How’s AI Gonna Change the Future? A Sector-Wise, Wise Discussion

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Written By Vasu Naman

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly and silently expanding. It is offering a lot of benefits in our modern life.

Some believe that by the end of 2050, AI is going to change our lifestyle completely. And some believe that it will take more and more time for the AI to flourish properly!

It is a true fact that now we are experiencing the narrow Artificial Intelligence benefits. We have not even gotten the glimpses of the Strong AI yet. But still, there are potentials that AI can change the world and bring more ease and pace. 

Today from smartphones to smart chatbots, we are enjoying everything. Artificial Intelligence is getting more ubiquitous day by day. We may not understand the changes or benefits directly. But when Facebook suggests you videos that you like to watch without even searching, you better be sure that AI is there! 

Do you know how fast Artificial Intelligence is evolving? 

From driverless cars to facial recognition software, we have been enjoying the contributions of Artificial Intelligence. It is not that AI is only limited to a few industries. Today, all the industries are trying to adopt AI and grow in a new way.

According to many AI experts, AI really possesses the potential to change the traditional images of all the industries along with the AI-industry.

There are some boundaries that Artificial Intelligence is facing currently. Lack of proper resources and expertise are the main two obstacles that AI is facing today. AI needs the right minds and tools to grow and shape the future. 

Now we can give you an idea of how AI is going to shape the future of all industries. In order to make the changes possible, AI needs an adequate amount of support. And only with that, the future changes will be possible.

Now, let’s divide the entire society into the various sectors/industries and see how AI is going to change them-

How AI is going to change the future of industries/sectors

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Future Today1. Transportation

We have seen very little examples of advanced cars. I mean cars without the need for drivers. But we can say that automation is going to take place at a great level.

For that decade or more, we have to wait. Experts are hopeful that soon autonomous cars are going to change the scenario and fast ferry us to our destinations.

2. Manufacturing

AI-powered robots can work hand in hand with humans and perform a limited scale of work such as assembling, stacking, and doing some predictive analysis.

The predictive analysis sensors will also keep the equipment running smoothly and increase the amount of production.  

3. Healthcare

Probably this is one of the most important sectors where we wish to see more and more fruitful changes. Fast disease diagnoses, drug discovery, virtual nursing assistant, and big data analysis, etc. all these are the true needs of every era.

AI can satisfy these needs at a great level. In this way, saving more lives to improve the patient’s experience, everything can be improved.

Still today, a lot of healthcare settings around the globe do not have the required pace. And only for this single reason, every day a lot of people are losing their lives. But the scenario can be changed if we can implement Artificial Intelligence to the healthcare units rightly. 

4. Education

When the source of knowledge as well as the availability of a tutor are not limited, we can learn more whenever we want. Textbooks are getting digitized and becoming boundaryless.

Apart from this, just like a human teacher, early-stage virtual tutors can assist human instructors and do proper facial analysis to understand the emotion of the students. In this way, it will be easier to understand who is learning and who is just getting bored or who is struggling to learn a subject or topic. 

5. Media

Yes, just like other sectors, the media, and the entertainment sector is also gradually adopting Artificial Intelligence. AI can effectively help this industry rather a lot of media houses are taking the help of AI to serve more accurate news and stay ahead of the folk.

For example, we can say that one of the famous media houses, Bloomberg, has been using Cyborg technology in order to make a fast sense of complex financial reports. 

6. Customer service

Customer service is a very important part of every business. There are lots of people who are simply working in the customer service departments of various companies. This is a mandatory task that every business organization needs to perform.

Google is working on an AI assistant that can do human-like calls and offer the support up to an extent. In addition to these, we can say that the system with the support of Artificial Intelligence is going to understand both context and nuance.

7. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important with the increase in the use of the internet and smart devices. Hackers are smart. But companies are trying to be smarter so that their operations and all can be properly safe and secure.

According to experts, AI can enable self-learning and automation capabilities. And these are really helpful to enable data protection more systematically and affordably. 

The ultimate future look of Artificial Intelligence

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Future TodayHow are we gonna collaborate with AI? Will AI replace us? How will AI be different from us? These questions will be always on the plate until we all can see the actual future of AI. 

But we can say that the future Artificial Intelligence is going to be more intelligent as well as sophisticated. The great difference we are going to coin is that the future AI will be able to learn more than what we teach them.

Apart from this, there will be some predictable changes also such as the use of speech to text, proper integration of computer vision, improved machine learning algorithms, and deep learning. So, now it is clear that these technologies are going to create more and more new opportunities in engineering, science, and technology. 

Along with the opportunities, there will be some boundaries or limitations too. Already there is a lack of resources and proper support for AI growth. But we hope that AI and its future will not be limited to discussion only.

Technology is improving each day and there’s no chance of going back. Or we can say that nothing can stop AI to go beyond the limitations of humans. 

Now we can say that the next generation AI is going to be smart systems that are as intelligent as we are. They can be smarter or more resilient too! They will be able to perform the feats of technology that require human-level technology to perform today. Even they will be able to do the tasks that humans are not able to do. 

Today we are experiencing the very first generation of Artificial Intelligence. From the above discussion, now we can guess how it is going to look in the future or shape the future.

It is the hope of 2020 that in near future we can see AI as an existing opportunity and it will help us to create more jobs in the future. But there is a fear too that if technology can completely replace a human and his/her efforts, the existence of humans may go through eradication. “AI’s likely to be either the best or worst thing ever to happen to humanity“- Stephen Hawking, the theoretical physicist.

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