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Earlier, I published a post on Voissapp in my new user innovation series where I introduced you to this amazing social application. In this article, I will talk more on the pros and cons of Voissapp. VoissApp is an acronym for Voice of Informed Social Students’ Application.

VoissApp is a social media platform for the dissemination of information and for communication purposes on campuses. Through Voissapp, students can communicate and share files (e.g. pdf, mp4, mp3, doc etc.) with each other and with their lecturers.

VoissApp also gives both online and offline notification when you subscribe to the SMS platform. This keeps you always connected everywhere you are information all around you. VoissApp is very easy to use and mobile-friendly.

Signing Up on VoissApp

The signup process is simple and seamless. Visit the VoissApp site to register and simply fill in your details as shown below:

Voissapp Signup

Click on the “I agree to terms and conditions” tab and click on the “signup” button. That is all you need to sign-up and use VoissApp. Don’t forget to check your e-mail for the confirmation link.

One striking feature on the VoissApp home page is the live news feed as shown above where you have easy access to the latest campus gist.

After confirming your e-mail, you can then login with your username and password. Very simple!

The VoissApp Dashboard

Immediately you log in to VoissApp, you are presented with a user interface (UI) where you can easily have access to different feeds such as Latest Gist, Campus News, and Discussions; or even create a new gist topic. You also have access to Corners (Lecturer and Class Rep), Search for classmates and easily see your notifications.

Voissapp- UI

One of the things that I love about VoissApp is its very user friendly dashboard where you can easily personalize the Voissapp interface according to your preferences. You can set preferences for Course mates, Profile, Lecturers’ Corner, Class Rep Corner, Settings, FAQ and Sign out.


VoissApp is truly the voice of the informed social students and this awesome application can easily be downloaded on the google play store.

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