best business ideas

The 10 best business ideas you keep glazing over

Sometimes the hardest part about starting a business is actually coming up with the one business idea you want to focus on. Many entrepreneurs, or wannabe entrepreneurs, have great ideas but fail... Read more »
Evaluate new startup ideas

How to evaluate new startup ideas in 2018

With the increase in the number of people losing their permanent jobs by the day, there has been an increase in the number of startups in the recent years. While no startup... Read more »
start a small business

How to Start a Small Business That Will Go Viral (Even If You Lack Business Ideas)

  This could be you: Buy two plastic chairs, a large poster board and a marker. Then find an area with some shade (and moderate walk through traffic). You can then scribble... Read more »
How to get a job

How to Get a Job Without Applying for a Job!

  So, how do you get a job without applying for a job in 2017? You’ve to put in the work. Just like that. I’ve always believed that there are jobs for... Read more »