After-Hours Answering Service Creates Better Customer Experiences

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Written By Richard Sanderson

When it comes to sustaining any size of a business in both the online and offline world, and efficient resolution of time and service both in the combine is imperative.

To keep your business efficiency and productivity afloat, especially after the business hours, during the absence of the business representatives, taking the help of outside resourced virtual assistance like business call answering service has no alternative. 

But why?

In this era of digitization and overly competitive market, the consumers or potential clients may come for service queries at any of their convenient time of the day.

So even a little time away from the business can be therapeutic as it will cost longer hold times and eventual customer diversion to another service! So it’s quite safe to say that after-hours answering service consummate the customer needs and re-establish authenticity and reliability. 

There are many components of how after-hour call answering service in business can boost prospect and customer value. Here are some of the key reasons for how you can significantly improve your customer service by opting for this virtual assistance.

1. Real people provide a personal touch

After-Hours Answering Service Creates Better Customer ExperiencesWhen people are in need of any kind of service, queries, or expert advice, their first impulse is to make immediate contact with a professional, through either phone or messages.

When the needs are more specific and composite, people prefer verbal inquiries more than looking for a general online search.

In other words, potential customers and existing customers more likely to rely on the customer service of a business who’d adequately address their concerns. 

24/7 call answering solutions for the company to provide the very human and personal touch with the customers, which help the business earn more reliability from the customers.

2. Prioritize customer convenience  

For the business owners, customer lifetime value (CLV) is quite an important metric that helps with assessing the approximate sum of money a customer is predicted to spend with the business, along with the expected revenue from one customer account.

Since this measurement is meant for your current customers, keeping the CLV is essential to the success of any business. Higher CLV means more loyal customers. After-hours answering service is an excellent way of growing CLV for the business.

However, most small and medium-sized companies lack sufficient resources to offer 24-hour call answering coverage for the customers.

The primary objective of integrating a call answering service with a B2B or B2C business is to prioritize customer convenience to its fullest, as an only viable alternative.

A qualified third party after call answering service saves companies from the conundrum of choosing between missing urgent customer queries and expanding their internal resources and exceeding the total expense.

3. Provides around-the-clock access to welcome customers 24/7

Waiting for the business hours for any kind of queries or services is very archaic in the modern world as the customers aren’t shoehorned into calling during normal business hours.

In terms of business perspective, more than 60 percent of after-hours calls can generate a significant portion of revenue as well! The virtual extension of the business hours gives the customers the freedom to call at their convenience without having to sit on hold.

With customer service excellence 24/7 at an affordable price, after-hours call answering service helps customers obtain live support from the virtual representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Moreover, by using customized scripts to convey the business voice and motto accurately, the outsourced third party customer service can also help businesses significantly develop a reputation for commitment to customer satisfaction and earn better customer retention rates.

4. Address human concerns without technology roadblocks

After-Hours Answering Service Creates Better Customer ExperiencesEven though automation and automated self-service solutions are taking over the world in many fields and sectors, it’s still not quite B2C friendly just yet.

Because of the availability of many online solutions, people have little tolerance towards complicated technology-constrained solutions, especially when their issues are urgent enough to make the calls.

Investing in after-hours call service is an economical way to add value to the business and proactive customer service. 

Besides, many elderly customers are still very pronounced with their dissatisfaction with not so humane technology and the stiff auto-generated voice records.

The call dropping rate is alarmingly higher when customers see the endless prerecorded prompts as well!

The trained representatives of after hour call answering service recognize the customer suitability and concerns without any technology roadblocks or disruptions.

Moreover, this virtual call service may sometimes be more practical than a sales pitch because it can make customers feel like the service representatives and the business itself genuinely understand their issue after troubleshooting their problem.

5. Set up emergency dispatching

When customers reach out to customer service at odd times, it’s important to recognize the emergency and to act on it right away.

A professional after hours answer service is packed with live emergency dispatching protocol and direct integration with experts and the business itself.

With a timely virtual solution over the phone directly from the professionals by the call answering service is a great way to assure customer retention, whether the business is about medical services, HVAC company, or computer software solution.

Whether you run a medical practice, an HVAC company, or a tow truck company, setting up an emergency dispatching protocol with your answering service is another great way to ensure customer retention.

6. Schedule customer appointments 

Most B2C businesses rely on customer appointments, and proper scheduling of the appointment for business hours is crucial for these businesses.

Customer service unavailability during weekends or post-business hours makes customers less inclined to wait for the business hours and appoint the schedule and look elsewhere for prompt service.

Time is of the essence. And after hour’s answering service can take the full accountability of the customer appointment scheduling needs and accommodation on behalf of the business with a very timely and modern integration of web-based scheduling tool and software.

7. Customize a tier 1 help desk

An after-hour call answering service is capable of handling more responsibilities than just taking down messages and transfer calls.

These services help to maximize customer retention by turning after hour call answering service as a tier 1 help desk that is tailored to provide a different kind of solutions over the phone, by setting up specific protocols for specific scenarios. 

Depending on the business niche and targeted customers, after-hours answering service train their representatives to dig deep into the business core and to understand the possible needs that can occur at any time of the day.

In other words, investing in after-hours answering service gives an increase in higher customer retention by lowering the business’s churn rate, operational rate, and additional charges that businesses might have needed to spend to acquiring new customers and satisfying the current ones.

The advantages after-hour-answering-service are directly targeted for the customer satisfaction that directly reflects back on the business itself.

So if you own a small or medium business under any niche, after hours call answering service can always assist you with superior customer service and keep your business running smoothly by providing call answering services during post business hours, weekends and holidays.

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