The Headies Awards 2015: An Open Letter to Don Jazzy and Olamide Badoo about Attitude and Business Ethics

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The Headies Awards 2015 is the 10th anniversary of the prestigious award ceremony in Nigeria.

As the Grammy is important to American artistes so also is the Headies Awards important to Nigerian artistes.

The award ceremony is an initiative of Ayo Animashaun and this year’s edition was hosted by a popular comedian in Nigeria, Bovi and a Nigerian dancer who broke the Guinness World record for the longest dance, Kaffy.

The Headies Awards 2015

The recipients of the Headies Awards are chosen through an online voting system on the official Headies website. This particular information very crucial in this article.

Please permit me to digress a bit at this point.

I am not keen about all these entertainment shows or award ceremonies. I was just opportune to see this particular event live on Silverbird Television courtesy Hip TV because I was working on an article to be submitted ASAP.

I needed something to keep me awake and anything would have done that even if the award show is not on.

I think I was made to watch this event live so that I can share my views about the importance of good business ethics and value system.

The entertainment industry is a very profitable one and since it is about business, then it becomes my business to talk about it.

Every successful entrepreneur knows the importance of value system. A set of ideologies to keep you in your place.

And no matter how successful you are or how successful you think you are, the moment you start going against these set of values that brought you to the top, then you should watch it.

Hard work might take you to the top but your depth of character will keep you there.

End of digression

The award show was going on well until it got to the category the Next Rated Artiste in Nigeria were the drama all started from. And from this point on, the event became one sided and eventually ended in a not too good way.

The nominees for this category were: Korede Bello, Reekado Banks, Lil Kesh and one other artiste.

Concerning these nominees, I would like to mention here that two of the nominees, Korede Bello and Reekado Banks are from the same record label Mavins Record with Michael Collins aka Don Jazzy as the boss, who is also a producer.

Lil Kesh is from the YBNL record label with Olamide aka Badoo as the boss.

These two record labels really caused a stir in 2015. It is a known fact that they had a successful year in 2015. Artistes from these records labels were churning out hit singles almost every month and were equally rewarded with mouth-watering sponsorship deals from companies like Etisalat, Globacom, MTN, PEPSI and others.

The drama started immediately Reekado Banks was declared the winner. He hugged the other nominees and said something I think he shouldn’t have said. These are not his exact words but paraphrased. He said that Lil Kesh made him question his own talents. I was shocked but I did not attach much importance to it.

Reekado Banks then hugged Lil Kesh on stage and the other nominees before collecting his prize.

After this incidence, an artiste on the YBNL label, Adekunle Gold won another award for the YBNL label and the whole crew came on stage to celebrate with him.

Then, it happened.

Olamide Badoo, the YBNL boss, took the mic from Adekunle Gold, looked at him straight in the eyes and told him that he knows that Lil Kesh is the Next Rated artiste after churning out hits after hits. Like that wasn’t enough, he went ahead to curse and swore on stage at “anybody”, then he left the stage angrily.

Then after this, Don Jazzy was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award. In his own speech, he pointed out the fact that he doesn’t like awards and that he was only there to support his “children” who are his happiness. He was calm and emotional as he said that “egbon Olamide” should come get car if he so desires it. And from this point the show took a negative turn.

Both parties left the show and other awardees suddenly became absent especially the winners from the two record labels.

An Open Letter to Don Jazzy

Dear Don Jazzy,

I will omit all pleasantries and go straight to the point.

You are a living legend and you don’t need an award to prove that. I am happy that you know this and are humble to the core.

My admiration for you increased a thousand times after your reaction and speech at the 2015 Headies Awards.

Thank you for showing us all in your actions that hard work can get a man to the top but depth of character and values will keep him there.

Please forgive “egbon Olamide” for whatever wrong he has done. Please, keep an open-mind whether he apologizes or not.

I want to believe that he was temporarily drunk with power and couldn’t control his emotions.

We all know how prideful humans can be when it comes to doing the simplest things in life. Words like “sorry” and “please” are very hard to say.

I don’t want this to generate into another unnecessary beef in 2016. You are a father and a role model to many artistes in the industry.

You are a success and an inspiration to us all. You’ve chosen the right path, the path of humility and I so much love you (no homo).


An Open Letter to Olamide Badoo

Dear Olamide Badoo,

I so much love your commitment and passion for success. You are unarguably one of the most hardworking Nigerian artistes out there and you have several hit songs to validate this. You are talented bro and I fell in love with your songs last year.

You were even chosen by fans as the best artiste for the year 2015 on MTV Base. You are really the Badoo.

I saw your passion to see the artistes on your label succeed at the 2015 Headies Awards. It is obvious that you want everyone on your label succeed.

The likes of Lil Kesh and Adekunle Gold are growing fast because you provided the platform. Thank you for this.

At the same time, always put your emotions in check. This is called self-control. You can keep on throwing tantrums when you don’t get what you think you deserve.

These award categories were chosen by fans and if any artistes lost out on any of the awards being nominated for, then such an artistes was not supported enough by his/her fan base.

It is normal to be angry when our hard work is not being recognized but it is abnormal not to have self-control especially in a public place. You are a role model to a lot of young people out there and your actions at the Headies Awards 2015 shows a lot about the depth of your character.

What are you core values Olamide. I would really like to know bro…hit me up with your response here.

I like you a lot Olamide, but I was both surprised and disappointed at your actions. You broke my heart. I lost all the respect I ever had for you.

Please clean up this mess before it gets out of hand.


Apologize to your fans, the Headies Awards organizers, Don Jazzy and to the world publicly and in private.

You don’t need any award to show the world that you are talented and have got talents in your record label. We all know these facts.

I want to believe that this is a mistake because to err is human.

If the awards does not come this year, it will come another time. And if the awards doesn’t come, all well and good. You are a success already.

I will always wish you well Badoo, but always remember that pride goes before a fall.

I hope that you see this letter and do the right thing.

PS: You can contact me for your writing gigs anytime. To your success.

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  1. Olamide is an artiste I love so much but I guess he doesn’t know how to control his temper especially in public places. I watched Headies in 2014 and he almost distrupted the show. Thank God nobody replied his hot tantrums on that particular day. This surprise or disappointment you just felt would have been felt 2years ago. Olamide needs to realise that one can not always win, you win some you lose some. We should only pray our wins should be more than our losses. I think he should pull off this orubebelitic clothing and take jegaquine pills. Happy new year everyone!

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