5 2D Animation Job Tips for Beginners

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Written By Harry James

2D animation is a great way an artist can give life to their imagination. It let you show the world how you actually see envision your story and characters.

More than that if you are successful in getting a job at a 2D animation company, then you are definitely living a life that many dream of.


However, if you are willing to pursue a career in the animation industry, then have these key pointers in your mind before you start sending out your resumes to any of the 2D animation companies you know.

1. Have a plot

You may have a vivid imagination and right now the story that you might be visualizing seems great. However, in most cases that might not be the case.

Usually, the story might lose its essence as soon as you start proceeding with your animation.

Therefore, it is recommended that you write your plot down and then proceed with your animation.

When you do it this way, you would have a clear story in front of you to proceed with and might save your animation and final work from various loopholes.

A good plot will showcase your creativity and your thought process to anyone who is reviewing your portfolio.

2. Start simple


To gain perfection, it is better to start with the basics and only this way you can gain the experience and excellence.

If you are looking to secure a well paying job at a 2D animation company, then make sure that you have your grounds covered.

Flying or jumping from heights may seem exciting while animating, however, creating them successfully requires a lot of skills.

If you are planning some superheroes who are ready to take on the world, then make sure you draw them in an old style.

Take out your pencil and sketch pad and start with the basic drawing having natural movements.

This technique will help you understand the advanced movements. You would be able to use software and their features in a better way.

Make your process as simple as you can.

3. Write about your character.

While it is important to have a clear story and plot to avoid loopholes, to get the essential editing done when required, and to have a clear and error-free story-line, it is also very important to know your character.

When you write well about your character, your viewers and your audience will connect to the whole animation.

Writing helps you in creating and imagining your character better. You will be able to create styles and look that will meet their description and role.

Moreover, while sketching and creating your character make them in various positions doing various acts to give them a consistent and proper look.

4. Start observing.

To be a successful 2D animator, it is highly important to become a keen observer. If you are good at observing and looking at everything in details, then only you will be able to gain the desired perfection with your animation.

You have to be very crucial with your observation skills since it helps you to do detailing in your animation process.

Several 2D animation companies look for the person who is able to create a content that reaches the heart of the audience. TV shows like Snow White and Lion King gained such hype because their characters were made with great details.

Hence, when you draw, look for the smirk while making your character smile. While making them cry, it should not only be the tears but the overall expression on the face that should be paid attention.

Emotions in your animation can be best delivered through keen observation.

5. Plan and organize

Last but not at all the least is to be organized and planning ahead.

Planning solves various problems in all sorts of jobs, but in animation, it helps you in avoiding error.

As mentioned above that knowing your story is important so is planning each scene in order to frame your story in the right way.

Be clear about what you want to show first and what follows next, make notes to have a clear format and then proceed.

When you are looking for a job in a company, then it is important to have a proper timeline. This will not only help you in getting the work done but will also give you enough space to perform well.

Plan your whole process into different phases and follow the water fall project model as it will help you to work properly on each module.

And wherever improvements are required, you can revisit the module and improve it with your skills.

2D Animation jobs: Conclusion

In the end, before you start working, make sure that you not only have the skills to get the job done but your competencies should be according to the demands and the needs of the industry.

Have your vision clear in order to excel.

A clear vision and confidence upon your skills will enable you to get your dream job with everything according to your standards and needs.B

Working in any 2D animation company is obviously not a piece of cake or a bed of feathers.

It takes a lot of guts to be good at animation and it is not just about the guts or your confidence. The one thing that is going to make you perfect is “practice” and as we all know that practice makes a man perfect.

So, without having any doubts, you should focus on practicing all the types of 2D animation skills and get them gelled with your hand. Be it be motion graphics, white board explainers, typography etc.

You need to be prepared before applying for any 2D jobs. All the soft skills mentioned above are all the necessary elements of being a 2D animator.

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