product development budget

How to Create a Better Product Development Budget

Product development projects are notorious for going over budget. Often way over budget. This is particularly true in small companies. The opportunity to develop products is generally less frequent in a small... Read more »

5 Top Causes of Business Failure You Should Avoid Immediately

Almost everyone starts a business because they want to make profits. You want to turn your little money to more money. But then, business is all about profits and losses. You win... Read more »

How to start a media company based around daily email newsletters

Send an infotaining email with soft sell everyday. That’s what Ben Settle preaches and people love it because it’s such a simple system. Send more emails, make more money. Heck, I used... Read more »
cloud hosting

Top Six Reasons to Host Your Business on the Cloud

The whole internet is basically the cloud. The websites that we access, are not stored on our computers but on the cloud. Since the past few years, cloud hosting has been gaining... Read more »
Choosing The Right CMMS For Your Company

5 Things You Can Achieve By Choosing The Right CMMS For Your Company

CMMS a computer software, a process mainly designed to modify or simplify the maintenance management. Its full form is Computerized Maintenance Management System. The use of CMMS helps to achieve better goals... Read more »

8 Practical Ways to Improve E-Commerce Conversion Rates

The average e-commerce conversion rate is 2.95%. That means out of every 100 users, about 3 should successfully convert to a sale. How does yours compare? Some marketers get caught up in... Read more »
motivate yourself for work

3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work After Going on a Holiday

A long holiday might just be what you need to recharge yourself after several months of hard work. It allows you to relax, clear your mind from any stress, and recharge your... Read more »
Business strategy

6 Ways to Implement a Business Strategy in your Organization

A well planned, organized and practically sound strategy provides the basis for any successful business. You can’t expect to run a company by ignoring a comprehensive business strategy and believing solely on... Read more »
complete marketing solution

5 Ways Social Media Is a Complete Marketing Solution for Your Business

Making a product is one thing, bringing it to the audience and letting people know that you have made a worthy product is another thing. In fact, the process of innovating and... Read more »
role of technology in business growth

8 Ways On How Technology Progresses and Helps in Business growth

Can you imagine how the businesses before survived? No internet, no emails, no telecommuting, no mobile marketing, and no smartphones. But today, businesses cannot survive or succeed without the aid of such... Read more »
Essential Accounting Tools

8 Essential Accounting Tools for Smart Businesses

The topics of accounting have taken an important turn with the use of technology. Now, we can create financial indicators and have everything systematized in an app or software. Here, on Ideas... Read more »
live video streams

How to use live video streams as an effective tool for business growth

In case you thought that 2016 was the time of live video streams, 2017 is the year it solidified its position as an effective promotion and video marketing tool for businesses. Brands... Read more »
modern workplace

What should modern workplace look like?

Designing a modern workplace is not like it was before. The entire business has changed which means that the environment where people work has to adapt to the people. You have to... Read more »
b2b marketing (business to business marketing)

B2B and B2C Marketing: Explaining the differences in simple terms

We’ve discussed at length in the past how so much of your success in terms of marketing ultimately comes down to your ability to learn as much about your target audience as... Read more »
selling websites (domain flipping)

How to Make a Living Buying and Selling Websites

As the world becomes more and more digital, many people are looking online for ways to make money. There are lots of opportunities out there, but this image of a golden promised... Read more »
product development costs

How to reduce product development costs in your company

Big companies have the luxury of scale. When you sell millions of a product, even a few dollars per unit is a big product development budget.  Small companies in niche markets do... Read more »
b2b lead generation ideas

10 proven b2b lead generation ideas for business growth

The New Year has arrived and some businesses have already set their goals for 2018.  Some are yet to establish their targets and are still in the search of ideas for the... Read more »
intellectual property

Basic Guide to Intellectual Property that will save your business

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, some of the most precious assets are intangible and are considered, rather than real or physical, intellectual property. As you protect your valuable tangible property... Read more »
interesting insurance facts

30 interesting insurance facts that can save your business

Insurance is a known term for every one of us. It has made our life easy. But we never look into who came up with this idea. Over 350 years back, the... Read more »
Outsource your IT services

8 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Services

As your business grows, your IT needs grow. Managing your own IT services can be costly and complex. You need to purchase, house, and maintain servers and other hardware, constantly update software,... Read more »