have ample opportunities and benefits waiting for an electrician.

The major requirement is to attain a certified electrician training or course which adds value to your skills. You are deciding to work as a self-employed electrician, prefer getting the certificates and license to authenticate your services.

Most of the self-employed electricians in the United States start working independently after obtaining enough experience working under an agency or company. This helps them fetch insights into this profession while understanding the standard service charging criteria.

Further, this experience can be utilized in setting up a personal venture in this stream. There are numerous ways to tenfold your venture in this profession like – get a website developed, market it in the local area for better response, and try to rule the local area to display your venture as a brand. 

Pay: You get as much as you demand. But yes, for this you would require to have good years of experience, a remarkable reputation in the local market, and a long list of clientele to fetch new ones.

All of this becomes easier when you have the experience, certificate, and updated license to work as an electrician. Once you have a few clients and good references in your kitty, you can demand a desirable yet reasonable amount of service charges. 

What is the need of the hour?

Is Becoming An Electrician a Good Career Choice Today [2021]To have a successful and ever-growing professional growth in the electrical engineering stream, you would need to have a good grip on the required educational degrees and diplomas.

Undergo electrical training and certifications to tenfold the value of your knowledge. Here, choosing the right academic institutes to sub-category type decides the overall value of your electrical engineering career and growth.

Those who are new to this and don’t have any clue about which sub-stream and designation would work the best, consult a professional before taking any step. 

The last line 

Undoubtedly, electricians do enjoy superb job prospects. Besides this, they get leverages in their career and at work too.

An electrician can associate with an agency or work independently deciding his service charges. At last, all it takes is quality knowledge or electrician training, acquiring the right set of skills, and you are done!

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